Saturn Transit in Scorpio – November 2014


Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn is transiting Scorpio on Nov 2nd 2014 and will remain there till October 25 2017. This is a major planetary transit for all signs especially Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra.  For Sagittarius moon sign this is the beginning of 7 and half year Saturn transit. The period marks a challenging phase for the lives of people who comes under moon sign Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra. This post will give an introduction about Saturn transit in Scorpio and overall impact of Saturn on a global context. More specific analysis for individual signs will be posted in the following weeks.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio – November 2014

A transit is a phenomenon where a planet moves from one Zodiac sign into another. Transit of all planets are not considered important. why? for e.g, moon takes 28 and half days to transit 12 zodiac signs, Sun takes an year to transit all the signs, whereas Jupiter takes 12 years and finally Saturn is the slowest moving planet which takes 30 years to transit the complete zodiac! The importance of planetary transit relies on the amount of time the planet stays in a particular sign. Saturn and Jupiter stays 2 and half and 1 year respectively, that’s the reason these two planetary transits are the most important ones in Astrology.

Importance of Saturn transit

In the natural zodiac, where Aries being the first sign, Saturn is the ruler of 10th and 11th house. House Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. The 10th house is house of profession (material context) or Karma (spiritual context), ones predominant way of living in this world, and also signifies ones name fame and reputation. The 11th house is an extension of 1oth house which denotes whether success or failure in ones professional activities or fruit of ones karma in this life (good or bad). Thus Saturn is the cosmic teacher who rules over ones actions in day to day life and dispositor of ones previous lives karma. A person has to, and in fact will exhaust his past karma’s during Saturn transit. The experience of transit can either be good or bad depending on the merit of karma. Saturn’s karmic lesson is inevitability ! this goes on from micro level (individual human beings) to macro level (cosmos). The aspects of life that will be under the  scanner of Saturn depends on the zodiac sign and its relationship to the individual Astrological birth chart.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio – From November 2nd

Saturn entered Scorpio on November 2nd 2014. Saturn is entering the 8th house of the natural zodiac. The ruler of Scorpio is also the ruler of Aries; the debilitation house for Saturn.  Hence, one can imagine that things are not smooth here. Saturn in Scorpio is a sign of weapon conflict or political unrest, its a tense sign for Saturn to be in Scorpio. However, unlike the last transit of Saturn in Scorpio 30 years ago, the favorable aspect of Jupiter will ensure balance and peace in world. During this transit, Exalted Jupiter in cancer gives 5th house aspect to Saturn in Scorpio. This ensures, spiritual elevation  of worldly beings, a great interest in occult and metaphysical subjects. Jupiter’s benign aspect shall ensure sensitive worldly conflicts ends up in a peace diplomacy. In spite of diplomatic end to the conflicts, countries will rigorously build their arsenal, allocate mammoth budgets to defense programs. Enormous money will be drained in military projects in the name of National Security. The next major development can happen in Scientific Research in health and medical industry. Institutions across the world will enjoy highly favorable funding to continue their breakthrough research in medical and high technology industry. Cure to various diseases may be possible in this transit. Scientific inventions will be on rise in the next two years and business enterprises will flourish like never before. Rahu in virgo and Saturn in Scorpio will drive stock markets to touch new heights by the end of 2016. Similarly, Ketu in Pisces (5th house from Saturn) will create a revelation in Spiritual affairs. A New spiritual movement shall arise and can spread globally creating a significance impact in worldly affairs.


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