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Free Numerology Reading

Free Numerology Reading analyzes ones name and suggests if there is any changes to be made. The name of a person and his birth date are used to check the compatibility of the name with birth date.  Chaldean Numerology System is followed to calculate birth date  numerology compatibility.

For any sort of  queries, you can mention it in the below form and provide your details asked in the form. I will calculate your numerology numbers and provide best name numerology for your problem. If your numerology numbers are already good, then i will also intimate the same. Your email address will not be circulated or spammed. All your personal questions will be kept confidential.

Its a free service ! but still you can contribute.

Metaphysical sciences such as astrology, numerology, palmistry, and yoga have potential to remove ones karma. A numerologist can change ones numerology numbers and change their entire destiny. There is a general rule that karmic removal services should not be taken for free of cost as one might accumulate karma for receiving something without giving back. Thats the reason ancient guru’s asked for guru dakshina ( offerings to master) before teaching or giving the astrology/numerology predictions.

Though its a free service, I request you to offer any amount as a token of guru dakshina, so that natural karmic cycle is not broken.


    • Bublee,

      I apologise for not replying to your query, i think i must have missed it, as i am getting high amount of requests, some times i miss some queries. You can post the question directly to my mail or comment here, i shall answer immediately

  1. HI there,

    My name is Taiana Camarado
    2.28 pm saturday
    vorn in Melbourne Australia

    I want to change my name for better luck any suggestions

  2. hello, my name is shatodryu. i have just (11:15 am , 3rd july ) submitted my numerology report . i am in serious trouble.. can you please kindly check my report and respond? i will be waiting eagerly.

    we cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for the people selflessly.

    warm regards..

  3. Hello!

    I was just wondering if you still do a free numerology reading, as I have not received mail from you. Sorry if this service is not available anymore.


  4. Hi Sarvana,

    I have filled up this form today, and with so many people waiting for their reading to be uncovered from you,I can understand if it takes time, or may be missing it out because of so many requests.

    Whatever happens, I want to take a moment to tell you that I really appreciate this blog and your work.

    All the very best !


  5. Sir,
    1-if a person's DOB is 14 so lucky number should be 5.
    2-Now his moon sign is LIBRA which says Lucky numbers are
    1,2,4,7 and 5 is enemy number.Please advise in this case which will be lucky number for him.

    • The name number has nothing to do with moon sign, the lucky number they signify for moonsign is not for name but for general purpose. Name number varies from 1 to 108 in numerology, but the numbers they mention for moon signs are from 1 to 10, which are generic. There is no lucky number concept in astrology, many people misinterpret it. Lucky number for moon signs means their compatible signs house number.

  6. Hi Rajendraji. I have been following this post very frequently and I loved the way you explain each query in simple and understandable language. I have also post for my free numerology reading. You must have recd it via email and I would be awaiting your reply (doesn't matter if it takes more time to revert). For your easy reference I am giving my details here also.
    Name: Chirag Mayani
    DOB: 20th April 1974
    Time: 1:24 AM
    Question: Is my name in harmony with my birth date and life number? If I need to change my name what would be it and I could see my career progress is very slow and I am lack of self confidence. Can you also tell me how would me my next 3-4 years be from a career point of view. I am in a IT company.

  7. saravana sir
    i am nethaji, was so impressed this site ,and checking twice this site dialy ,you made me attrected to this wounder full sceince of neumorology i will never leave this and want to stick on to it. i have send my name ,dob for name change,are you still doing free service for this or i need to pay?

  8. Dear Sir,
    Your site is a really good against other numerology sites and I really appreciate your Hard Work. I have even bought the book “Science of fortune” by Pandit Sethuraman.
    Sir My DOB is 26/10/1978 and my name is ********. (it’s no.8) I live in Melbourne and am not having much success in my hard work is not appreciated. Should I change my name to number 5? how about *******?
    Thank you

    • ****,

      Being a 8 born (26) your name numerology comes 44, which is dangerous and misfortune for you. With such name, its difficult for you to realize your goals in life.

