Ouija Board


Ouija and Ouija boards are paranormal tools, despite the fact that you can pick one up in the toy section of your local big box store. Because they are tools used by psychics and mediums to connect with spirits beyond the veil, it isn’t wise to treat them lightly. The allure of the Ouija board is that you can use it to ask questions of the spirits and they will move the indicator around the board to give you an answer. Because you will be communicating with spirits and inviting them to be involved with you, there are some steps you’ll want to take to protect yourself and encourage spirit participation, as well as questions you simply don’t want to ask.

Ouija Board

How to Summon using a Ouiji Board

Begin by darkening the room and turning off all electric devices so that there is less interference with the spirit energy. Keep the board in contact with your body as much as possible and warm up the indicator, or planchette, by doing circles or figure-eights on the board. Write the questions you want to ask ahead of time, and take a moment to ask your preferred deity or your spirit guide for protection while you communicate with those across the veil. Try to decide ahead of time who you would like to try and speak to. You also want to make sure that you are seeking answers for good reasons and with positive intentions. Avoid bringing negativity to any sort of mediumship experience as it draws dangerous and malevolent spirits towards like you ants to candy.

Never Use One Alone!

In general you don’t want to use a Ouija board by yourself, but avoid having more than one person asking the questions. If you have a group of people with you, ask them to prepare their questions before hand. While you most definitely want to be polite towards the spirit, don’t invite them to take control of the meeting; furthermore, don’t take everything you are told as fact. Listen to your gut. In that same vein, if you are with a group of people, or even by yourself, and begin to feel anxious or uncomfortable end the session politely but firmly by thanking the spirit and then asking them to leave. Make sure you do not move the planchette from the board while it is moving, but likewise, don’t leave it out on the board when not in use. You do not want malevolent spirits and beings gaining any sort of foothold into the physical realm. Just as you must protect yourself, you must also protect this realm from their attacks if you choose to seek out answers from the spirits.

When thinking of questions there are some definite things you won’t want to ask:

1. Avoid questions about how or when you’re going to die. You don’t really want to know the answer to this and the spirit won’t give you a serious answer.

2. Don’t ask ‘test’ questions like ‘What is my middle name’ or ‘What is the name of my first pet’. Those are insulting to the spirit and may make it angry.


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