Numerology Significance of House Number


Most people consider house number to be a fancy entity but actually its a crucial factor in determining the events of persons living in the house. A bad house number can prolong things, slow down work, create illness, cause misunderstanding and more importantly make room for evil and negative energies to influence the people of the house. Whereas a positive house number can work wonders and act as a protective talisman with the help of its energy. Hence, numerology plays a vital role in determining the energy levels of the houses.

Every object in this world has an energy level which we call as an Aura.  Houses or buildings too has an aura level. The positive and negative vibe of the object is determined by the aura of the object. The aura of the buildings depend on many things like the directions, balance of five elements around the building, vaasthu or geometric placement of the building, past history of the building (Karmic influences of lives of people if any) etc. Some houses possesses all these naturally whereas some may not. And if the aura of the house is bad, then its only a haven of negative and evil energies where nothing can be fruitful.

Numbers of houses denotes distinct aura of that house. A number itself is a symbolic representation of an aura, hence number of house portrays the aura of it. A positive number can balance the bad aura of the house caused by several reasons, and this is the reason a house number should be benefic at all cost. Learn more about benefic numbers on Astronlogia’s page about them.

Usually, number 6 houses are very favorable to all. The aura of number 6 is very powerful and it improves the material success and happiness in house. The same goes with number 9, which is very auspicious to everyone. Now, when i say Numerology number 9, then house number can be 9 or 27 or 2232 or 9999 or 1125. all these numbers comes to number 9 only. If there is alphabet then you have to count that too, like 461-B comes 13 which is 4.

One must note the specific house number or door number or flat number an not the building number or common number. The unique identifier is the house number.

Number 1 is another benign number for houses, they expand the family and give healthy aspects to people of houses.

The benefic house numbers in general are 1,2,3,5,6 and 9. Malefic are 4, 7 and 8. Malefic’s in the way that they cause at least one misfortune or losses in the family. For some, it can cause drastic disasters.

Number 8 specially is a nightmare to many. Many people with house number 8 have faced so many problems and obstacles. Hence number 8 houses should be avoided at instant. Only for few people number 8 houses are lucky, for majority it’s a dangerous companion.

Number 8 can prolong child issues in houses because the energy of saturn is to negate conception. For some person, it can pave way to ghost/spirit experiences and make them contact with one. The doors of the departed are opened with number 8 as house number. This is so when house number is 8 and also the house main door is faced west direction.

If you’re house number is 8, then just place a sticker or paint letter A next to the number, so that number becomes 9.

Another trend with number 8 houses is its very difficult to change houses when you live in a 8 no house.

When you move to a new house, which is already built. then try to choose a house which is east or north facing one. Secondly, choose a house number which is number 6 or 9 or 5 or 1 or 3 or 2. Number 7 is good for people born on 7 or number 2 yet its anti material number.

In next post i will say how to clean the aura of the house.


  1. east facing is a v positive one. even though number is 26, a east facing house can cleanse negative energies on day to basis. but you can add ‘A’ to your house number like 26A

  2. dear sir,
    my house no. is B-5/34 (B-5 is the block no.) so should we consider it as 7 (3+4) or 5 (B+5+3+4). Its facing south.

  3. i moved into house number 62 nearly a year ago and have had the worst year of my life mentally i dont even feel i know my self any more just need to get away front door is facing more north than east but theres water works in front and a river

  4. A number 4 house is really not good. I owned a flat number 13. I got transfered immediately and could not live in it for more than 15 days. It got burgled twice. It was very difficult to sell it. People used to come to buy and then on the day of agreement people dont come or they try to avoid the deal. I agree with Saravana…

  5. Hi I m planning to buy a house – E 188 , East facing door,  2nd floor.
    My date of birth is 12/5/1961. Can you please tell me if this is good for me or not?

  6. I live in a house 4. The article mentions nothing about how to fix this. Where can I find the article on cleaning your home’s aura? Thanks

  7. What if your flat number is 809 (also boils down to an 8) with the street address being 551 Maple Ave? I thought 8’s were the number of wealth in feng shui so I chose this unit for that reason. And I work from home… should I sell? or is there a cure?