      **********r comes 50 which is the best one for your birth number 8 and lifepath 7.

  9. Saravana,
    Does living in a house number also effects the life of a person?
    I live in Flat 10 42 M*** Road
    Now every where I have to write 10/42 M**** Road which comes to 7
    is that a lucky number to live in? if not How to change this without moving house?, as I have changed my residence 7-8 times in 2 years, now I don’t won’t to move anymore.
    Thanks for your efforts

  10. Dear Sir,

    Belwo are the details of my family and I was wondering if you can check and tell us what are the good names for us. Just mention the numbers.

    Myself: 22-Nov-1969
    Wife: 01-Jan-1982 but for some reasons her date of birth on the Passprot is wrong which is 01-01-1976. Now which one should we use.
    Son: 13-Nov-1999
    Son: 28-Sep-2000
    Daughter: 31-Jan-2003

    Also, is it the first name which should have your suggested number or the full name.

    Also, I heard that there should be harmony btween the numbers of husband name number and wife name number. But my question is that if we first calculate his or her number based on theri DOB and use those numbers for the names but those numbers does not have harmony between the husband and wife the what should one do. The same thins for the harmony between the parents name and kids name.

    I will really appreciate your guidence.

    • Aasif,

      I cant give an entirely new name as you may have many considerations while naming a person, You suggest a name and i ll say whether its good or not, You and your wife are compatible, the date or birth in passport doesnt matter, only the real one matters.

  11. Dear Sir,

    I really thank you for your service and appreciate the help.
    Below is the data of myself and family.
    My Name: Aasif Ali – DOB 22-Nov-1969
    Wife’s Name: Faraah Aasif Ali – DOB 01-Jan-1982
    Son – Arsllan Aasif Ali – DOB 13-Nov-1999
    Son – Fheem Aasif Ali – DOB 28-Sep-2000
    Daughter: Afifaa Aasif Ali – DOB 31-Jan-2003

    Also if these names are OK as per the DOB, are these numbers in harmony with other family members names as well?
    I have another question. I met one guy in Pakistan and as per our language (urdu) , my name number is 9 and my wife’s name number was 5. He asked us to change my wife name to have name number of 5 as well, otherwise he tols us that one of us will die soon.
    Also my kids name were 4 and 8 name numbers. He told me to change the names of the 2 boys to have 9 name numbers, otherwise they will never listen to us in life.
    My daughter name number was 2 and he said this is very good and no need to change.
    Your kind commetns on this subject will be really appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and help in advance.
    Aasif Ali

  12. Dear Sir,

    I really thank you for your service and appreciate the help.
    Below is the data of myself and family.
    My Name: Aasif Ali – DOB 22-Nov-1969
    Wife’s Name: Faraah Aasif Ali – DOB 01-Jan-1982
    Son – Arsllan Aasif Ali – DOB 13-Nov-1999
    Son – Fheem Aasif Ali – DOB 28-Sep-2000
    Daughter: Afifaa Aasif Ali – DOB 31-Jan-2003

    Also if these names are OK as per the DOB, are these numbers in harmony with other family members names as well?
    I have another question. I met one guy in Pakistan and as per our language (urdu) , my name number is 9 and my wife’s name number was 5. He asked us to change my wife name to have name number of 5 as well, otherwise he tols us that one of us will die soon.
    Also my kids name were 4 and 8 name numbers. He told me to change the names of the 2 boys to have 9 name numbers, otherwise they will never listen to us in life.
    My daughter name number was 2 and he said this is very good and no need to change.
    Your kind commetns on this subject will be really appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and help in advance.
    Aasif Ali

    • Many astrologers see many methods, they almost confuse themselves. I dont want to comment on anyone, But no one in this world can predict death or say some one will die because he doesnt change name, that so called astrologers are called Charlatans. Astrology/Numerology is only to make ones life better and not to terror or inflict fear. My understanding he must be a fake one

  13. Sir,

    If some one has name number 9, what are the name numbers best for his for marriage. Also, can a name number 9 person start a business with name number 9 and name number 5 or not.

