What Does A Love Horoscope Say About Dating Cancer?


Cancers are ruled by their hearts and belong to the sign of family and children. They have a tight circle of friends and often fall in love with someone they are already close to or use their friends as a romantic referral service because they trust them to know what the Cancer is looking for. Learning about your Cancer love horoscope can be difficult to stick to in our world of casual flings. Cancer the Crab is looking for a long term partner, someone they can settle down with, have a home and start a family with. Getting along with Cancer’s family is a must because family is the most important thing to them.

Loving a Cancer and What Their Horoscope Reading Says

Cancers can be difficult to pin down, they are very picky about their lovers, but once they decide on someone they commit permanently. This sign is extremely protective of the people they care about and very nurturing. There is little a Cancer won’t do for someone they love. They will sacrifice anything for their loved ones though they have a tendency to be a little possessive.

Female Cancers love to be spoiled and pampered a bit, while male cancers love to spoil and pamper their partners. Ideally Cancers will pair up with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces. They are best suited to earth and other water signs because these signs also tend to prefer home life to the wanderlust of Aries.

Those who fall under this sign are often slow maturing and won’t really be ready for true compatibility with someone until their late twenties, though this may be in part because of the time it takes others to be ready to settle down. Cancer’s will retreat into their shell when they are wounded and it may take time to coax them back out again. They want approval from their partners and can become co-dependent quickly. You must be willing to let them cling to you a little bit (as some of the needier signs are known to – see here for more information about those signs).

Great: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Favorable: Leo, Sagittarius

Challenging: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

What To Know About Being In Love With a Cancer

They match well with Water and Earth, but rarely Cardinal signs. As a Cardinal water sign they love to be the boss of everything. They do not gel well with others that like the same. They love being nourished and nourishing others. They thrive on being a nurture, male or female. Cancer blends seamlessly with the fellow waters and practical, grounded Earth signs that are waiting to be fed by the Cardinal Cancer. Emotional signs like Air or quick moving signs liek Fire may be too much for Cancer. But water and fire make steam so it can work if you work on it.

Remember that a Cancer love horoscope will always show Cancer’s intense empathy and understanding of people. They just know, instinctively, what others are going through and how their hearts hurt. This is both a good and bad thing. They are able to anticipate a loved ones needs, and are able to keep up with the wants of everyone around them, but ultimately if they are not given time to recover they can burn out.

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a Cancer then it is up to you to nurture them. These are people who need approval, love and affection to thrive. Spend time telling them how important they are and how much you value them. The more you help them see their positive qualities and what makes them so precious to you, the more they will come out of their shell and become secure in the relationship. This will also help them move through their moody phases, where they beat themselves up for mistakes of the past, more easily and bring them back into a happy, family focused mood. While a Cancer love horoscope may not be exactly what you wanted out of it, these are general guidelines to follow to protect yourself from getting hurt and making rash decisions based on emotions.



Overall: Cardinal Fire and Cardinal Water could pose a potential challenge since water can squash fire. At the same time, water plus fire can create steam. So this match can be steamy and passionate, if both put egos aside for some time. Both signs are incredibly emotional. Aries is fiery and passionate. Cancer overanalyzes every feeling. They must find a way to work together on their emotional turbulence; if they can then it will be steamy and stimulating.

Positive: Aries loves how sensitive Cancer is. With Aries being a sign of self and Cancer being a sign of home, this pair will go to the end of the Earth to protect each other. Cancer has the tough shell of crab to protect. In Aries world, they are the knight in shining armor. Cancer wants what Aries wants, a happy home life. Aries will never complain about home center that Cancer putters to each day. The instinct of the water Cancer will also help Aries get as far as they  want and wherever they want in life, which Aries really loves.

