Soul Retrieval


Soul retrieval is a form of spiritual healing. It is the recovery of a part of the soul that has been lost as the result of some sort of trauma that causes someone to feel as though they ‘will never be the same again’. This feeling is the result of a piece of their soul fleeing a painful and traumatic experience in order to survive the ordeal. Soul retrieval is the process of finding this lost piece of the soul and inviting it back into the body. When we are missing a part of our soul we may suffer from addiction or mental illness. Bringing lost soul pieces back into the soul and making it whole again can, with care and time, help a person feel whole once again. The most common causes of soul loss are abuse, prolonged or unexpected grief such as a loved one dying traumatically from cancer or suddenly from a car accident, near-death experiences, witnessing death, abandonment and rejection, being in relationships without a sense of self and ultimately losing your agency.  Read more about loss here:

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

It is important to understand that soul loss is a defense mechanism of our souls. It’s not intended to hurt us, but actually to protect us. Our soul is so deeply wounded and injured by these things that if it had not fragmented the pain would have been too much to bear.

Successful soul retrieval can be difficult and it is best done by someone with experience. Shamanistic healers are ideal for this as they are used to dealing with the spirit world and can not only negotiate for a soul fragment’s release if it has been taken captive, but recover souls being cared for by ancestors, find lost and wandering souls, convince an unwilling soul to come home, and they are trained in rejoining the soul with the body. Soul loss requires more than psychotherapy as the missing pieces of your soul aren’t waiting inside you to be found, they are wandering parts of the vast expanse that can only be accessed through spiritual paths.

Becoming Whole Again

Once you have worked through soul retrieval and are working on becoming whole again you may begin to feel more grounded and energized, you may feel more ‘solid’ and whole, you’ll feel more awake and alive with real, natural energy. You’ll be able to reconnect with your purpose and have a presence in the world again, you’ll be able to exercise more agency in your decisions, have more mental clarity, renew your sense of hope for the world and overcome physical illness. Your well being will improve, you will find you have a sense of direction, that your addictions hold less or no power over you any longer. Because your soul will once again be whole, you will feel that wholeness and be able to retake your place in the world, rather than wondering not unlike a zombie, searching for that missing piece of yourself.

Don’t attempt to perform a soul retrieval on your own. Seek out the assistance of a professional shaman to help you reconnect with your missing self.


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