Name Numerology for the Guardians of the Galaxy


Looking to learn about the name numerology for the Guardians of the Galaxy characters? Name Numerology is a fun and interesting way to learn about how a movie character name’s can affect their relationship and attitude on screen and how they interact with other characters throughout the film.

Peter Quill
Numerology Number: 9
Positives: Helpful, compassionate, charitable, generous, creative, romantic
Negatives: Egocentric, discontent, fickle
The nine always brings everything back to themselves. The nine is the most worldly and sophisticated of the numbers, but it doesn’t keep to itself. Instead the nine shares it’s wealth of self with all the world around them and Peter Quill is a perfect nine. He may be a bit selfish and self-centered, but when it mattered, he put his life on the line more than once to save people who would have preferred to have nothing to do with him. Nines understand the important connections between everything in the world and strive to bring people together.

Numerology Number: 1
Positives: Individualistic, independent, strong-willed, self-reliant, rebellious
Negatives: Stubborn, selfish and a bit of a pariah
A one is a primal force of nature, ones are doers that don’t allow anyone or anything to limit their potential. Gamora is a true one. She held on to her desire for freedom from Thanos and didn’t allow anything to get in her way when the opportunity for freedom presented itself. Ones are strong, determined and they force their way through any obstacle. Gamora has proven her ability to push through adversity and achieve amazing things simply through sheer force of will!

Numerology Number: 2
Positives: Sensitive, sensual and intuitive
Negatives: Discontent, a bit lazy, and oversensitive
Though the two is a feminine number, and no one would call Drax feminine, it is also underestimated and considered very powerful and full of strength. This number is the number of survivors, and Drax is definitely a survivor. Where the one will break beneath enough pressure, the two will bend until the pressure lets up and then go right back to normal. Drax’s loss of his family never broke him, though he thought it did. Instead he managed to push through it, found his center again, though it certainly took a good amount of revenge, and ultimately made a new family for himself.

Numerology Number: 3
Positives: Imaginative, tolerant, joyful, optimistic, and dynamic
Negatives: A bit vain and impatient
The three is much like a child with potential. They may be so smart and gifted, and yet when it comes to the world they are naive and in need of guidance. Groot fits this perfectly. He is sweet and gentle-natured, extroverted and loving, but also a bit stubborn. People are drawn to three’s because of their natural charisma and creativity, that gentleness of spirit helps as well. Groot is a solid three, fitting his numerology number perfectly.

Numerology Number: 9
Positives: Generous, helpful, creative, self-sufficient, proud, self-sacrificing
Negatives: Arrogant, self-pitying, a bit unstable mentally
Deep down, Rocket is as much a nine as Peter Quill. Creative, willing to give to the people that he cares about, and in the end willing to risk his life for others despite the horrible things done to him. However, like a true nine he will step out to right injustice and suffering, not for recognition but simply because it is the right thing to do.


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