Challenges: When this match fights, its going to get ugly with a lot of hurt feelings. Cancer is the most sensitive and takes things personally. Cancer is stubborn and attacks with pincers. Aries has to be careful when starts something. Aries will be first to bail because of it. Cancer really needs to be careful in how they manage feelings in conflict. Cancer isn’t as independent as Aries and that could cause conflict. If Cancer doesn’t get cherished feelings they want then they will bail.

Make it Work: Steam and sparks are possible, if they focus on it. Makeup sex will be as steamy as could want, as long as they can survive the battle that proceeds it. Both Cardinal signs are born leaders and initiators. Aries won’t worry about who will make the first move because Cancer is always on it. Cancer will be in charge of emotional bliss of the union. Aries will be in lead when fighting off intruders and enemies. They need to take turns being boss and compromise in order to have a long and happy life.


Overall: A match many dream of so both these parties will enjoy and cherish it. Fixed Earth Taurus loving the Cardinal Water cancer. They are very compatible. Earth needs water to feel nurtured and grounded, water feeds off ability to sustain earths needs. This match is very very good for each other, karmic and soul mate connection. Both in pair will mutually understand and grow with each other, so long as they focus on shared outcome.

Positive: They want the same things, so when they come together, its remarkable. They are committed to happy home life. Cancer is a domestic center, Taurus makes it beautiful 7 ways to Sunday. Solid home and family, beautiful things around, and work ethic to make it a happen are all shared traits. Almost nothing but shared love. Their feminine energies mean a deep emotional bond that will sustain and nurture for a long time. Cancer likes how open and real and grounded Taurus is and learns to open up more in turn. Taurus is quite attracted to how cancer puts everyone but themselves first and prefer quiet nights.

Challenges: Loving and beautiful relationship but not without words of caution. Being ruled by moon, makes Cancer moody and Taurus could tire of it. This could lead to Cancer taking too much too personal. this is another matter Taurus will tire of quickly. As cardinal cancer must be boss or pincers come out, not always bode well for bull Taurus. Taurus doesn’t need to be boss at all, but doesn’t appreciate being wrong all the time.

Make it Work: They will experience a few wrinkles along the way. Watery cancer will always wind up nurturing earthy Taurus. Both of these feminine energies simply need to give and take a little and always rely on strong emotional bonds that connect them cosmically. Cancer can’t take Taurus so personally. Taurus needs to pay more attention to Cancer. Cancer must ease off ordering Taurus around. This results in having a strong, secure, and happy home life. This is match made in heaven.


Overall: The mutable Air Gemini with Cardinal Water Cancer is low on the compatibility scale. It may feel, like “what can we agree on.” All their differences bode well for long term if they are both committed. This is an exciting match if they both are committed. They will always keep each other guessing and loving more each day if they both put their minds to it.

Positive: They can offer what the other needs. Cancer loves Gemini’s Knight in Shining Armor. Gemini will love how Cancer sets up everything (home) for them. They will probably have many children. This Cancer’s domain because provider and nurturer. Cancer will give all to Gemini. Cancer will love the long conversations they can have with Gemini. This bond can be difficult to match. They are spoiled by the other in unique way. They must work hard to keep the magic going in order to have it last the long term.

Challenges: This is lovely and compatible match in some ways but they definitely have problems. Gemini has a quick wit and sometimes sarcasm can go too far. Cancer easily wounded as water sign and so you can see how far this will go in a love match. Cancer is a homebody. Gemini flits off to the next fun night. Learning to cooperate could be a problem

Make it Work: Both intuitive and skilled at communicating in own ways. Their methods are on two ends of the spectrum. Cancer needs thicker shell so they don’t take everything Gemini says so personally. Gemini wants to be cute but not hurtful. Gemini must curb enthusiasm on snappy comebacks. They have to learn differences and make effort to love and appreciate them for it to be good in the long term. They have to communicate all through to be able to overcome and last the long haul. Gemini has to hear feelings in words from cancer and then accept them. Cancer has to realize that not everything needs a feeling. Words are words!


