Number 8 and Kundalini Energy


In numerology, number 8 holds a distinct position among other numbers, traditionally, number 8 denotes the wheel of Samsara (birth and death) and its imminent suffering endured by result of samsara or existence. But the very same number also signifies enlightenment or nirvana. Wherever Samsara is there, nirvana is naturally present, aka existence will automatically finds its own enlightenment in its right time. This universal law is symbolized by the number 8.

Number 8 and Kundalini Energy

The number 8 is formed by two circle, symbolizing endless cycle of birth and death; existence and enlightenment. All things that are created by the “One” gets transformed, destroyed and again recreated in different form. Hence, contrast aspects of number 8 is seen in lives of sentient beings.

The inner meaning of number 8 should be deeply understood, all sentient beings are auspicious ones and pure ones in reality, but the ignorance of their separate identity and due to the innumerable attributes created by this ignorance is beginingless time has resulted in manifestation of beings with suffering, joy and mixed attributes. Unless, one realizes their inherent, innate divinity in them, suffering will not cease to exist. This truth is what a number 8 strives to make humans realize. Whenever a suffering or misery occurs, there exist a natural bliss and freedom too. The wisdom of ones natural state cannot be achieved by mere contemplation, it needs outer influences, such as knowledge from wise masters, holy doctrines and more than that through meditation and insight.

In meditation, ones spiritual energy – the kundalini ascends and burns the ignorance of person and the self made attributes of mind which has impressions for millions of years. And, number 8 in name number is symbolic of kundalini.

Though number 8 is dangerous for a person to have in his name number, because, one when realized his Self, true reality, he can no more exist in this plane of existence, it will become difficult to realize material goals. Only spiritual aspirants who are guided by a enlightened master can have a name number in 8. Also, a person with non spiritual life when uses number 8 in his name can have challenges and constant worldly struggles. Hence, regular meditation is necessary when number 8 comes as name number as it helps in triggering and ascension of kundalini energy.


  1. Nice post sir….Interesting… Sir, would like to know one thing.. Can
    number 8 born ( by date of birth) keep his first name number to 23 as
    we say 23 is a luckiest number , will it be beneficial? Thanks in
    Advance…sir plz reply….

    • I am an 8&7 born with the name number 23. It is an incredibly lucky number and will allow you to succeed at just about anything you put your mind on — it gives incredible insight and intuition. However, being 8 born you would be immensely successful in spiritual life as well. It’s important that you must be hardworking and disciplined because that’s what Saturn demands. Also 23 name numerology means the person will be more interested in pushing hard towards challenges at a very high level, but if they aim any lower and go in the run of the mill way they get bored and lose interest. Your name components also have to be proper to ensure no unwanted numbers make up your name.


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