  8. hello sir,
    i am planning to shift my new rented house which no is c-107 can u pls advise me should we move there

  9. Yes you can start your life together in a new house, house no 1 or 6 will suit you best. However, D26 is not a bad house number. D26 comes 30 in numerology, which is not bad for you

  10. I am planning to buy a house with No 26. It has entrance on both east and west and is possible to enter the house by east in a round about manner. Can the hous ebe purchased?

  11. hi , i am planning to buy a property in Gurgaon, this would be a plot and then i will have to build basement , ground , first and second floors, the plot number is A-260, my DOB is 15/09/1983, please advise will this property be good for me and my family ?

  12. HI
    house no is 1228 but its not written anywhere on house so can i wrte just 24 out of house or complete 1228 no with any other goodd aphabet or numbr .what should i do to get it on good number

  13. HI
    house no is 1228 and its not written anywhr on house. so should i write 24 outside house or any goodd alphabet or numbr along with 1228 .what should i do to get it on good number

  14. Hi sir, I am planning to buy a flat east facing with number B-303. B is the block name. My date of birth is 27/04/1980. Is it fine ? Pls advise. Thanks & Regards

  15. Hi
    There is a south facing house with number 13 that’s available . This is our first purchase and I want to see if it will be good and rather not cause any problems . Please let me know

  16. I have option to buy either 202 or 203… Both are in similar directions and other things. Please suggest. I am 5 th Jan born

  17. hello,
    My house Number is 503, built in south west corner plot, having entrance door at center of West Side, there is more open space open in south west than north east. facing lots of troubles since 40 years.
    Kindly Suggest.

  18. I have shifted to flat number 5 .. and building number is plot number 80…..but ever since i have shifted nothing is going good with me ….problem in paying rent….my date of birth is 20th july….plz suggest

  19. I’m considering buying a new home and the house number is 15514 (adds to 16). What do you think? Isn’t that a karmic debt number?

  20. Hello my house number is 503, My house is built on south west corner plot, my house entrance is in west direction, Kindly suggest..?

  21. Hi,

    My house number is 904 so it comes to 4. We are facing some obstacles in our life.
    Is there any way to remove these obstacle?

  22. Hi,
    My DOB is March 3rd, 1980. i am looking to buy a plot whose survey number is 7-7/1.
    Will buying this plot be good for me?

    • You are born under number 3 and which is ruled by Jupiter. You are dignified, philosophical, methodical and systematic. You are independent by nature and make your own decisions, but you should make sure two things that you should keep way from partnerships and also from making due diligence before any expressive purchase. The stars do favor you gains on this front.


      • Hi, thanks for your response. But i am not sure i understood your answer. Are you saying buying plot number 7-7/1 is good for you? If not, what is the plot number that will be suitable for me?

        • Hi, thanks for your response. But i am not sure i understood your answer. Are you saying buying plot number 7-7/1 is good for me? If not, what is the plot number that will be suitable for me?

  23. Hi!
    My house number is 301 and ever since we have shifted here my husband isn’t finding it comfortable. Stress, anxiety and depression seems to be building up.
    Can you please suggest a remedy?

    • Your house number adds to number 4 which is ruled by Rahu. It is because of Rahu that the person feels stress, tension and anxiety. You should ask him to do remedies of Rahu. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily, Recite Rahu Mantra “Om Brim Rahave Namaha” 108 times daily.


  24. My house number is B-6-3A that means block B, floor 6 and house 3A. Since we rent the house my husband business is getting down day after day, can’t do saving of money and money is going out a lot. Many problems until we all mentally disturbed and especially my husband too much of stress.
    Any ideas or suggestions for us to out of this problem?

    Tq Sir.

  25. My DOB is 6/7/82, need to know which of the flat would suit me. House door just has the number.

    B wing, 501, south west facing main door
    C wing, 404, east facing main door

    • You can look at C wing 404 for two reasons, it totals to number 8 which is friendly to number 6, your lucky number. Also East facing property is always favourable and considered lucky. Rest you should look at the state of the property and sellers terms and conditions before making your decisions.


