What is Numerology?


What is Numerology? and many people ask this question as to know whether numerology is a science or just an ancient belief. Well, Numerology is the science of numbers where numbers from 1 to 9 represents 9 planets in our solar system, the sun solar system.

What is Numerology?

Many people disagree with this saying that scientists are discovering new planets every week! but no new planets which has been discovered apart from nine planets do not belong to sun solar system. There are only nine planets in our sun system revolving around sun.

We consider sun system here because sun is the source of all life forms in our planet, and every life form in this earth is bound to rule by the sun’s energy. Hence the planets revolving around sun determines the course of our life. The mystery behind our existence is far from human knowledge. Again one must not confuse with astrology and numerology, they are different sciences but applies same law, it’s like botany and zoology and should be researched as separate topics as our other posts suggest.

The Importance of Numerology

All life forms are controlled and their life is determined by the planets of our system. We and the universe are not different, we are the universe in fact! each and every human being in this universe belongs to each other, they are not different cause we all come under sun system, and the all human being in this world is connected by only one medium called PRANA or life energy which is what we breathe to survive.

The universe is composed of only this PRANA which acts as a vehicle of medium between the universe and Us. If we understand the mystery of this numbers, then with the help of numerology we can control our lives to lead a better and happy life.


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