Numerology for Actors and Actresses


Celebrity Numerology – The Passion for Art and Success

Movies and Actor’s have always fasicanted us, The passion for art in the form of films and acting is global. Now what makes these exceptional actors and successful ones? There are millions of people all over the world who wants to be an actor or actress, many of them try their hands in film making, or become a director, or a writer.

But to venture into the tinsel town of movies and stardom, one should have a strong connection of venus either in their birthdate, or name. If a person born on 6,15, or 24 or his lifepath is 6, then the chances of pursuing a career in acting or arts related career is very high. If the life path is 6, then the chances are the maximum.

Apart from 6, number 5 is also very lucky and ideal for acting careers, as people with name as 5(not date of birth 5, or life path 5) will turn out to be the most famous actors or actress. Some people might not have the influence of numerology 6 in their birth, for those person keeping their name in 6 will ensure they achieve their dream of becoming an actor or director. The most famous as well as powerful number to become actors, actress or film maker is number 42. A person can have their name as 42 and can rest assure that they will pursue a career in film industry. World’s greatest actors and film makers have their name in 42. Actor Sean Connery comes 42, Shah rukh Khan comes 42, Nicole Kidman comes 41, Angelina Jolie comes 41, V.C Ganesan comes 32, MG.RAMACHANDRAN comes 41, Rajinikant comes 23, Irrfan Khan comes 32 and so on………….

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  1. Hi,
    My date of birth is 02/02/1979.I changed my name from venkatesh rajendran to R Venkatesh when I was in tenth std.I have been facing a lot problems from then on.I studied about numerology and decided to change my name to Venky J rajendra =41
    or Venky K Rajendra =42 as I am very much inclined to enter the entertainment industry.Please advice me regarding the best option for me.Waiting for your reply.

  2. According to you the letters in RAJINIKANTH equals 32, but in fact it comes to 28.
    Please comment. Moreover, Rajinikanth, throughout his acting career had different spellings in his name, such as Rajnikanth, which comes to 27 . If I am not mistaken, his birth number is 12 (3) and life-path is also 3. Is it possible that the planet Venus is placed very strongly in his birth chart?

    • Yes, there was a mistake indeed and corrected, The name intended was rajinikant comes 23, In movie titles this was the name given in title card, but as you said, rajni was also given in later stage,sometimes rajnikanth too ! even 27 is favorable for him, his career taken a turn durin venus dasha, because venus was his sublord of 10th house, which signifies profession. definitely venus is strong

  3. Thanks for the nice post. I am expecting some different idea from your side. You always represent some new thought in your post.

  4. Interesting. My 4 year old daughter is psychic 3, lifepath 6 and name number 5.
    I observed that she makes everything so dramatic with her facial expressions and body language. Number 6 lifepaths are truely artistic. I agree.

    But are they stubborn?

  5. Quick question with date of birth 08/18/1990 which name would benefit me the MOST as an actor.

    Anand B Bhatt 33
    Anand Sai Bhatt 42

  6. Hello sir, I have birth day no. 1 and destiny 8. i want to be an actor. please suggest which name no. among 33,32,41,50 is best as your articles are 100% true in my life. thank you.

  7. I would like your help in coming up with the best name for my son who is passionate about acting and singing
    His name on birth certificate is Chetan Pinakin Chaubal.
    He uses Chetan Chaubal or Chetan Rao

  8. Im born on 13th , destiny number is 30 , Name number comes to 40 …… wanna change my name … should i take it to 42 or 46 ?

  9. Hello,
    I was wondering how to calculate your number. My name is Maya Johnson; middle name Renee. My birthday is April 24, 1994. I, also, am interested in acting.

    • You are ruled by number 6 and Venus. You will be intelligence and possess sharp memory, which will bring you success in your work. You will be fond of enjoying life to the fullest. You will be helpful, trustworthy, peace loving, however you tend to be boastful and extravagant at times. Your objectives are quite high and you tend to dream of things, which you can’t achieve, but at times you receive a setback after coming very close to your goals because of your changeable, inconstant and stubborn nature. You should keep fast on Mondays for good results.



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