Prayer of Gratitude – To Stimulate Crown Chakra


Prayer of Gratitude to activate Sahasrara or crown (7th) Chakra

This post is a follow up post of How to become Rich and Famous using esoteric technique.  The previous post gives various techniques to activate the crown chakra, which is responsible for showering of wealth and riches. The prayer of gratitude is a technique that comes under karma yoga to stimulate crown chakra. Offering prayer of gratitude is one of the most essential duty of every human being. Most people forget to even remember those who have done good to them,  such act of in gratitude can bear heavy karma in ones life. To the contrary, prayer itself can remove ones sankhit karma (karma done in previous lives) with the help of our forefathers and nature.

Why should i be grateful?

Now, people ask me, why should i be grateful to whom i have hardly seen or heard? Well, True Independence is a myth as we all interconnected to each other in one form or another. Hence, in reality we all owe our gratitude to each and every being in universe. Our own existence can not be possible without help of the nature. Nature which represents all the entities in Universe as we know from learning here:

The Prayer

The word prayer is not a mere construction of poetic words glorifying God. After all who is God? Man can never realize divinity without realizing the sacrifice and sufferings of innumerable beings and nature collectively. The language or words or audibility doesnt define a prayer. Prayer is a silent offering of gratitude in which one speaks to his consciousness or soul or atman. It is a very private affair that happens between you and your consciousness. Such prayer should not be even done in front of others presence.

The Order

Remember the order of this prayer, and use it in your own language. Do not give importance in coining the words for this prayer, but render it within your self. Your consciousness is where the Supreme Being resides, Your very thought itself can become a prayer. This prayer should be done with eyes closed and without opening your mouth.  Prayer of Gratitude should be done in the morning with the clean body commencing the start of the day.

I Sincerely Pray and Offer my everlasting gratitude to my

  1. Mother
  2. Father
  3. Guru or Teacher or Master or People who have taught you great values and wisdom with intellect
  4. Five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space )
  5. Consciousness and Aura of my body which protects me every time
  6. All living and non living beings of this universe
  7. Finally, The Supreme Being who lives inside me

I give my blessings to them and thank them wholeheartedly.

The above is the order, and you can use your style and language. Its the devotion from within which is important in this prayer.


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