Hora – The Planetary Hour


How to Calculate Hora a.k.a. “the Planetary Hour”?

Before reading this post, i advice the readers to read the prequel to this post Hora and Numerology. The previous post would have given insights about the importance of Hora or planetary hour.

Hora – The Planetary Hour

By knowing the  planetary hour and its significance one can make an event successful and fortunate for them. The Chaldeans knew the importance of Hora, and they performed every rites and important events only during a particular hora that is favorable for the event. As i mentioned in my previous post, the current Indian system of fixing the hora of a day is based on a constant sun rise and hence its erroneous. As you all know, sun rise time is not a constant factor for the whole world, it changes from place to place and seasons to seasons.

In this post, we will see the correct and accurate method to calculate the hora of a day, this is the method practiced by Chaldeans of Babylonia. I have presented a table of planetary hour that is in accurate and erroneous in the previous post numerology and hora.  In that table, you can see the starting planetary hour starts at 6 am.  6 am is taken as constant by Indian astrologers as hora is fixed, the correct system to calculate the hora is as follows

The order of Hora is same, as shown in the previous post, but the hour of each planet is different from day to day. Here’s the table for the order of the planetary hour from Sunday to Saturday.









Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury

Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter
Wednesday Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus
Thursday Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Saturn
Friday Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun
Saturday Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon

The starting hour of Sunday is sun hour, followed by Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and mars.

Calculation of Hour

To calculate the starting hour of the day, we have to know the time of sunrise. time of solar noon and time of sunset. These three parameters are essential to fix the horas of the day.

Let me give you an example of calculation of Hora for the day January 14th 2011, place : Chennai, India.  (Note: Horas change from place to place, according to three parameters i mentioned)

The Sun Rise time on 14/1/2011 : 6.35 AM

The Solar Noon time on 14/1/2011 : 12.18 PM

The Sun Set time on 14/1/2011 : 18.01 PM

Place: Chennai, India

Step 1: Subtract the sun rise time from solar noon time. 12.18 PM – 6.35 AM gives 343 minutes

Step 2: divide the result of step 1 by 6, 343/6 gives 57 minutes 17 seconds.

Step 3: The  sunrise time of the day + 57 minutes 17 seconds is the first hour of the day, and then add this time interval successively for other following horas.

Now, this 57 minutes 17 seconds is the time interval of planetary hours of a day, from sunrise time to solar noon time.

i.e. Jan 14th is Friday. so the starting hour of this day is hora of Venus, So Venus hora starts from 6.35 am to 7:32:59 am, the next mercury hora starts from 7:32:59 am to 8:30:58 am. this will continue till mars hora which will end at 12:22:54 pm. After this, subtract the solar noon time from sun set time, i.e. 18.01 Pm – 12.18 pm, which is again 343 minutes, and the interval comes 57 minutes 17 seconds. So the hora after mars, i.e. sun hora starts from 12:22:54 pm and ends at 13:20:11 pm.

This calculation will continue till the next sunrise time of the day.

This is the accurate method to calculate hora of a day. In my next post, ill give more advanced details of hora calculation, with even sub horas and their importance.


  1. Hi Saravanan,

    thanks for the post on hora hour calculation.

    I have a query. Is the solar noon time fixed for everyday?
    Instead of taking the solar noon time, can we directly subtract the sun rise time from the sun set time and dividing the balance by 12 would give the hora periods for the day. Is it correct?

  2. Hello Saravanan,

    Thank You so much for the above post. I have also heard that Hora of different planets in different days have different effects. Like some horas are good and some are bad. For example Sun Hora is positively more effective on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and Sun Hora is detrimental on Saturday and Friday. Is this true. Waiting for your reply.

    Thank You

    • yes hora of different planets have different meanings for different days, hora science is an advanced one, and one must know the combination of hora and the days ruling planet to determine the success factor

      • Thanks for your reply Sir. But I dont know which day which hora is good for which planets. So if you can give some information regarding favouable and unfavourable horas or if you can give some reference or link from where i can find the same, it would be really helpful. Thank You

  3. One more thing Sir, in the method you have given above, where you have told us to calculate from sun rise to solar noon and then from solar noon to sun set, can we further calculate it from sunset to midnight and again from midnight to next sunrise

  4. Namaste,
    In step 2, you have given 57 minutes 17 seconds. The sunrise time on Jan 14th,2011 in Chennai is 06:35am. Adding 06:35:00 am to 00:57:17 gives 07:32:17 am as the starting hour of the day and the hora of venus. How did you arrive at 6:35 am to 7:32:59 am as the starting hora of venus on Jan 14th, 2011 in Chennai. Thank you.

  5. Namaste,
    How do you calculate solar noon time accurately? In addition, I checked various sites, softwares and ayanamsas, none of them list the sunrise for Chennai on 14th January, 2011 as 06:35am. Instead sunrise for Chennai on that day is listed as 06:38:33 and sunset as 17:57:01. I would greatly appreciate if you could explain clearly in a post regarding this matter. Thank you


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