Numerology of Robert De Niro


Robert De Niro is an a Hollywood actor par excellence, his method acting has created tremendous fan following as well as critically acclaimed by the movie moguls. De Niro is a two time Academy Award winning actor. He won the academy awards for movies such as Godfather II and Raging Bull. Besides that, he had been nominated six timed for the Academy awards.  How has he been so successful?  Let’s go over the Numerology of Robert De Niro

Numerology of Robert De Niro

De Niro is 8 born (August 17th) and lets analyze what the number 8 got to do with his decorated career. Robert De Niro was born on august 17th 1943, which comes 8 as birth number and 6 as his lifepath. His name Robert  De Niro comes to numerological value of 46. Though he is 8 born, his lifepath 6 is the ultimate reason for him to become the actor. I have already mentioned in my previous posts titled Numerology for Actors and Actresses that for a person to become an actor, actress, singer, dancer, musician or any forms of fine arts that that person should have numbers like 6 or 2 in his birthdate, lifepath or  in his name. Out of 6 and 2, 6 is the strongest signification of careers in movies and arts.

With the lifepath of 6, one is best suited to become an actor, dancer, painter, singer or a musician. The creative prospects of number 6 is extraordinary, hence its no wonder that De Niro became an actor as he was destined to be.

The name numerology of De Niro is 46, number 46 is a classy number for anyone. The number 46 which is number 1 in compound is most favorable  for 1,4 and 8 born persons. It has all the power to catapult a person’s career to sky high. It’s also a number of dignity and grace, but i have said in my previous posts about 8 born persons, that their name should be only in 5. The reason behind that is any other number other than 5 when used in their for 8 born person’s will result in an unsatisfactory marriage life.

Only name in number 5 can provide stable marriage for 8 borns, in this case De  Niro with name numerology as 46 i.e. 1 is very popular, famous, and rich but his marriage life and love relationships were not that good and he had failed relationship’s and troubled married life.

De Niro’s main reason for his fame and success can be attributed to Martin Scorsese. He was also a 8 born (Nov 17th). That’s the reason they shared a great rapport between themselves. A separate Numerology analysis of Martin Scorsese will be posted this week.

De Niro also suffered to due to prostate cancer and was cured in its early stage. The life path number 6 is known to give disease and if the name number is strong, then there is cure for it. His name numerology of 46 is a powerful number which helped him to overcome the disease.


  1. VERY INTRESTING.. I was wondering what the number 64 means in numrology or if you can write a little about it thank you for all your work.


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