  26. I’m planning to buy apartment B2-15-02 (B2 is block no, 15th floor and house no 2). My dob is 16/6/1987. My husband dob is 11/10/1986. Suggest me if I can go with this

  27. Dear sir,
    We are looking to buy a house. No 10 or no 2.
    Not sure which one to chose.

    At the moment, we live in a no 8 house. Is it inauspicious? We have face lots of challenges here.

  28. I’m thinking to buy house number 101B and it’s facing north. My date of birth is 1992:05:20 and my partners date of birth is 1995:11:25 how is the house for us ? Please let me know thank you

    • You are ruled by number 2 and the Moon. As the house number you are looking at also adds to number 2, you can look at it. North facing house will be auspicious and lucky for you.


  29. hello!
    Last year I bought my new flat and its flat no. is 301 which makes no. 4, and since we are facing many problems one by one . Please suggest solution regarding this!


    • Number 4 belongs to Rahu and therefore you will need to do remedies of Rahu. Strong remedies of Rahu are given below.

      1. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily

      2. Put a Picture of Hanuman Ji in your mandir / room

      3. Give food to the birds daily


  30. Hello sir

    My husband and myself planning to buy a 13 number plot can you suggest whether it will do good for us my dob is 5-7-1995 sign virgo

  31. Hello sir. I have to finalise a flat tommorow. Only available is flat number -404 it’s a new property. My dob-25-02-1983 my wife dob-27-02-1982
    Should I buy? If no then any remedy ?

  32. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to buy a Villa No : 34 please suggest me whether i can go with this or not.
    My date of birth : 20 Jan 1982

  33. Sir we r going to shift the house and it is a quarters where it is alloted by the government we cannot change it.. My house no. Is 90 block door no.4.. My d. O. B is 16.6.88. My husband d. O. B 16.3.80. my two daughters d. O. B is 09.4.12 and 14.11.16
    Sir plz suggest is this door no. Is lucky for us if not suggest a solution..House is in my husband name.. Plz sir

  34. I have booked a flat with number 701
    My date of birth is 11.5.79
    My wife date of birth is 20.5.79
    My elder daughter dob ia 05.07.2012
    My younger daughter dob is 18.05.2014.

    Can we go ahead. total is coming to 8 i am confused.

    • As your name Shalabh also totals to number 8. It matches with your house number and hence the house will be prosperious and bring success. Please dont believe that Shani is negative planet. It brings enormous success in life. For example Amitabh Bachchan , Shani took him to new heights after his failure in his work in middle of his career. If you remember he wore two Neelam. So if Saturn is favourable it will bring enormous success.


    • You have to check if D is the apartment/building number or referred to block. For example, D is a building number, means all flats in the building are starting with D, then it can be ignored. If the D is a reference to floor, like ground being A, first being B etc, then also it can be ignored. You have to check the reference of D, if it is unique to your flat or general. If it is general to all apartments, then you should consider only number 103 which adds to number 4 and not number 8.


  35. Hi. My apartment is #1 and the door entrance is facing west. The physical building address number is 1708. I have a life path number of 7 and destiny number of 7. My birthday is 04/16/1985. Do I have a chance to seeing any of the energy that’s reflected? What is my numerology number for my apartment? Thanks.

    • As the building number is 1708, it totals to number 7 which is your life path and destiny number. Therefore this apartment suits you and will bring you growth and success.


  36. Sir , my date of birth is 01-oct-79 ,time 1:00AM ,place- delhi. I have been living in a flat numbered 8 since 1992. Facing troubles in every aspect of life since then. Even got married on 17th(which sums 8)and marriage is also not going well. Please tell me some remedy. I cannot change my house.

    • Number 8 is ruled by Saturn. Therefore you should do the below given remedies.

      1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily
      2. Visit Shani temple every Saturdays
      3. Put Hauman Ji Picture at your entrance.