Overall: This is quite the high compatibility pairing given all the commonalities this pair shares. They have a deep emotional connection and one that is rooted on a shared desire for all of the same things. Neither of the individuals in this pair will give up on this relationship quickly. They are devoted, emotional, and nurturing. They are also highly intuitive and this means they can instinctively meet each other needs on a regular basis. If they are able to keep their ever intense emotions on an even keel, then the union will be one that will celebrate many happy anniversaries.

Positive: There will be a lot of common ground that both mates in this relationship can enjoy. Cancer is ruled by the moon, which rules over the emotional and intuition sides of people. Both are highly intuitive and emotional. They speak with feeling and often, so when it is good, this will be a blissful relationship. They are devoted and willing to do what it takes to create a sanctuary on the home front. Both prefer to stay in with their mates as opposed to lighting up the town every night. There is a lot of romance and passion in this union. They will protect each other to the end of days. They are incredibly sensitive with each other, but in moments where it falters a bit, there could be some tension.

Challenges: They are so emotional they do almost everything based on feelings at the moment. They are not happy all the time, Cancer is the center of the home, so they need to be the boss of all things. This can be troubling when two bosses are fighting for the same attention on the home front. With any fights, it will be ugly and there will be a lot of hurt feelings. They use emotions to manipulate people and this will backfire when both are Cancer. They need to curb those emotions and focus on the love that is abundant.

Make it Work: Their partner is their mirror. As sensitive as  they are, so is their partner. If one forgets this, they will have problems. They are a fierce brand of loyal and courageous beneath their outer shell. As heated as it can get, love and passion fuels it all. Neither party is going to give up easily; both are very devoted to each other. So when they focus on that, it ensures love will grow. There will be wrinkles ahead. But if they focus on deep emotional bonds, they can use their intuition to guide them.


Overall:  This match has heat and passion. It is a very compatible match. The Cardinal Water sign Cancer is deep, while Leo brings the fixed Fire sign energy. Both want the same things in love and they offer it to each other freely and openly. Cancer and Leo also appreciate tender love and dedication that doesn’t waiver. They share common needs in love. Both are fiercely loyal so rarely, if ever, are there commitment issues in play. There may be wrinkles because of heated tempers, so both need to be careful. If they are, then their love will last many lifetimes.

Positive: One thing that both Leo and Cancer want in love is a long, happy life together. So they will go into this relationship bringing shared common goals. Both want and crave security and a deep connection. They are both able to offer this to each other in their own unique ways. Leo will be the one to inject passion, creativity, and energy into the union. cancer will be one that starts the long and emotional conversations. There is nothing but love between these two. Cancer is loyal to the end and appreciates that quality in Leo. Leo loves the home life Cancer can provide. they also appreciate Cancer’s sense of intuition and instinct. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer by the Moon, which means highly compatible love match with many children and shared years to come.

Challenges: The Cardinal Water sign of Cancer pairing with the fixed Fire of Leo could pose some challenges. Leo is opinionated and biting. Cancer is super sensitive, which won’t go over very well with Leo. Leo will not always understand Cancer’s hyper sensitive nature and may not have the patience for it. One thing Leo doesn’t like is an emotional manipulator, which is something Cancer will have to work on. While they are fiercely loyal, that means they are also fiercely stubborn. Tempers can fly if they aren’t careful.

Make it Work: The Cardinal Water with the Fixed Fire means lot of love and intuition flowing between the two. Cancer and Leo can focus on intuition, and pay attention to what the other is saying in critical times. If they do this, they will be a long lasting match. Both nee security to last, both are committed to practicing. Cancer needs to flatter Leo and make them feel like the hero they are daily. Leo will also need to smooth away any hurt feelings on occasion from sensitive Cancer. This is a match born from the stars that will stand the test of time.