    Similarly, If some one has name number 3, what are the name numbers best for his for marriage.

    • For marriage date,

      we have to consider birth date of two people, thats important factor. Yes we can start business with name number 9 or name number 5, if we too have the same numbers in our name

  14. Hi !
    Hope u have got our query of the 13thSept09.
    Impatiently looking forward to ur reply email.
    Thank you very much for ur kindness.
    : )

  15. Hi Saravana,

    Firstly, thank you for this wonderful website and your service. I’m glad I found it while doing a Google search. I’ve read many of your articles and your posts and I find your insights to be very accurate. I’ve been following numerology for a number of years and I find it a fascinating science.

    Secondly, I wanted to make sure you received my request for a reading. I sent it yesterday and read above you usually have a turn around of a few hours so I wanted to make sure you received it.

    Thanks in advance,

  16. Hi, I sent a numerology reading request over one month ago, but I never received any reply. I was wondering when these readings are being continued again?

  17. HI Saravana
    I posted my details to you when I will get reply from you..I am eagerly waiting for your reply..its one of the best site in numeology..keep posting

  18. Hi Saravana
    I just posted my details to you through this form,when you will reply I am eagerl waiting for your reply
    could you please send me reply your blog os one of the best in numerology
    keep posting

  19. Hi Astronlogia!

    Could you please do an article about number 12 ?
    I found an article about this number telling that chaldean related to suffering and mind troubles. What do you thin ? Why in religious texts it’s so an important number but in chaldean it brings misery ???
    When I had to change my birthname to become a french citizen I chose Sarah but I discovered today it was related to suffering I was a bit nervous…it’s true that since the change of name I felt the energies changed and I can tell that emotional troubles entered my life. I think to bring back my birth name.
    My birthname numbers are 19 (firstname) and 17(surname)
    Thanks for your insight !

  20. Hi Saravanajendra,

    Is it only name in 12 that is unfortunate or also birthdate in 12? My birthdate is on the 12th which makes me a 3 born, which I thought was a fortunate number. Thanks for the clarification.

    Louis Julien

  21. Hello Saravanajendra,

    Thank you for you replying so fast and for confirming about my birthname.
    My birthday is April, 19. 1984.
    Yesterday I really enjoyed making research about the Chaldean numerology and really I was amazed to see the difference between the pseudo-pythagorean numerology I had always used !
    You know in France it’s quite a real legal procedure to change one’s name. Even a detail. I was wondering if I asked people to stop calling me Sarah if it would change something in my vibrations because legally (in my papers) I would still be known as Sarah. I shall ask people to call me Csarah instead, so it would not made a too big change in people’s mind. What do you think ? It would do a number 15 I think instead of 12 or do you think I should ask for the total deletion of that name?
    Thank you for your insights and the good you’ve done by creating this blog!

  22. hi!

    I love your site!

    i would like to know if i could have a reading on this name? I was told by another numerologist that it is a 10/1. She reduces the numbers. However, i noticed it is a 46 overall so which is the correct interpretation?

    The name is Neriah Monaco.

    That is what I would like to be, however I am hesitant to change it to a 10/1 because she describes it as an instant manifestation number, and Im not sure I want that power.

    Can you help me decide on a fortunate name that is a 19/10/1? thanks so much!

    • Number 46, number 1, and number 10 are all different, It is number 46 and not 10 or 1, In this case, your name number as 46 is an excellent number, it denotes the Crown on Head. I have talked about this number in my blog in number 1 category

  23. hi! thank you so much I enjoy reading numerologists interpretations!

    another numerology person adds the names differently can you tell me which techinique is more accurate? and why certain numerologists have different techniques?

    neriah = 19/10/1
    monaco = 27/9

    1 + 9 = 10/1

    Then youre technique says to add 19 + 27 = 46

    Can you tell me why some numerologists have a different interpretation? and if one is more accurate than the other?

