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Of late, i have been requested to post an article about the ideal way to sign a name. Though i have cleared in comments section about the use of Full name in signature, still most people get confused about which part of name to sign. This post will clear all doubts about the importance of signature.

Signature – Important aspect in Numerology

Signature is the most crucial aspect in numerology. The way we sign determines the pattern of events in our life. Till three years, a child is not affected by cosmic changes, as his/her mind is crystallized, so any external planetary effects or karmas will not operate for a child less than three years old. After three years, the individual karma of child operates, and cosmic patterns affects the individual. Our name symbolizes individual ego or ahankara, the ego is the root cause for the cause and effect of  day to day events. Ego is very essential for our existence, it can only be transcended but not destroyed, and such is the importance of ones name. It determines the thought pattern of a person, hence ones nature of ego based on past karmas defines the fruits of present life. Planets and luminaries are agents who carry these orders, and their vibrations are converted into phonetic values and further into numbers in the name of numerology.

Our signature or our identification determines the course of life in this birth, and the subsequent actions which can either lead to liberation or re-birth. There are many ways to sign a name, which bears many results, like improves popularity, success, fame, financial gains, win over enemies etc.. Different styles of signatures yield different results. But i am gonna discuss only the best and ideal way to sign your name, which is ideally suited to bear our past karma’s in this life itself and to move closer to the path of liberation or salvation or moksha.

First of all, determine which name you want to sign. If your full name is the auspicious one, then you must use your full name as signature. Some people may have a lengthy name which includes first name + middle name + last name, though their full name is lucky as per numerology, they may not be in a position to sign the lengthy one; In that case, determine which part of the name is lucky for you, like First name or First Name + Last Name or First Name +Middle Name and sign accordingly. But remember, numerology is seen for full name and its always ideal to sign the full name. The name you sign is what counts the most in numerology and not the name in certificates or papers.

e.g, If your full name is John Turner, then sign as John Turner and not as John or Turner or J Turner. (If John Turner is Numerologically fortunate)

If your full name is just first name and last, then its easy to sign the full name. But if your birth name is first+middle+last, and if you are using first name and last name in day to day activities, then check whether that name is fortunate or not, and then start signing the  name you use for public purpose (first+last). In this way, your full name remains just as paper name in certificates, but the auspicious name is what you sign in your public life.

e.g, If your full birth name is Oprah Gail Winfrey, and if you are using just Oprah Winfrey for public life, then determine whether Oprah Winfrey is fortunate or not, if yes, then sign as Oprah Winfrey.

The Proper way to sign a name is to write all letters legibly and clearly. The best way to sign is to write ones name, may be with certain style, but all the letter should be visible in signature. Also, sign in a 45 degree angle. I have used MS paint to demonstrate a example. though its not clearly written, it will show you the style of signing.

I am not a pro in using paint tool, so ignore the strokes of the letters. But in the above image, you can visible read all letters, and the keeping the straight line as point, the signature is headed towards a 45 degree angle. Most importantly, the final letter of the name, ‘r’ is extended to sky like a tick mark. This is the ideal way to sign a name, with last letter extended like a tick mark.


  1. Hi Sir, My name ends with the letter “i”. So i put signature and atlast i terminate it with full stop, even though I included tick mark at the end. Is this correct way. If not please rectify it

  2. Hi Saravana,
    My name ends with the letter “i”. As you said in above article the signature ends with tick mark. In my case i put tick like mark at the end and after that i put a dot for the letter “i”. Is it correct pratice. If not tell me the correct way for signing the name which has “i” as letter at the end.

  3. HI sir, would it work if I introduced myself to people with my first and last name but signed my name with first and middle name. My first and last names equal 51 and middle and first equal 41. my birthday number is 8 and lifepath 9. I mean that I would use 41 only in signature

  4. I don’t have any knowledge of this field, but I disagree with one of your points .. That Laws of Karma are not applicable for children below age 3. They have to.
    Why would otherwise there would be examples of children dieing with the age of one-two, or else get into unfortunate accidents that affect their entire life?

    P.S. : Great article by the way. Someone else I knew also guided me to do the same as well, except for the last tick mark part. Thanks !

    • Yeah, your point is rational ! , but again, whom do we blame when a woman aborts her child who has already born in her womb? Is it karma or unborn child or the woman? In this case, clearly its karma of the woman to abort the child, and when a child dies or faces any mishaps, before at the age of 3, then thats the karma of the parents and their ancestors, they account for that not the child. Buddha clearly states that Karma is a result of actions done out non awareness of self, and a child’s sthula sarira and sukshma sarira (physical and astral body) are not fully developed till 3 years, hence child becomes ineligible to do or experience past karmas. Thats why we say, a child is GOD

      • I understand and agree with that !
        I totally loved your explanation in the later part about children.

        But is it possible that someone has done something so wrong in a part of life that demands the short life in the next life ?

        Sorry if this was off-topic.

  5. I read from omment that one should write down their new name on a piece of paper for three months.However it didn’t occure to me how many times one should do it? My new name number would be 41 so do I have write 41 times a day?

  6. I dont know what kind of molestation you mean, but some one should have said about it, as naturally one cannot remember any event from birth till 3 years. I think you mean physical harm done to you when you were 11 months. but how can it be your karma? The doer has done a terrible bad karma for whatever he has done. its definitely not due to your past action.

  7. I am left handed and can assure you that writing at a 45 degree angle would be the most unnatural process for signatures. Is it only right handed people who have karma?

  8. Vishhal,

    There is an advantage in joining letters in form of cursive handwriting, having said that, there is nothing wrong in signing without joining letters. The color of pen depends on the birth date of person, Green pen signing signifies intellectual capacity, incidentally, the gazetted officers use green pen signatures. Businessmen can sign in green

  9. The purpose of signature is to affirm your identity, which i mean using signatures for professional or personal uses. Writing in pencil for leisure and erasing does not count at all.

  10. I have birthdate 3 and lifepath 8.
    I am also a cancerian (2-7) factor.
    Which is the best name numerology number out of 23,37,42 for me?

    • You are ruled by number 8 and the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of delays in life. However it is the planet which gives enormous gains if you are sincere, hard working and determined. You are a person who likes to visit new places and see new things. You are honest, true to the people you love and generous. For you, life is about doing something different, unique which brings you instant recognition. You are fond of intelligent conversation and dislike those who speak too much.


    • Ruled by number 4 and the planet Uranus, you are active, jovial, reliable, methodical and systematic. You are capable of handling many activities at one time, and you seldom complain, but you need to check your tendency to behave vindictive, jealous and stubborn at times. There are new changes coming your way in the period ahead which may require you to take bold decisions. Doing some introspection on your past will help you take correct decision for the future.



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