Clairsentience is often compared to hyper empathy. Clairsentience is the ability to feel what isn’t seen. This could be other’s emotions, their thoughts and intentions, the pain they are feeling, or even the presence of those who have passed away. Understanding clairsentience requires the understanding that everything in the world has an energy, emotions, pain, even the spirits of those who have passed away are made of energy. A clairsentient is more sensitive to this energy and able to decipher and read it. Many people who are clairsentient have disorders like ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder or depression because they are always picking up the feelings and emotions of others. They have no way to turn off this ability and so they are constantly suffering from an onslaught of vibrations from others.

Understanding Clairsentience

There are some simple signs that help you understand if you are clairsentient. The first is the ability to sense a heaviness in a room. This could be because of the people in it, but also the presence of spirits. You may get goosebumps or feel parts of your body tingle for no apparent reason. If you feel a room suddenly heat or cool for no explanation it could be a sign that spirits are near and you are picking them up. Clairsentients are easily able to tell when people are fighting or angry with one another and are prone to bursts of anxiety or energy. They are also prone to sudden changes in mood and emotion, and they tend to feel nervous and unsettled in crowded rooms. You may also feel the presence of someone walking behind you, or joining you in a room when you’re obviously alone! All of these are signs of clairsentience.

If you are not clairsentient, don’t worry, there are steps you can take to develop this skill and improve your psychic abilities. Remember there are three main areas of clairsentient guidance, gut feelings, empathy, and physical sensations. Gut feelings are an almost physical response to feelings of dread or excitement or other strong emotions. If you look back at them, you’ll see they always gave you the right sense of anticipation. Empathy is the ability to pick up how others are feeling, allowing you to put yourself in other’s shoes easily. Physical sensations are things like feeling a room heat or cool, or getting tingling sensations.

In order to develop your clairsentience begin by opening your chakras. Get into a comfortable position and beginning with your root chakra work on opening them by visualizing them as a wheel that spins and brings your energy out. Ask yourself how you feel with each chakra and listen to each response. You’ll feel sensations and answers that will help you clear your chakras so that you can more easily pick up on the psychic energy of things around you. Once this is done, partner up with a friend and ask them to bring a picture of someone they know but that you don’t know. Look at the picture, look the person in the eyes and see what you can pick up from them. Work on trying to pick up the positive or negative energy of the image. Double check with your friend to see how right you were. You can then work on expanding this to people you meet in person. Remember to listen to your gut instinct. It is often the first clairsentient notification we receive.


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