The Legend of Capricorn the Sea-Goat



Sign: Capricorn the Sea Goat
Dates: December 22 through January 19


  • Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Element: Earth
  • Root Power: Initiating practical applications
  • Positive Traits: Disciplined, ambitious, determined, organized, efficient
  • Negative Traits: Egotistical, domineering, unforgiving, condescending, snobbish
  • Likes: Family, tradition, music, quality craftmanship, goals, being in charge
  • Dislikes: Almost everything at some point, quitting, careless mistakes
  • Good Day: Responsible, resourceful, loyal, good managers, tenacious, wise, family minded, hardworking, devoted, honest, fearless
  • Bad Day: Dictatorial, inhibited, distrusting, conceited, expect the worst, exhausted, pessimistic, materialistic
  • Turn offs: People who discourage them or shut down their ideas
  • Lucky Color: Steel
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22
  • Lucky Day: Saturday
  • Flower: Carnation
  • Basic Trait: “I use”
  • Quirk: Can be surprisingly superficial without realizing it
  • Advice: Be flexible and appreciate what you have, do not forget to value friends and family
  • Life Pursuit: To be proud of achievements
  • Secret Wish: To have every need taken care of
  • Known For: Traditional, hardworking , steely grit achiever



The sea goat is a mythical creature that is about 4,000 years old and associated with the god of waters. According to legend, when man was thrust from paradise, the sea goat arrived to save the day. The Sea Goat taught man the skills and responsibility necessary to build a successful life. Additionally, the fish portion of the Sea Goat represents passion, intuition, and connection with the soul. The goat portion represents intelligence and curiosity. This is a creature that represents time, responsibility, and protected decisions. When you need someone to get a job done or make tomorrow better than today, this sign is who you turn to.

Day to Day

Like a goat, Capricorn must climb to the top and will normally do so slowly but surely. This sign will not stop until they are successful. They are a doer with with the highest aspirations and  little patience for theory. For the Sea Goat, if there are no results, then nothing actually happened. They have a boundless ambition, but are still cautious and play fair. They are not satisfied with what is; rather they always want to accomplish something grander. Capricorns are traditional and serious, as well as realistic and pragmatic. Their inner state of independence enables significant progress both in personal and professional matters of self control. Life, to this sign, is an opportunity to take full advantage of. They can accomplish concrete results even on the most vague ideas.

This sign will make solid, realistic plans that will allow them to use their experience and expertise to get to the top. They set very high standards for themselves but are able to achieve them through their honesty and perseverance. The Sea Goat will always value loyalty and hard work above all else. They will always make sure to stay concentrated and resourceful to get the job done. A long day at the office is right where this sign wants to be. For them, life is one big project and they have the stamina to overcome any obstacle. With this kind of dedication, a Capricorn is unforgiving of those who are not like them. Generally, this sign can handle company on a project, so long as they are leading.

The Sea Goat is brave enough to never runaway from a problem, though they are constantly afraid of their own inner monsters. They love to solve problems, sometimes to the point they will create one just to have something to fix. This sign will always approach things sensibly and economically.

Impact of Element, Quality, and Planet

Like Saturn, a Capricorn wants to be top dog. Saturn’s influence over Capricorn results in this sign taking limitations and lessons seriously. They are hardworking and will do whatever they can to achieve high goals. While they are generally successful and rewarded for their efforts, it will also come at a price. Saturn also places pressure and restrictions on Capricorns, making them sometimes cold, distant, and unforgiving workaholics.

The influence of the earth element helps provide patience and discipline to Capricorn. This grounding helps them to focus, even if its on the material world. They can also be stiff and stubborn as a result. The cardinal quality provides the goals and directions resulting in guaranteed success. These three combined however, makes it hard for the Sea Goat to accept different people and to forgive, including themselves.


A Capricorn will be stable, intelligent, and reliable. They are loyal and extremely good friends but do not want to be asked nosey questions. They turn most to the ones who make them feel at peace and is always honest. The greatest challenge for a Capricorn is balancing the need for play with their desire to work until a task is completed. It is all too easy for them to get caught up in work and forget to care for themselves emotionally, in fact, they will often use work as a way to keep from dealing with their emotions. This is a sign that will always rise to the occasion. Those under this sign are known for being a sturdy shoulder to cry on, able to handle any crisis without breaking a sweat.


Capricorn men are determined and ambitious. They are not really focused on relationships and instead are wrapped around accomplishment. This Sea Goat has a need for control. They will need a practical and grounded partner.

Capricorn the Sea-GoatCapricorn women are also ambitious, as well as persistent. They want someone who can make them smile but is also responsible and calm. It will take time to get this Sea Goat to lower her guard, but once she does, she can be sensitive and caring.


Capricorns are looking for steady, permanent partners that give them the adoration and admiration they so desperately crave. They also need a partner who will understand that the Sea goat will express affection through actions more than emotions or words.

It is important that those close to Capricorn recognize that though they appear confident and emotionally sturdy, this is a sign very prone to euphoric highs and deep lows. They will conceal these in public but will need people in their lives that help them get through these natural emotional swings.

Love tends to be something that Capricorns distrust because they tend to not trust other’s motives. They tend to be very cautious in the beginning of a relationship. You may need to show a Capricorn patience and trust before they let you in. However, once they are committed to a relationship it becomes an all-or-nothing experience for them. They love to make their partners feel provided for and happy. They love deeply, work night and day to keep their relationship happy and healthy, and they make passionate, caring lovers .

Capricorn people need partners who will respond to this and be with them for the long haul. If you are not in it until the end, then do not break a Capricorn’s heart by starting things with them. Capricorn is highly compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.


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