Mind Power – Changing the World


Mind power is different than brain power. It’s not your ability to do things like read a difficult book or solve a troublesome math problem. Mind power is the ability each of us has to change the world with our thoughts and our dreams. Mind power is based on a few basic principles: that whatever you want you can achieve, that your thoughts affect what happens to you, that whatever you are focusing on you are able to attract, that to create a new life you simply need to create a ‘new’ mind, and to change what is external you must first change your internal life.  Read more about mind power here: https://astronlogia.com/new-age/

Mind Power – Changing the World

What is Mind Power?

Mind power is based on the idea that everything in the world is made up of vibrations from energy. Everything in our physical world is made up of atoms, and those atoms are always moving. Because of this, when we can manifest our thoughts using mind power, we are able to change the physical world. Most of us, however, don’t bother to focus our thoughts on anything. Most of the world passes by in a cloud of worry and stress. We miss the gentle moments of life; we’re inconvenienced by the rain, we’re annoyed by the butterfly that crashes into our windshield. We neglect the most powerful force we have when we neglect our thoughts and mind.

The Power of your Thoughts

Why are our thoughts so powerful? Because whatever we focus our thoughts on we attract into our lives. If our thoughts are focused on negativity then it is negativity we will bring into our lives. If we focus on being unhappy or stressed out then we will attract unhappiness and stressful situations into our lives. But if we focus on positivity, if we set our mind on a goal we want to achieve, then it becomes something we have the power to achieve because our thoughts will then attract this goal or positivity. It’s a matter of taking your mind from a passive, instinctual machine that never gets any use into the powerful magnet it truly is. Scientists believe we only use a small portion of the power our brains are capable of and this is in no small part because we prefer to function on auto-pilot most of the time. Take your brain off auto-pilot and begin to be the captain of your own destiny with mind power.

Creating New Life with Your Mind

Creating a new life based around this way of thinking requires the creation of a ‘new’ mind. As the saying goes, you cannot have two masters: you must focus your mind on positivity and turn away from negative thoughts. Your brain simply can’t think both positively and negatively at the same time and one will always over-power the other, so make sure that your dominate thoughts are positive thoughts. This will help to adjust your internal mind, and even help to heal your body, by keeping yourself positive, in shape, and happy! By creating an internal balance of happiness, you will affect the physical world around you and create a external existence of happiness.


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