Cancer and Scorpio


Cancer and Scorpio:  Worst Possible Astrology Match?

Cancer and Scorpio seem as though they would be the worst possible match for one another. They’re both water signs, Cancer is sensitive while Scorpio can be harsh and cruel… But the truth is there are few matches as perfect for one another as these two signs. Cancer and Scorpio seem to be in-tune with one another from their souls and it seems that Cancer’s stability can calm the deep, raging waters of the Scorpio. Both signs feel emotion deeply, both are prone to jealousy, and both find a competent partner in one another. In the bedroom, this match is absolutely dynamite!

By nature Scorpio will dominate a Cancer and Scorpio relationship just as they would try to dominate any relationship but it works with Cancer because that’s what Cancer’s want. They want to be protected and allowed to function in their own little world. The Children of the Moon are gentle souls that are easily broken by the world and Scorpio can stand between them and the world’s harshness, keeping Cancer safe. Scorpio should be careful with their words as well. Cancer is just as sensitive. Cancer’s, try to keep your mood swings stable, they will quickly burn a Scorpio out no matter how good their Zodiac compatibility may be (or may have been).

Cancer’s intuitive nature is excellent at reading between the lines of Scorpio’s emotions. One of the trademarks of Scorpio is their resistance to letting others see the real them. Cancer doesn’t need to see it, Cancer’s can feel it and respond accordingly. This will quickly lead to Scorpio falling head over heels in love with a Cancer. It’s important to remember, however, that Scorpio’s have a very sensitive and easily bruised ego, much like Leo’s. Take care to soften words of criticism so they don’t destroy your protector!

Love and Jealousy

Remember that both signs are terribly jealous and love very deeply, but Scorpio will display this through frequent acts of jealousy that they are hoping show how much they love a Cancer and fear losing them. Conversely, Cancer’s will simply give Scorpio a look and expect them to know what it means. They are less into pronounced and aggressive acts of jealousy and more into expecting their intuitiveness to be returned equally. Finding a good common ground in this area is important in making your relationship with one another last.

In the bedroom, Scorpio men and women are passionate, mysterious and alluring, drawing Cancer into a carefully crafted web of passion and pleasure that they won’t experience with any other sign.

The key to keeping this relationship going is remembering that Cancer and Scorpio have the tools to transform any problems in their relationship into positives and strengths. Both are ruled by strong planets, Cancer the moon and Scorpio by Pluto and this gives them an amazingly powerful emotionally transformative energy. Cancer will almost always be willing to patch things up, Scorpio will just need to be willing to make amends. Together this couple can go far and reach amazing heights with one another. They just have to keep supporting each other!


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