  37. Hello, My birth date is 7th Jan 1975 and I have finalised two flats one is 502 and second is 602. Which one you would suggest. Thanks

  38. Hello Astronlogia
    I am moving into my parents home to take care of them. They live in flat 21. My DOB is 16 jan 1965.
    Is it a good energy for me? If not and there is negative energy present what can i do to cure this energy?

  39. Dear Sir,
    My Birth Date is 11/01/1986
    I have 3 Option for to book flat
    1. C-908
    2. C-508
    3. C-308

    Kindly suggest me the good one.

  40. my husbands dob – 01/06/1980 and my dob – 15/01/1982. we r looking to rent a flat. Sir can u please suggest the preferred house no and the direction we should finalize on

  41. 1. my husbands dob – 01/06/1980 and my dob – 15/01/1982. we r looking to rent a flat. Sir can u please suggest the preferred house no and the direction we should finalize on.

    2. also the current house we are staying since past 30 yrs and is numbering 62/443. we think it has slowed down my father in law as well as my husbands career.

    • You can look at the house which totals to number 1 or number 6. East facing house is always preferred. For good career and financial prospects keep Ganpati and Goddess Laxmi picture in your place of worship.


  42. In continuation of the above details i just saw flat no 101 which is south facing if i stand at the entrance looking outside the house. Can u plz advice

  43. In continuation to the above mail considering my dob 15/01/1982 and my husbands dob 01/06/1980 can u suggest which flat are good.
    flat 101 – south facing
    flat 1104 – north west facing (slightly more towards west)
    flat 1202 / 1201 / 1204 / 1205 – west facing

  44. Hi, we are living in house no:95
    My dob is 29th March 1984
    And my husband’s dob is 11th Feb 1976
    We have never been happy in this house from the beginning.
    And now we are completely in debts which are not able to pay back. We don’t know how to overcome our problems.
    Kindly give some suggestion.

    • IF you are in debts, then you need to cut down on your expenses and make some saving. It may not be easy but you need to force yourself to save. Only then you will be able to have a comfortable life. You have not mentioned if this is your own house or you are on rent. If it is your own house, then changing may not be easy. You should see if there is no bathroom or WC in front of the main entry to the house or living area. You should also check if there are no blocks of wood, old bed on the rooftop. If so get it removed.


  45. Hi Sir, my husbands dob – 13/dec/1987 and my dob – 19/July/1989. we r looking to buy a flat. Available flat number are 606 and 1404, both are east facing. Please suggest the best suitable flat number we can book. We personally want to go for 606 if it is lucky for both of us in all aspects.
    Looking forward for your kind suggestion.

    • Flat 606 adds to number 3 which is ruled by planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of good energy. It is also the planet which bestows good health, wealth, knowledge and spirituality. Therefore you can certainly have a look at flat number 606.


  46. Dear Sir,
    My flat number is C 202 and my date of birth is 27/08/1977.Since the total is coming to 4, just wanted to know if it is good. If not what can be done to remove the effects of the number 4.


  47. flat which i m planning to buy is 215 on 2nd floor and my date of birth is 16/04/1982 and my husband birth date is 04/01/1979. Flat is east facing. Just wanted to know if it is good to buy.

    • Flat number adds to number 8 which is ruled by Saturn, which is the number of delays and obstacles. Therefore it is not recommended as per your date of birth.


  48. Hi sir am in floor number is 49 and my flat number is A..floor number is common for all the four flats in that floor..when we write a letter we write tower1 49A..but in my house it written jus whats my house number and is it a good d.o.b 1.2.1981.female

  49. Sir can i put 49A or just A outside my house??my d.o.b.01.02.1981..i will do as per ur advice sir..its East facing house..49th is floor number which is common for all four flats in that floor.Thanks..

  50. My current flat number is 325 and south jus 38 years and had bypass surgery 1 year doing good with Hanuman blessing..past 3years we r living in this moving to flat A 49th floor as i told you sir.tats y worried again number 1 flat tats y asked you is it okay to have number A flat..Thank you ..


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