The Legend of the Sea Goat – Capricorn the Sea-Goat


Sign: Capricorn the Sea-Goat
Dates: December 22nd through January 19th
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Life Pursuit: Capricorn seek to be proud of their achievements and to be admired by friends, family and the world for what they have done.

Capricorn the Sea-Goat
Capricorn Personality:
There are two types of Capricorn, the mountain goat who is never content but pushing onward and upwards until he reaches the pinnacle, and the garden goat who is happy to remain in his own domain and won’t budge unless pushed. Both are patient and persevering, both know that the journey won’t begin until you take the first step, but once you get the garden goat onto the path, they won’t stop until they’ve reached the end of the trail.

The greatest challenge for a Capricorn is balancing the need for play with their desire to work until a task is completed. It’s all too easy for them to get caught up in work and forget to care for themselves emotionally, in fact, often they will use work as a way to keep from dealing with their emotions. This is a sign that will always rise to the occasion. Those under this sign are known for being a sturdy shoulder to cry on, able to handle any crisis without breaking a sweat. Saturn, their ruling planet, ensures that work will forever be a part of their lives and pushing them ever onwards and upwards making many borderline workaholics.

This particular Zodiac sign is blessed with true self-awareness and Capricorns that are true to themselves know who they are. These people are quiet yet strong-willed, and able to be comfortable in social situations because they don’t fear that their personality will be over-ridden by a stronger one. They are firm in who they are, they do not ride the wave of popularity.

Capricorn are looking for steady, permanent partners that give them the adoration and admiration they so desperately crave. Garden goats need people to give them a shove out the gate, but tell them they are wonderful for taking that first step.

It is important that those close to Capricorn recognize that though they appear confident and emotionally sturdy, this is a sign very prone to euphoric highs and deep lows. They will conceal these in public but will need people in their lives that help them get through these natural emotional swings.

Love tends to be something that Capricorns distrust because they tend to not trust other’s motives. They tend to be very cautious in the beginning of a relationship and you may need to show a Capricorn patience and trust before they let you in. However, once they are committed to a relationship it becomes an all-or-nothing experience for them. They love deeply, work night and day to keep their relationship happy and healthy, and they make passionate, caring lovers who work hard to keep their partner’s happy.

Capricorn the Sea-Goat born people need partners who will respond to this and be with them for the long haul. If you’re not in it till the end, then don’t break a Capricorn’s heart by starting things with them.


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