The Wonders of Number 7


Cosmic Wonder Number 7 in Numerology

7 is the most highly researched number in all schools of numerology. The importance of number 7 in numerology is so extensive, such that it cannot be contained in a single post. Number 7 is of mystic in nature, even now, the real purpose of 7 is not clearly discovered. All major functions of universe are symbolism of 7. Undoubtedly, one can say that number 7 is God’s favorite number. Every manifestation of nature is primarily divided into 7 types.

The Wonders of Number 7

Number 7 born person: A wonder

Though human birth itself is the greatest gift of God to mankind, Being born on number 7 is an ultimate blessing one can receive. Number 7 as birth date or life path is a symbol of divinity inside man. Its very difficult to judge a 7 born based on their appearance to outside world. Number 7 is mostly equated to a word called “selfless”, and its rightly termed as a saint’s number. Selfless attitude and love for nature makes them a candidate for Sainthood ! Out of number 7, number 8 and number 9. Number 7 is the most direct spiritual number. 7 and spirituality are synonymous, and their whole life purpose is based on spiritual uplift of their soul. Till date, 90% of saints, enlightened masters, avatar or incarnation of God, and Spiritual leaders are all 7 born by birth.

In many ways one can confirm the divinity of number 7. Number 7 is the ultimate destination of ones consciousness, thus 7 was widely seen in nature’s manifestations. There are 7 major celestial objects that directly influence a life organism in earth, they are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. These 7 celestial sources in our solar system determines the life events of living organisms.

The Celestial 7

Secondly, these major 7 celestial sources occupies 7 days to function the earth . Thus the meaning of 7 days arrives in a scientific way. Every day is ruled by the lord of the day, Sunday for Sun, Monday for Moon, Tuesday for Mars, Thursday for Jupiter, Friday for Venus, and Saturday for Saturn.

Physical Body

Based on tectonic plates of earth, Earth is divided into 7 major continents, with 7 major seas in between them. Number 7 is prevalent even in human physiology, Yes, there are 7 major glands in our human body. The physical plane of a body consists of 7 glands, and astral plane of a body consists of 7 chakras.

Spiritual Body

There are 7 chakra’s or vortices in human body which governs the overall action of a person in his lifetime. The proper functioning of 7 chakra’s  is essential for a person’s spiritual growth. The 7 chakra’s constitutes the higher possibilities of a human consciousness.

The division of Mind

There are 7 states of consciousness, which are waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep, transcendental consciousness, cosmic consciousness, glorified state of consciousness, and finally Unified State of Cosmic Consciousness. Out of these 7 states, majority of people experience only three states, while the 7th state is the ultimate reality of God.


Most people say there are 6 senses, but actually God has gifted 7 senses to human being. With the regular five senses, 6th sense is called intuition, and the final 7th sense is called power of creation.

Taste Buds

Even the manifestation of tongue is 7, There are 7 different tastes that can be experienced by human tongue, that are sweet, salty, bitter, sour, piquance, savoriness and finally amrit. Amrit is the 7th taste, it is produced in inner tongue for persons who have transcended spiritual powers. Amrit is responsible for making a person live for more than 1000 years without food and water.

The Wonders of 7 are countless, i can recite many examples, but these will be sufficient to understand the divinity behind Number 7.


  1. I love all your blogs they are so insightful, thank you for all the updates you provide as well. I’m a 7 born my birthdate is 05/25/1982 my life path is 5 my name number is 65 is that a good name nmber for a 7 born because I feel that my jobs and realationships never seem to work out all that good is there anything else that would suit me better for my name number, thank you so very much for any insight you may have.

  2. I am a true # 7 : I reject being a lone wolf ! I want to be a great Eagle! I have studied all I can on # 7 for a year now . I am working on my negative aspects, including studying my natal chart for 2 years . Knowledge has helped me to grow stronger & positive & focused & closer to my Creator. Life is beautiful & full of meaning to me . I care deeply for a # 7 male , he is incredibly smart & amazing in every way positive to me . 7 = Passion ! In my opinion ! Life is all about Choices !


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