Overall: This is a very good match on the compatibility scale. The Cardinal water sign of Cancer with teh Mutable Earth sign of Virgo in a match means it is very well balanced. Earth and Water are always well balanced as one element nurtures the other towards abundance and prosperity. With Cancer, we have the emotionally centered partner whose cup of love always floweth over. Virgo is flexible, goes with the flow and is real. Virgo’s are about as down to Earth as it can get. This match may not be the most adventurous or exciting, but it keeps on giving the love for many years to come.

Positive: There is little that is negative about this match. Virgo is flexible so they go with the flow which works for the bossy Cancer. Virgo longs for the grounded and practical home life; so they really appreciate how good Cancer is at providing that. With this match, we have Cancer who is ruled by the Moon. Moon means love and emotion. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so they are grounded in Earth, which means they are real and communicative. This match will have a lot of long, lovely conversations that will be real, authentic, honest, and loving. With the feminine energy from the moon and the masculine energy from Mercury, there is a great balance. This is another  matter that enhances the love in this match. They are not the most energetic love match, but they are rooted in devotion and love. This is one that will last much longer than the matches that are always in motion.

Challenges: Cancer and Virgo match is one built by the stars but every match is going to have wrinkles. Virgo is detail oriented and critical when anything is out of place. This could pose a problem for Cancer who takes things personally and is wounded over the slightest negativity. There is a bit of a stubborn streak with Cancer, which is the opposite of the flexible Virgo. This means Virgo may find themselves frustrated with this part of Cancer on occasion.

Make it Work: This shadow sides of the pairing results in some wrinkles. The wrinkles in this one are small, Cancer is fortunate to have a Virgo who literally will go with teh flow any day of the week. That is unless their needs are not being met. To do so, Cancer needs to learn to give a little on occasion and not take every little thing so personally. Virgo on the other hand can ease off some teasing because that can be taken a little too far very easily with Cancer. For the most part, these are passing moments. While it is slow to start, they build a relationship deeply rooted in devotion, love and appreciative communication. These are all things needed to ensure many happy years to come.


Overall: This ranks very well. Cardinal signs have a lot of leadership energy coming into the match. Both also have what other wants and needs, so balance and harmony is a beautiful thing. With Cancer being Cardinal water, they come from place of feeling way through world. Libra is a Cardinal, thinks first and feels later. Two very different perspectives coming into play. This bodes well for long term  if both individuals are able to keep goals aligned in this relationship.

Positive: Two born Leaders and initiators. Cancer is emotional, Libra is thinking. They come from very different places. It is a slow to start but then will take off. Libra needs balance and harmony at all costs, this favors partnerships and long term relationships. Libra is attracted to Cancer’s domestic center and long term vision. Cancer on the other hand is attracted to charm and elegance Libra exudes. Cancer loves idea of marriage and so does Libra, so on same page from get go. Cancer is gifted at being domestic center of the home. Libra gifted at making sure home is beautiful on the inside and out. Two feminine energies coming into mix here with Cancer being ruled by moon and Libra ruled by Venus. This combined energy bodes well for long term relationship marked by love, beauty, and the ever present flow emotions.

Challenges: Things can get a little tricky when you pair two born Leaders and that’s what you get with this match. At the same time, as much as he two have in common, both come from different perspectives. Cancer feels through life, Libra thinks their way through life. With the challenges that arise, one leads with heart and the other with their head. Libra doesn’t understand why Cancer is so emotional and can get critical about everything. Cancer is extremely sensitive and could feel wounded for days over the smallest thing. They need to work through the differences and embrace them or it will lead to their demise.

Make it Work: There are two Cardinal signs leading the way, lot of leadership energy taking the reins here. To be happy, they have to take turns being boss or experience shared union. Libra is unable to make decisions, so Cancer can pickup the reins. Cancer doesn’t rationalize, Libra leads the way. There is a lot to offer each other including shared goals and visions. They need to embrace vs bicker, which is the key to the long term.


