Psychic Power of 8


The Powers of Saturn

Saturn denotes number 8 in numerology, and its the ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn sign in astrology. Many things have been discussed about the power and dangers of number 8 and people ruled by Saturn. There are many facets for planet Saturn, and psychic power is one of them.

Saturn is widely known for pain, violence, sufferings, mishaps, losses, delays, failures, inferior nature, sucidal nature, and renunciation in terms of its negative traits. Whereas political supremacy, government formation, robustness, fertility, agelessness, immunity, saintliness, godliness, supreme ruler, speculation, kingly life, psychic powers, wisdom, and enlightenment are its positive traits.

Psychic power of number 8 is one its most important traits, almost every 8 born will possess atleast one psychic power, they can discover it within themselves, and most have experienced in their life. Psychic phenomenons  are very much present in 8 borns which includes people with lifepath as 8. Saturn ruled psychic readings, psychic powers like intuition, magnetic levitation, energy healing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, ability to see or feel or hear super natural seeings. Most of the 8 born have an innate psychic power to see ghosts or any spiritual mediums.

With the power of intuition, most great astrologers, palmist, psychic readers, healers are 8 born. Such profession also best suits them as they are meant for that. 8 born people are blessed with psychic powers from their birth itself. 8 borns are supposed to be sages or yogis in their previous life, they are born in different body for different purpose to spend their remaining karma’s. Astrology says, for a person to become saint, satguru, parmahamsa, yogi, or siddhar, there should be a direct influence of aspect of saturn, without it there is no possibility to enter higher realms of spirituality. Fake Godmen can cheat the world as long as they can, but to become a true spiritual soul, saturn is the only planet that can make it happen.

Many psychic readers who happen to be 8 borns , have realized their gift at early age itself. Usually, psychic powers are revealed through dreams and later their meanings are revealed through other sources. In astrology, 8th house is the house of psychic powers. When a planet signifies 8th house in ones chart, then such planet ruling days can bestow psychic experience for the person.

Another famous psychic practice is ouija board aka psychic circle. Psychic reading experts acts as a medium and they communicate to the dead soul of a person, this is usually done to ask questions related to past or future. Two person keeps their finger on a striker on top of ouija board, and once the invocation prayer is given by the psychic reader, the spirit enters the body of the person (psychic reader) which acts as a medium, and the striker moves to alphabets present in the board. When questions are asked, the spirit answers through the striker which moves and chooses the letters.This type of psychic reading is very popular, and only 8 borns and 7 borns can perform this effectively.


Psychic reading using ouija is done by many psychic experts, but its a dangerous practice too. It requires two people to start the psychic circle and invite the spirit, one has to be a specialized psychic reader, and the other can be a neutral person. But when this psychic circle is practiced by persons who has no psychic medium, then a ill fated spirit can enter and may cause havoc to them. Its better not to try these psychic practices at home.

Some psychic powers can result through constant practice of meditation, and 8 born people can easily acquire such psychic powers when they are into yoga and meditation.


  1. Hi and thanks for these great posts. I realy like reading them.However I was born on november 17 1988 and deffinately don’t have any psychic power. Is it possible for those who are 8 born and have 9 as their life path number to have any psychic power?

  2. Hi Sarvanarajendra I accept ur supreme knowledge my birth date is 8 feb 1978 i am 8 & 8 and unlike federer whose comments u have written i am on downside with low vision problem from birth affecting all my aspects of life please reply me on this email address as i need your advice personally please reply

  3. I am a one(1) born, lifepath day number 03/28/1986 and name number
    (37) add up to one however in pythagorean numerology my name adds
    up to 8, and i can boldly say ive had alot of psychic experience
    throughout my life, like dejavu or knowing things are gonna happen
    before they do, also reading people just by staring at them. It is
    all true about what it says regarding the number 8, i even tattooed
    it on myself

  4. hello,my date of birth is 8 aug 1974 my birth no 8 and life path no is 1,pls tell me is it good.i write my name as nagraj sharma.

  5. I was born Fredrica Maureen Luke-Opene on my birth certificate. But Known as Maureen Opene. DOB 12/5/1953=8.

    Is my name in conflict with my DOB in anyway.

    I appreciate and love your website by the way.



  6. Hi, well i have just had a a reading and my birthdate is 09/09/1970 and my life path is 8, and yes i have psychic dreams and know before where i am going to go, which is weird..and see signs before everyone else…what else is in store for me??


  7. Ouija board is dangerous practice, it will allow spirit realm to enter human realm, and in process the person who acts as medium in ouija will lose considerable vital force,

  8. My birth date is 8 February and my life path number is 5.    I guess this explains the reason why I have had many psychic experiences and dreams which have come true from an early age..

  9. I am suffering from huge amount of pain and suffering, I was born on 8-8-1988, and my name is vinay divra, Whatever decision i make are almost wrong….what should i do….i feel supernatural power, but that power destroys me….is there some relief…????  

    • I too was born on 8/8/88. If you are freaking out… you need to wait it out. Time for rest. We learn about our manefesting power. We always want to be kind and make the right desisions but sometimes just dont know which one is right for our path. Keep going and trust your thoughts. If they make you feel unsure rest, if they make you see a little miricle or coincidence then keep it in mind. Find a flow. ? Erika ps i know its been 4 years but 🙂

  10. One thing is for sure the 8’s and phsychic abilities must be accurate! I was born on 8-8-88 and I have had numerous psychic visions and preminitions that have come true!

  11. Wow, I find this very interesting and very true. I am an 8 life path and a psychic number 8, My first psychic experience began at the age of 16 with precognition and this still happens quite often. I began studying astrology as a teenager, began playing with Tarot cards at the age of 7. My first astral projection experience was at age 28 when my aunt passed. I recently befriended a Psychic Medium and she confirmed I have the gift as well. I have great intuition, however sometimes it’s better just to stay quiet. I have a Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Libra all in the 8th house. Not to mention my Sun, Mercury, and Neptune are in Scorpio all in the 9th house. However, what really makes me psychic is my Moon in Pisces in the first house. I had my chart read by a professional astrologer just to see what she would interpret and the first thing she saw was my moon in Pisces in the first house, her immediate comment was, you know your psychic right? I smiled and said yes. I just wanted to get a different interpretation other than my own. I am currently retrieving the wisdom of my Akashic Records through specialized meditation.

  12. My name is Aishwarya modi.dob 8-3-1995.Both birth number and life path number 8.Name number 37.Could you please suggest some name change?

  13. Hi madam/sir
    My name us pankaj raut n birth name is khrushal dob 08/07/1982 dir will u plse tell something abt na career I had seen d peak of my career n now m at d utmost down phrase of it I m not getting wht to do plse guide me some remedies

    • You are governed by the number 8 and the planet Saturn. Your creative ideas, coupled with hard work will bring success to you in the year ahead of you. But be prepared for delays. You should remember that as Saturn is your ruling planet, there will be delays in your life. However the good thing is that Saturn brings delays but not denial, so you will certainly attain success at the end. Doing remedies of Saturn will bring success.


  14. Thanks ma’am/sir
    Will u plse give me my success or good career time period in 2018 as such since 2015 m going through a very very hard time in my career . I was in power sector in a good class 1 officer position but I left that as I cleared another class1 exam n waiting for my appointment but now m nothing how much time it will take as I did all to get it as early as possible plse do d needful at d earliest


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