What does your favorite color mean?


Color’s Spiritual Significance

Every one has their own favorite color, and the color we like does not necessarily has to be an auspicious color for our birth number or zodiac signs. The fact is your favorite color represents the deepest nature of your soul. Traditionally, one has to choose a color based on ones own good and not just for the liking, but unfortunately most of them may not be in sync with this fact, and prefer to endorse their favorite color.

When a person likes a color which is malefic to him based on his numbers, then it signifies that his soul significator is malefic planet in his chart. Soul significator is a planet that’ss placed in a maximum degree in ones horoscope. Only in such occasion, one will like colors which are unlucky to him in worldly context.

One must also understand the term lucky, lucky in the context success and happiness, however a color may be unlucky and bestows suffering which might have been a necessary experience for a soul in present manifestation. So its wise to view a color in its natural significance and its impact on us.

Colors and its revelation of soul’s deepest meaning – learn your favorite color meaning when it comes to your spirit.

Red: Color red is not only known for passion and  strength but it denotes the primal form of energy. If this is your favorite color, then your soul is acquainted with the primordial force which is the root of all creations. Red color signifies root chakra in our body and denotes adrenaline gland. The base of kundalini lies in root chakra. People who love red color love being in action. More over, red color used as stop signal in traffic is very misleading. Red Color is color of movement, progression, growth and multiplicity, hence it should have been used instead of green color for traffic signal.

Orange: Orange represents protection, storage and shield. It also represents the ability to produce or create something. Spiritually it represents swadhistana chakra, denotes the Gonads and ovaries. Orange color enhances ones reproductive ability. The same color also signifies accumulation of wealth. Orange color rules gonads and ovaries, and orange fruit is very healthy for ovaries too !

Yellow: Yellow as we all know signifies joy, melancholy, happiness, and its talismanic nature. Yellow is also a color which signifies wisdom and knowledge. Golden Yellow color also used as talisman and an amulet to ward off evil energies. In physiology, yellow denotes spleen chakra or manipura chakra – pancreas gland. Ones level of intellect and knowledge is denoted by this chakra.

Green: Green as a splendid color signifies compassion and love. Most people relate love with red color or pink color, but its incorrect, red would suit passion but not compassion. Green symbolizes empathy, love and compassion. Its the symbol of mother earth which again is symbol of great compassion for all beings. By wearing green, one increases the level of compassion in them. Spiritually, it signifies the heart chakra or anahata, representing thymus gland.

Blue: Blue – the very popular color denotes longevity, youthfulness, preservance, tranquility, Agelessness, and immortality. Blue denotes thyroid/parathyroid glands or vishuddhi chakra (throat chakra) which accounts for 90% of disease in human being when malfunctions. A regulated thyroid gland means one is blessed with exuberance of youth and longevity. If one sleeps under blue light, then they can fall asleep easily as it creates meditative experience. Blue can also termed as predispositor of death, as it is the point of occurrence of death (throat region). In yoga, if one can raise the energy beyond throat chakra, then one tricks death and attains samadhi. This chakra is the greatest obstacles for spiritual aspirant to reach yogic state, as by passing vishudhi is most difficult one.

Purple/Violet/Indigo: All these colors represent the source of all spiritual energies. They signify the primordial conscience. It is also the color of infinite wealth including both animate and inanimate objects. But using any of this color in daily activity will not result in anything as the color is the final evolution of soul and merging into cosmic consciousness – the great emptiness. Both pineal gland and pituitary gland is represented by these colors.

Black: Black is not a color, it is called absolute reality. It is death and so is real. It is emptiness and so reflects the true nature of soul. It is bottomless abyss which reflects the condition of universe. Any manifested being should avoid black, as in first state the purpose of manifestation is to come out of great emptiness. It is also a selfish color, which does not share or reflect back anything, and it does so because thats the reality of cosmic soul. Its static and unmoving. Black can defy anything that has chance to manifest, whether its living or non living.

White: White on the other hand, is also not a color, it is the transforming morning star, a cosmic play, a ray that manifests the universe itself. White is born out of black, white is the creation force from the uncreated black. White spreads as seven colors in spectrum ruling seven great forces of universe. White is unanimously depicted as color of saints, color of divinity and its true. White is the color of magnanimity, it is the eternal giver and blesser. When one wears white, he never takes anything to himself, he shares knowingly or unknowingly all thats come to him. This should be taken in spiritual context and not in material way. White color does not accumulate anything and not even karma. At the same time, White is also color of LIE, untruth and illusion or maya illustrating the living world. This is the cosmic play of colors.


  1. In what way does the color affect us? How can one choose a color for one’s own good? Based on numerology?


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