Julian Assange’s Numerology


Numerology of Julian Assange

A complete analysis and Numerology of Julian Assange. Julian Assange is the man of the hour. For people who are unaware of him, he is the man behind the rebellious WikiLeaks – the whistle blower site. In the world of hypocrisy and double standards, Julian Assange stands as epitome of truth and honesty. Lets analyze the numerology of Julian Assange to see what the numbers have in store for him.

Julian Assange was born on july 3rd 1971, which makes him 3 born with life path 1. Being born on number 3 itself is auspicious in numerology. People who have done some good karma’s fall into number 3 zone of Numerology. More over his life path gives a clear purpose of his life. With Sun as his life path, it represents his true purpose of his present life. Sun is the most truthful and fairest planet in solar system. People with life path as 1 are truth lovers and never budge for any taunts or pressures. When life path is 1, people even with ordinary background are powerful in their own terms. Julian Assange’s birth number 3 coupled with life path number 1 shows his life long commitment for greater service for humanity. With Jupiter as service planet, and among Jupiter ruled numbers 3, 12, 21, 20, number 3 born people use media and entertainment as medium to serve their cause.

Julian Assange’s goal is to eradicate political level irregularities in the world, and that’s quite natural considering his soul nature ruled by magnanimous Sun. He is widely concerned by the political theme of present world. As a number 3 born, he assumes the role of speaker or guru or teacher who is keen to teach a lesson to the world mass to stop yawning and fine tune their awareness on the present realism. Now we have Jupiter and sun who forms the activist role. But to act against governments using their own weapon, there must be presence of Saturn. Saturn or Uranus is the one who stands up for judgment and defy even the Gods. For them, truth is god. His ascendant or moon sign lord should have been Saturn or Uranus. Since he was a physicist and mathematician, and a professional hacker too. There is greater possibility of Uranus playing a role in his chart.

The Beginning of the Great Age of Aquarius is still a bone of contention among astrologers, nevertheless, my opinion is of that it is nearing soon. Its not yet started, because the world we witness now will be entirely different during Aquarian Age.

The Internet Revolution and Mass reformation in social and political contexts are starting signs of the Aquarius Age, but the real start may still take a decade too as the exact year is debatable. And its man like Julian Assange who symbolizes Aquarius traits. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. After discovery of Uranus, westerners allot it to Aquarius sign.

Julian Assange’s Name in Numerology

Julian Assange’s name numerology is a key factor in analyzing his present situation and events of life. Julian Paul Assange comes 56, Julian Assange, his name in use comes 38. According to the Chaldean book of numbers, number 38 in name denotes people who are exceptionally honest and those who promotes peace and love in the world. Fame, Influence and Success comes to them in sudden manner. At the same time, this number also signifies sudden dangers and betrayal of people which may cause grave threats to them. There is one more meaning given for this number 38 in Chaldean Numerology, i.e. even the death of these people will be unexpected and unusual.

When i heard about the US and world bodies manhunt (In truth) for Julian, i started to analyze his name and current patterns of his life. And found out this striking meaning of his name number 38. In my personal research, i have seen people with name number 38 having sudden and tragic accidents and some time freakish too. Hidden enemies for this number are enormous.

Day by day, the political trap for Julian Assange grows. The purpose of US and co is to nuke Wikileaks from the web. They may (I wish they don’t) succeed in what they intend to do to Assange, but they cant over throw Wikileaks. Wikileaks will live even without Julian Assange (You can never mess with number 24 (wikileaks)). I wish Julian Assange escapes the inevitable, but his current period is not favorable at all. He should be aware of hidden attacks, and that too from his trusted sources. This concludes our report on the numerology of Julian Assange.


  1. Great Post!!!
    and i’m kinda scared now, Im also
    dob- 30/11/1985 (3 born with life path 1)
    is it ok…
    and I’m using my new name that you suggested and practicing the name the way you said…
    (my name comes to 37 now) and im happy with it, and if thres any other suggetion plz let me know! please
    God Bless
    take care

  2. it is amazing that Wikileak adds up to 21
    Wikileaks adds up to 24

    Both 6 and 3 are favorable for Julian Assange, it is amazing how a person who stands for devotion to God, truth, wisdom and welfare of humans chooses the best numerology numbers naturally that leads him to success on his endeavors. This leads to my faith in a spiritual God even stronger than before.

    Some people like John.D.Rockefeller misused the power of God. As John.D.Rockefeller did not have any bad habits and was a highly spiritual person but went astray by his birth-date 8. He became money hungry at the cost making people suffer for satisfying his greed. He did not learn Wisdom or do any spiritual practices, and this led him astray. John.D.Rockefeller is a perfect example for Ravana.

    I truly believe that we as Humans will grow into prosperous race by having full devotion to God , learning wisdom, to have universal love for every being and doing spiritual practices.


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