Free Marriage Compatibility report is back again !


Free Marriage Compatibility Report

Free marriage compatibility report is back again in our blog ! Readers can request for a marriage compatibility report by entering the birth date details in the form present at the end of post. Marriage compatibility report is a points based report, which follows Ashtkoot, and BV raman method. Different areas like Love, Health, Emotional Understanding, Sexual Relationship, Children, Intellectual Understanding, Luck, Happiness, Longevity are assessed between two couple’s and the points are scored against the maximum points for each areas. The total points is calculated and prediction is given for overall compatibility.

Marriage Compatibility Report is very useful for assessing the nature of relationship between two persons for long term relationships. This report will also be useful to determine whether a couple who intend to marry can lead a happy and prosperous life of not.

This report will be given for free for sometime. Kindly note that it will take some time (2 to 3 days) for me to send the report as there will be huge requests.

Note: Currently, marriage report is given only for readers who have subscribed to our blog newsletter. Those who have not subscribed can subscribe to the blog newsletter present at the top of the home page.



  1. Dear sir

    I havent heard back from you with regards to the Free Marriage Compatibility Report.

    I subscribe to your posts

    Please come back to me on turn around time sir as i need give an answer to this proposal soon

  2. Hey
    I thought this article was great saying as I am about to get married. I wrote a similar one on my site and it was good but I say this is way more useful

  3. dear sir i haven’t got any mail from you regarding your marriage
    compability report. i subscribe to your posts. please do come back
    to me soon sir

  4. Hi Sarvana, i really like your blog. Like everyone else i am waiting to hear from u as well regarding love compatibility report. Hope to hear soon from you. Take care.

  5. To be perfectly honest, I don’t believe in any of these horoscopes and love compatability, because every horoscope writer or studier of the astrology they all say something a bit different comparing to the love compatibility of every horoscope. However I do believe that everybody does have at least a few traits of there starsign or horoscope in there personality, but it doesn’t really determine who would be there ideal soul-mate based on there love compatibilty of there horoscope. I believe that it only comes down to the individual person really, I’m only saying that because of life experiences and what I have observed through other people relationships and marriages. For example to explain what I’m saying in my comment, I always seem to notice that most people whose starsigns are not a compatibily match seem to attract each other and they do seem to have long satifying relationships comparing to the ones whose astrologers say there are love match made in heaven, because of there starsigns compatibility. For example Capricorns u say and other astrologers say the same thing, they normally attract each other, and they are perfect match for relationship and marriage. Because they understand each other and they have many good qualities that will make a perfect good relationship and marriage work successfully. Now I’m going to put things into prospective here, where I’m going to talk from facts and from experiences that the public or people have now realised where my comment is going. Your right capricorns do attract each other, they usually sometimes marry each other and have children with each other, but are they really perfect for each other in marriage and relationship even though you atrologers have said this? Because why I ask this question is because I always seem to notice that from experience that the Capricorn men always seems to cheat or become unfaithful to the Capricorn Women, and that’s why most of the time they even split up or divorce each other over this betrayal. Look for example as I explain the truth on what I’m saying here, Tiger Woods is a fine example he’s a Capricorn man, yes he attracted and married a Capricorn women who was called Elin Nordegren, look what happened there in this Capricorns marriage, Tiger had cheated on his loyal Capricorn wife, not with just one women but with number of women. Jude Law is another one whose Capricorn, yes he got attracted to Capricorn women like himself, who was called Sienna Miller. Media has said he even cheated on his ex-wife Sadie Frost and he divorced her for Sienna. Despite that him and Sienna birthday is one day apart, and him and Sienna, u would of think that there relationship would of being rock solid because they perfect for each other because they suit each other because of there character and there self-image and also they are two Capricorns. Oh no,that wasn’t the case, here we go again, what happened here in this Capricorn couple relationship, Jude he fell into temptation and cheated on Sienna. They couple end up split up over the affair, but forgave each other after years later and decide to give there relationship another chance by getting reunited. But they always say, never say never, with a cheat, if he can cheat on you once, what’s stopping him from cheating on you again regardless of what starsign he’s on. Next Capricorn couple, Mel Gibson and Oskana they are both Capricorns, birthdays two days apart, like Tiger Woods and his Ex wife Elin. I won’t go into too much details with there relationship, because I wasn’t really following there relationship from the beginning. But all I know they have a love-child together out of this relationship and they both Capricorns. Since this Capricorn couple split up during this year, they haven’t been out of the media since, they are has cold and bitter towards each other like a couple going through a bitter divorce all because of money apparently, and I ‘m sure they both know by now, what the other is capable off. Between these two capricorns, they is a lot of bitterness, betrayal, double crossing is going on between them, the drama has now unfolded into court, which has now caught the media and publics attention. So if Capricorns really suppose to be perfect for each other, for relationships and in marriage , like you astrologers are claiming, so why is it then that these Capricorn celebrities have cheated on there Capricorn partners and why is it that two Capricorns who used to be lovers have now become there worst enemies till it eventually has lead to court, all because of one Capricorn wants other Capricorn money which they never earned or worked hard for? Now what I have said here is based on fact, not fiction, check it out yourself you will see. I don’t know all the answers but all I know and I always believe which is the truth, that the Lord thy God knows who everybody soul-mate is, and I know for a fact that he doesn’t look at anybody starsign compatibilty to put everybody soul-mate together, that you meant to be with for the rest of your life. Because he knows who would be good for u as a partner and who wouldn’t and he doesn’t need any horoscope to tell him who would be right for that person or not. Because he created us, and he knows our personality better than we know ourselves.

    • That is so nicely said. I know of a couple who were crazy about each other, both Capricornians but their marriage was a bitter battle field. In the end they divorced with numerous attempts to go back to each other but with no greater success.

  6. Hello sir
    My name is Dharsika ( 18.09.1986) and his name is basker ( 14.03.1979). Can you plz do a marriage compatibiliy for us plz.. I dont mind to pay sir..

  7. hello sir,
    I’m SUJESH (30/09/1985) and the person i’m planning to get married with is GEETHA (22/10/1985) .Can you advise me on our compatibility.

  8. Hello,

    My name is Tiffany. I was born October 12, 1986 @ 10:20a.m. in Stroud, OK
    & my partner’s name is Jacqueline May 10, 1986 @ 5:42 p.m. in Houston, TX


  9. Since the marriage has happened, its better to leave the past as it is and see how to make the present beautiful. Make sure your name numbers are good, that can nullify any ill effects

  10. hi

    thanks very much for your help, first of all
    my date of birth is 17th August1983
    and my girl’s date of birth is 8th May 1987

    please help me in telling our compatibility.

  11. sir
    my name is geedipally bhargavi reddy

    dob: 15-10-1991

    time: 3:18 pm

    place hyderabad ,ap,india

    his name is nerella karthik sharma


    time : not sure

    place kadapa ,ap,india
    what is our compatabitility
    do i get married to this guy?


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