Cancer Horoscope Personality Analysis & Love Compatibility


The crab is known for it’s hard outer shell and claws that can cause you to suffer quite a pinch if they get a good grip on you. But no one thinks of the soft underside of the crab and how that shell and those pincers are meant to protect that under-body and keep them safe and alive. Those who are born beneath the sign of Cancer the Crab are often just as misunderstood, and a good Cancer horoscope personality profile will take great care to explain the true softness beneath that aggressive exterior.

Cancer Horoscope Personality Strengths

Cancers certainly have the strengths of the crab. They are tenacious and strong, but they are also very emotionally vulnerable. In fact, Cancer is one of the most emotional and emotionally vulnerable signs in the entire zodiac. They are very imaginative, terribly loyal, highly empathetic and this often makes them moody and leads to intense feelings of insecurity. A good Cancer horoscope personality will recognize these things and let others know that this is a sign that tries to hide this vulnerable side of itself. They are very intuitive, they care deeply about those they love and want nothing more in life than to have a happy home and a family. Like Pisces, this is a sign that often struggles with the cruelty of the world and as a water sign that is ruled by the moon they tend to be guided by their emotions and these ebb and flow.

Cancer horoscope personality charts should point out that as a water sign, these folks are best suited to relationships with earth signs and in particular with Capricorn and Taurus. These two signs provide Cancer with the steadiness and stability in their home life that the Cancer needs to feel safe and appreciated. Likewise, Cancer provides Capricorn with the appreciation they desire, meeting their needs and wants and providing support. For Taurus, Cancer gives them a luxurious home decked out with the best of everything allowing them to indulge in the rich, sensuousness. Both Taurus and Capricorn’s stability gives Cancer the thing they crave most: a happy and harmonious home.

How to be a good partner for a Cancer Horoscope

Partners of Cancer should read a Cancer horoscope personality so that they understand that this is a sign that will constantly compromise to make their partners happy and this means that they will even make unhealthy sacrifices. Part of being a good partner to a Cancer is being even more aware of their needs and limitations than they are so that as their partner one can step in and prevent them from causing themselves harm. Additionally, the more they make unhealthy sacrifices for this partnership, the less they will be able to engage in the partnership. Cancers need to feel safe in order to be open emotionally, and if they don’t feel open they will become miserably unhappy and insecure.

Friends and family should remember that the same love and care that a Cancer extends to their romantic partners will be extended to them as well. This is a sign that doesn’t shy away from hard work in any area of their life. They want those around them to be happy and will chose careers such as nurses and housekeepers. They are excellent managers of households because hearth and home is truly where their heart lies.


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