Numerology Life Path


What is Life Path in Numerology?

Many a things have been said about numerology name numbers, But it is the life path in numerology which decides whether a number is lucky for a person or not. Life path is the important measurement in determining the path of life one choose. It signifies the final destination of a person in his current life or birth, In other words, Life path can reveal the purpose of ones life in this world.

Numerology Life Path

The Importance of Life Path

Numerology Life path is the sole important factor in choosing a lucky name for a person. Birth date of a person in generally considered, but along with it, it is the life path which dictates the terms. At the end of the day, the very purpose of choosing a fortunate name is to fulfill the souls purpose. That’s why it is of paramount importance to check whether numerology name number is compatible with numerology life path. An incompatible name number and life path can create misfortunes and obstacles in ones life.

How to Calculate Life Path Number?

Life Path number can be easily known from the date of birth. E.g. If a person is born on 7/7/2007, then life path is calculated by adding all the numbers present in birth date. i.e. 7+7+2+0+0+7 = 23 = 5. Hence the life path of above birth date is 5. While calculating life path, the total number is converted to its compound number. The total number is 23, and its compound number is 5. So, the life path is numerology 5.

Birth Date and Life Path having same number

Some people have both their birth date and life path same. i.e.  a person born on 1/8/2006, January 8th, 2006 has birth date 8 and life path too as 8.  In such cases, the person are deemed as lucky, as they can easily self discover their potential. 9 out of 10 people identify their purpose in life and act according to that, irrespective of a fortunate name. This is mainly because, their character and their true identity are in sync with each other.


  1. should we consider pronology in naming bad vibrations like HIT,MAD,WAR,KU,DI,SH.


  2. hi i was just asking that for a life path / destiny 24 (6) and a birthday 1 is it better a name number 41 or 51 ? also which one is more powerful ? and what does it mean to have a birthday 1 with a destiny number 24(6) ?
    thanks very much.

  3. Great article – thanks a lot. Also, the Life Path Number describes the path you are travelling on. It doesn’t tell you so much about your talents, strengths or weaknesses, but rather indicates the general purpose of your life – your life’s destiny.

  4. First of all, congratulations on the website! It has great material.
    Now, I have some doubts here. I was born on a 30 day and my life number is 9. Should I sign my name in a way that sums up to 33 or 38? And does the pronounce of the name make any kind of difference? Thank you so much since.

  5. I definitely love the way you put all the words together to come up with a good article. Your post would indeed make visit the site again.


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