Overall: This two water signs coming together. The love compatibility will be very high and both partners will even feel they’ve found their lost soul mates. This is an emotional union, one that has deep bonds, unshaking loyalty and trust, and an intensity that creates sparks in bedroom. Both signs are very intuitive, which bodes well for long term success of union.  They read each other daily, without even expecting or thinking about it. Sex chemistry is very high, practical chemistry that stands test of time.

Positive: Its not without passion, so many will envy the sparks. They are dual water marked by deep love, strong loyality, and intuitive connection that is impossible to replicate in any other match. They want a long term love, this commonality that bodes well for long term. Cancer craves security and Scorpio can give it because they can only do one love at a time. Cancer is ruled by Moon and thus ruled by love that nurtures and replenishes. Scorpio is intensely grateful. Scorpio is sexy and smoldering and adoring as Cancer needs.

Challenges: With all emotions skittering about, tempers will flare. This is especially true here, they will have pretty emotional problems. Scorpio lashes out with intensity over slightest grievance if caught in wrong wind. Cancer feels mortally wounded over these moments and will carry a grudge. Cancer wants to dominate relationship, which is difficult under the intense scrutiny of Scorpio. If there is one fixed sign that trumps Cardinals in leadership, it is the intensity of Scorpio energy that can do it. Cancer will want to retreat on occasion but when both parties remember soul and intuitive connection they share these moments will not last long with two. Both have issues with emotional manipulation though. Something that will need to be let go in order to keep those tempers at bay.

Make it Work: Two water signs match up with this Cancer and Scorpio match is going to be an emotional one indeed. Both parties equally guilty when it comes to emotional manipulation at times. There is a deep passion and love at the base of this, so there are good intentions. For the match to be successful at the long term, both parties will need to remember they are given intuitive feelers for a reason. Using their spidey sense bodes well for Cancer and Scorpio match, as they will be able to innately sense what their partner needs. If they tap into that deep well of love in order to meet those needs with considerable long term success in love.


Overall: They are not the best on paper. The pairing comes with problems but if they are willing to put in an effort to embrace differences, they will find happy for some time. Cardinal water sign is an emotional center. Sagittarius is an energetic mutable fire. Their relationship is always in flux. Both have to be ok in order for this to stick.

Positive: They are very different personalities. Cancer is the Cardinal Water who loves to lead, be the boss, and create domestic center of the life. Mutable fire Sagittarius is always moving from one project, vacation, adventure to another. This gives Cancer a new experience that Cancer thought was impossible. Cancer ruled by the Moon, so it is a grounded match. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, they are lucky and optimistic, and almost always in a good mood. Feminine energy Moon being paired with masculine Jupiter can give a lovely balance. They have the same goals just different methods of approaching that can be a little bit of effort.

Challenges: Two distinct personalities that affect lifestyle and what find important. Both want long term love and that is foundation to build on. Cancer prefers long nights in and Sagittarius is the opposite. Sagittarius has a need for freedom, and will be upset by Cancer who wants Sagittarius to themselves. Conversations could seem like they are occurring on two different planets on occasion. This could get heated with sparks flying. Cancer employs emotional manipulation when not getting what they want. For Sagittarius that will only mean running in opposite direction. On the other hand, Sagittarius has tendency to run and give up a little too easily. Something that will authentically round Cancer in long term.

Make it Work: Cardinal and Mutable bode well, so they have some hope. Mutable signs like Sagittarius have tendency to go with flow easily. When problems arise and they will, Sagittarius will concede. Sagittarius may need to be okay doing this regularly, and if they are then this match has a chance. Cancer has to realize they can’t be the boss all the time. They have to hand the reins over to Sagittarius on occasion. Honesty will work better for Cancer in heated conversations more so than emotional manipulation. Embracing differences and each other, approaches will strength this bond for years to come.


Overall: This is a very high love compatibility. Two Cardinal signs going head to head. Water and Earth combine for a real, authentic and long lasting relationship. They will nurture each other into an abundant love. They have an intuitive way of knowing what the other needs and when they need it. This is not a high energy or exciting relationship, but they are devoted and loyal. This is a real deal and long term connection that will last.

