Planetary Positions


Planetary positions are an important part of a comprehensive astrological profile. Their location at the time of your birth and other important moments in your life will affect your life and personality. Some planets move through the zodiac more quickly than others based on their proximity to the sun and as such their influence on your life differs. The fast moving planets: the sun, moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus have influence on the smaller things in life, what happens to you on a day to day basis or your mood. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, however, are father away and move more slowly meaning that the changes they can cause are much larger and many astrologists feel that Neptune, Uranus and Pluto have the power to change the lives of more than one generation.  You can read more about planet positions and zodiac signs by clicking here:

Planetary Positions

Planetary Positions Represent Different Areas of Your Life

Each of the planets rules over a different area of your life. The sun rules the basic personality of a person and every month moves into a different sign lessening it’s influence on one sign and increasing it on another. The moon governs our moods and emotions. Just as our moods and emotions may fluctuate multiple times in a single day, the influence the moon exerts changes every two or three days. Mercury governs our mind and how we communicate; every three to four weeks it will change its location. Venus is the planet of love and attraction and it’s influence will fluctuate every four to five weeks. Mars is known for ruling over our energy and drive to achieve things. Mars shifts in and out of the signs every six to seven weeks. Once a year, Jupiter the ruler of luck, growth and wisdom, will move into your sign and back out of it again. Every two to three years Saturn will bring about change to your level of discipline, help you work through your fears, and create new challenges for you to over-come. Seven is considered a lucky number and even seven years Uranus will come through your life and bring about change. Change is always good, even when it seems challenging. Neptune will bring healing and dreams every ten to twelve years and Pluto will bring power and transformation into your life every twelve to fifteen years.

Planetary Positions in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the planetary positions have a more direct affect on our bodies as well as the universe surrounding us. The sun doesn’t just affect our energy but also our vitality and plays an important role in our heart functions. The moon affects our digestion and the flow of blood in our bodies. The influence of Mercury affects everything from our intellect to our creativity. It doesn’t just affect our mind and communication, it can contribute to having a clear head or being distracted constantly. Venus affects our senses on the whole, but also how our bodies process sugar. While the moon controls digestion and blood flow, Mars governs the kidneys and bladder and helps to heal and form red blood cells. Jupiter affects our physical growth, not just our spiritual or mental, and controls the liver and accumulation of fat in our bodies. Saturn helps our bones, overseeing how calcium and other important vitamins are dispersed throughout our system.

Understanding the role of the planetary positions in your astrological chart can certainly help to bring insight into challenges you are facing and what may be laying ahead for you in the future.


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