Voodoo Spells


Voodoo spells are a form of folk magic and require different casting in order to be effective. Voodoo is not simply a way of casting harmful spells and curses, in fact it is actually a religion whose spells and rituals were a form of helping people connect with their gods and improve their lives. Voodoo and voodoo spells only got their bad rap through popular culture and cultural misunderstandings. Understanding that voodoo is more than a form of witchcraft but actually a very important religion for many people in the world is important when considering casting voodoo spells. Where many forms of spell-casting just require you to focus your energy, voodoo spells require you to reach out to the Loa, or Lwa, and ask them to help you make your spell successful.

Voodoo Spells – Warning: Before You Begin

In many cases you probably won’t want to cast a voodoo spell on your own, instead you’ll want to seek the help of a professional. Since voodoo spells are not just curses you can cast on your own time, you’ll need to have a full understanding of the ins and outs of the religion. In addition, you’ll need a number of supplies that also require an understanding of the religion so that the Loa accept your offerings, for example: two candles that have been blessed and anointed, a voodoo doll filled with the appropriate herbs, a gris-gris bag with the necessary offerings, the right incense, any other necessary herbs and roots, and an understanding of how best to appeal to the Loa in order to have success with your spell.

Do not use for curses!

Voodoo spells should really not be used to cast curses on people, but instead should be used to try and help them. While there are both black and white voodoo spells, the spells are intended to help others rather than cause pain and suffering. The rule of three applies to any sort of energy you put out into the universe, whether cast as a regular spell or as a voodoo spell, so be careful! Voodoo spells call on the strength of the Loa, powerful ancestors and spirits. Imagine how much worse a black spell coming back to you will hurt if you have cast it as a voodoo spell and the Loa decided to grant your request and lend their strength to it!

The involvement of the Loa adds another layer of difficulty to your voodoo spell if you don’t cast it properly. Voodoo priests and priestesses train for many years to be able to cast the spells, and perform the rituals correctly so that the Loa are honored properly and inclined to help you rather than ignore you or bring you ill fortune. If you do not want to seek the assistance of a professional you may want to consider becoming a voodoo priest or priestess yourself so that you can cast the voodoo spells with all the necessary knowledge and understanding required. Plus, if you learn how to do things yourself you can offer your skills casting voodoo spells to others!


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