Wiccan Spells


Wiccan spells are spells performed by those who follow the path of Wicca, a religion that is based on ancient pagan and hermetic ideas but is relatively young having been created in its current form in 1954 by Gerald Gardner. If you have been learning about Wicca and are thinking of casting some Wiccan spells there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Wiccan Spells – Checklist

1. Make sure your motives are pure.  When you cast a spell, Wiccan or otherwise, that energy you send out into the universe will come back to you. Make sure that each and every spell you cast is done without negativity, without selfishness, and without a desire to cause harm. Keep in mind the idea that when you selfishly demand something it means someone somewhere else must go without. It is good to ask your deities to provide for you – to ask for food and shelter each day (especially when you remember to thank them daily for those blessings). However, making a request of your deities to provide for these needs and demanding that they give are two totally different things. One is a humble request, the other a selfish demand. Avoid those demands.

2. The rule of three.  In the same vein as point number one, remember that when you cast a spell that magical feedback you’ll get from the energy will come back to you three times as powerful. That means if you send a harmful, negative spell out into the universe with the intention of harming someone that negativity will come back and hit you with three times as much power behind it. It’s like going from being hit by a toy car to being hit by a real car! The difference can and will hurt! So, why risk it? Only cast spells when you know they will be good and helpful! Never try to remove the control from another person, always try to pass on light and life. Wiccan spells are intended to bring about positive change in the physical world! Always remember to be positive.

3. Don’t Overdo!   Everyone has a limited amount of energy that they can use before they need to fill back up again. Make sure that you are taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure that you’re not spending more energy that you have. Make sure that you have protections in place to keep you safe from spirits that will drain you, that you limit time with people who may drain you, and that you take the time on a regular basis to recharge yourself. The only thing worse than being out of energy is realizing that when you’re out of energy you become a vampire and steal energy from others! Part of being a careful practioner of Wiccan spells is making sure that you’re keeping careful watch over how much energy you spend.

Casting spells, even Wiccan spells, should not be done without careful practice and attention to detail. You are attempting to change the world, do not do so lightly.


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