Are you a Saturnine?


Many readers have asked me about whether they are Saturn ruled or not. Well, to be a Saturnine one has to come under the following criteria.

Are you a Saturnine?

A Saturnine is one who is born under…

  1. Aquarius ascendant or Capricorn ascendant.
  2. Born under Pushya or Anuradha or Uttarabhadra constellation or birth star.
  3. Born under Aquarius or Capricorn as moon sign.
  4. Born on 8th, 17th or 26th or life path 8.

Among the four types of people, Type 1 and 4 are strongly influenced Saturnine. Type I people are the embodiment of Saturn itself. All these types of people are born for a major reason, the reason is Judgement! Saturnine’s are agents of Saturn who carry out the good and bad deeds during their Saturn periods. Such good or bad things are judgments delivered on persons based on their karma. Hence, a saturnine can do extremely good thing for the welfare of humanity or be destructive and acts as a destroyer. In both cases, he is acting as a judge in behalf of Saturn.

To know whether a Saturnine is born for constructive or destructive purpose, he has to analyze his acts during Saturn Dasha or Saturn’s transit period during his moon sign or birth star. In that way, a Saturnine can know which side of judgment he is destined to carry out.


  1. Awesome stuff !!! I always like to read your articles. I can tell they are different. I realize it now, this is exactly what I did during my Sade-sati too.

    Thanks for giving a great informational read.

  2. Hi Sir, My name is Kirti Sahota, I really find your site good..
    My DOB is 17011981(Saturday). My janam kundli has Saturn and Jupiter in lagan garh.
    I want to change my name so that it sums up to 32 instead of 31.
    Kindly help me. Can i contact you.
    Thanks n waiting for your early reply…

  3. My birth date is 26.8.1968 and born under 1 an Aquarius ascendant. So this gives me a higher purpose under the influence of planet Saturnine… Im here to teach humanity how to master emotional intelligence… Love the icon within<3 I am spiritually conscious in being<3


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