Numerology of Joseph Stalin


Joseph Stalin is one of the famous soviet Russia leader who defeated Hitler’s Germany in the second world war. But that’s not what we are going to analyze in this report on the Numerology of Joseph Stalin. Stalin was more ruthless, and his degree of crime is no match to hitler. He is one of the murderous dictators to the walk in the earth. One of the key understanding of Stalin’s numbers is political brilliance which he was able to achieve through his murderous obsession for power and glory.

What is the Numerology of Joseph Stalin really saying?

Stalin was born on 18th December 1878, he is born on 18th with numerology life path 9. This is the case study for diplomacy and heights of cunning statecraft. The same cannot be said for birth number 9 or 27 with life path 9. But for number 18, the art of savoir-faire comes natural. Though he was born with such instincts, he was able to achieve them insatiably with the help of name number 46. This is one of the reason, numerologist never recommend name number such as 37 or 46 or 55 for person born on 18th with life path 9, because they can unleash their destructive instincts successfully. With a fortunate SUN ruled name number 46, Stalin was able to mass murder nearly 20 million soviet lives without any struggle. He assassinated them all in the name of Great Purge within the span of two years.

If you compare the rate of killing of Hitler to Stalin, Hitler’s would seem like a miniature version of Stalin’s. As Stalin assassinated nearly twenty five thousand people (Russians) in a day on an average ! We all know that number 18 also denotes War, but it symbolizes war within oneself than the others. His very own internal war is the result of mass murders he committed. Further analyzing his name number, we can conclude that all parts of his name number were destructive in nature, with overall success for a destructive outcome.

Stalin – his common name, comes 17 which is negation to his martian number 9. Whenever Saturn and mars meets, its war ! Saturn creates political scenario for mars to wage war. Joseph comes 29 which denotes his mind, his state of mind with a saturnian 17 can either be of saint like one or of a ruthless and destructive persona. The latter he manifested. In one of my posts, i have briefed about the evils of Saturn and moon conjunct in horoscope. But this is a example of such evil in numerology. Though name number 46 bestowed him success and ruler ship by being a fortunate number, he achieved it through evil, willful, and destructive ways.

A total name value will only indicate overall success or failure, but the way or mechanism to achieve it is displayed through the first name and surname.


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