Is Michael Jackson Reborn?


Michael Jackson Reborn?

Some of die hard Michael Jackson fans have asked this question. Is MJ in heaven or hell? I tell them that they have to rephrase the question as whether he s reborn or not? There’s a separate post about Michael Jackson’s Numerology analysis, but right now we are more concerned about his after life trip. No doubt, MJ is one of the greatest entertainer ever walk down to earth. But such musical fervor alone not guarantee one an eternal salvation isnt it.

The importance of this post is not to debate whether Michael Jackson is in heaven or hell, but to understand the subtle spiritual world that exists after ones death. Obviously, MJ is neither in Heaven nor in Hell. He is yet to born again to fulfill his karmic actions and to join the wheel of life again. He still had dream, wishes, desires and urge to prove a point to this world before he died, and thats exactly what constitutes a rebirth for a person. Unless for a person whose desires or prove a point attitude stops, he will continue to grace the earth again and again to fulfill past duties.

Is MJ in Heaven?

Some psychic’s claim that Michael Jackson is in Heaven ! and that’s the kind of con stuff i am talking about. I can say with strong conviction that Heaven in these days has become a distant dream for most people in earth. Forget about what you hear in stories or religious centers on how to reach heaven. Hardly, One in 100 thousand people reach heaven. Now this is not statistics or report, but a picture to enlighten you about the meaning of word Heaven. The word Heaven is heavily misinterpreted one. It is not a place, it is the final destination of a soul, And every soul will reach there irrespective of time it takes. Till, then the wheel of birth and death continues.

MJ is not in heaven, clearly he is not a liberated soul, his whole life was example of that, he is not even reborn, as he is to spend time in one of the lower earthly plane and then wait for his time to reborn . During the moment of death, an ordinary person will visualize three major thoughts/actions that was present in his mind in his whole life, i.e. the thoughts which are considered to be very powerful and which has presented in his entire life. And those three thoughts/desires/actions are what constitutes the body/mind/environment of that persons next birth in order to fulfill that action.

A liberated soul will lead a thoughtless death, and such death is called Samadhi. Such persons can control the date of their death, they can postpone it, and will leave their body to reach cosmic consciousness. Even to attain this, there are many levels of liberated souls. But first one must know spiritual planes after death.

There are 7 higher spiritual planes that finally leads to Heaven or the 7th plane (Means merging of individual consciousness Permanently into Supreme Consciousness or Siva) and there are 7 lower earthly planes, which leads to Hell or 7th lowest earthly plane (Where the soul is trapped in a void space of a certain duration of time, it may be from seconds to thousands of years depending on the bad karma/actions.  Next post, we will discuss about these planes in detail.



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