Positive: This relationship will have a strong foundation, rooted in Earth, fed from Water. There is emotional security and practical. Neither are big on parties and nights out. Lots of sexy and sensual long nights in are appreciated by both. Cancer is a homemaker, creating a perfect paradise. Capricorn is a worker bee, who feels good by supporting many kids. cancer will admire Capricorn success or how successful they are working to be. Slow growing love compatibility, Earth Signs tend to work that way and then its all systems go.

Challenges: There are few differences in what they want long term. Short term, there will be stumbling blocks. Capricorn focuses on material, spiritual, and intuitive which Cancer may find annoying. Cancer wants Capricorn home and in their arms, even if this means less luxuries. For Cancer, they just want worker Capricorn to get home every night. They are born Cardinal, so both want to be the boss and this will create some challenges.

Make it Work: They have to take turns being boss once in a while. Both are skilled negotiators, so no problem there. There is a long term dedication and shared vision for goals.


Overall: This is a unique situation as both approach from different perspectives. One feels their way through the world (Cancer). The other thinks their way through the big picture, this is the fixed air Aquarius. At face value, this is a case of opposites attract. This will keep them going for the long haul, both appreciating and embracing different values and systems. If they can manage it all, they will stand the test of the time.

Positive: Opposites are joining in love but their differences will compliment over time. The Moon keeps the emotional waters flowing. Aquarius appreciates how Cancer is able to create the home life that is desired by many. Cancer is attracted to Aquarius’ big picture way of thinking. Aquarius will bring home special unexpected surprises which Cancer will love. Aquarius will love the lessons of the heart that Cancer can offer.

Challenges: There is an increased chance of heated arguments because they are opposites. Cancer needs to be felt and understood, while Aquarius often doesn’t understand why things need to be emotional all the time. Both are stubborn. Cancer wants to make the rules, Aquarius as fixed is fixated on their own way of doing things. They do not understand the need for Cancer to be the boss. The power struggles between these two will get in their own way. Cancer likes traditions, while old fashioned Aquarius is forward and contemporary thinking.

Make it Work: There will need to be a lot of turn taking going on. The differences between them are what will make them grow as individuals and a couple. Cancer must hold off on emotional manipulation, as that is precisely what is going to turn Aquarius off. Once Aquarius has their mind set, it is impossible to change. Cancer must tread carefully. Aquarius as well could learn from Cancer on expanding the emotional horizon and feeling their way through. This means they will commit to working through it all, which means a long and happy life.


Overall: Those involved in this match will fee like a match made in heaven because two different water signs. They have a deeply spiritual and emotional connection. Cardinal Cancer and Mutable Pisces starts off with lot of common ground. They are sympathetic, loving, and feel their way through the world. Both are committed to growing from emotional bonds they share.

Positive: They are deeply emotional and devoted. They approach love the same, and the common ground they share will help get through any difficulties. They are balance, they have what others need. Its a rewarding journey and spiritual connection.

Challenges: Their waters run deep. This is deeply connected with turbulence on occasion. Their emotions guide the daily life and can land them in hot water. Cancer needs to be the boss in love and life. So Pisces could feel stifled by clinginess because they need freedom. Cancer doesn’t understand Pisces need for love in freedom.Cancer is good at starting but not at finishing and that will frustrate Pisces and cause wandering. Both will use emotions to manipulate, this means the disagreements could get ugly if both engage.

Make it Work: Both are emotional and curbing in heated moments will be key. Pisces is most flexible and will serve Cancer well by adapting to changes and flexes in life. Cancer on other hand will serve Pisces well by pulling back on bossiness and emotional manipulation when times get tough. Under all the differences, they share emotional connections and heightened intuitive sense. If they focus on strengths in this union will ensure match grows spiritually and emotionally.


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