  24. thank u sorry i should have clarified my question. i asked another chaldean numerologist about that name and she said it was a 10/1 (not a 46/10/1)

    neriah = 19/10/1

    so, for example, your technique is to add the 19 (neriah) + 27 (monaco) = 46

    the other numerolgist added it as: 1 + 9 = 10/1

    so, just wondering why she uses a different technique and if you know why some numerologists who use this system would add it differently if it is the same system?

    • Now i got your problem,

      The number system she used was definitely chaldean, but most chaldean numerologist knows the meaning of numbers from 1 to 10 or maximum upto 54, hence the round it off or choose the compound number like 19=10=1, but this must not be done, as numbers from 1 to 108 are very unique, only when name extends value 108, numbers should be rounded off to nearest ones. Here, 19 has different meanings, so as 46 and 10. These are strictly calculating name numbers, but for birth date life path calculations like 24/9/1980 = 2+4+9+1+9+8+0=33=6. Here lp is 6 and not 33.

  25. hello! you have an amazing website! is there anywhere to read about chaldean number descriptions?would love to know! so fascinating and accurate! are there any books or websites that show number descriptions?

  26. Hi! I am wondering is the number 45/9 fortunate for a name?

    If someone is currently a 46/10/1 and they are thinking about changing their name to a 45/9 would that be just as fortunate?

    I read a 45/9 is the same as a 27/9?

  27. hi! thank you for your information! in your opinion, which name would be the more fortunate name? (and can you make words from either of these that are positive)?

    Vanesa Sky
    Vanessa Krystal Sky

    Thx so much!

  28. Hello sir, i had a query which i posted couple of weeks back, but haven’t heard from you yet. Could you pls. tell me by when can i receive some feedback from your end?

  29. I feel odd, at my age to not start doing anything yet.From what I heard your calculation is accurate and really help a person who want to start afresh.

  30. Sir,
    I sent my questions? and I am eagerly waiting for your answer which I did not get yet. Please take it under consideration. Thank you.


  31. where is saravanrajendra. there are lots of questions that still need to be answered. last response was 15/11/09. will please answer our questions within a day as you promise.

  32. Hi sent my details for a numerology report about 3 days ago. I have’t got a reply. Is it possible to review the details…Its in the name of “Aryaman”. Hoping to hear from you very soon.

  33. very nice site i like it very much sir my name is amar qayyum date of birth 15.09.1979 what is my number?can u pls tell me my lucky numbers thanks in advance

  34. Hello, GREAT that you are doing this on the net!!
    YahoooO =)
    My name is Line Holmene, Is it wise to use my name as my business name for my jewellery. Like” Or should I add Line Holmene design, or MadebyLineHolmene… I glad for any assitence and also open too use only LINE.
    Thank you for your kind guidance,

  35. Hey My DOB is 03/28/1986 which day and lifepath number both total 1, my given birth name adds up to 90, or 9. The name I currently go by and have been going by most of my life without knowing numerology until now( a shortened version of my given name) adds up to 37- or 1. However I've been contemplating changing it to 51-or 6 which i can easily do if I just add and take away a few more letters to the last name I currently go by Should I do it? I feel like I should? 37 The Royal Star of the Bull hasn't been that magical as its claimed to be for me.

  36. Hello Sir, We are in Chennai and we want to take a personal
    appointment with you. Please let me know if this is possible…

  37. Hello Astronlogia,

    I need your guidance as I learnt that it is crucial that if birth date or lifepath has number 8 therefore the name must be number 5 to harmonize lifepath. My DOB 19 May 1973, the name I was thinking of using : Annitra M or Anietra M? Does the alphabet N or E , affects the name or it is only the amount in the alphabet we are to focus?
    I would also like to know in my circumstances having a no 8 lifepath , no 1 birthdate, how do I carry my self, should I focus as no 1 or no 5 in any dealings?
    Please advise, TQ

  38. Hi Astronlogia,
    I submitted my information for the free numberology compatability on your site but it says please wait and it’s been like that all day and nothing has happened? i refreshed the page and submitted my details again and still nothing. it still says pleas wait. is something wrong? or can I give you my question and birth details?

  39. Hi,
    My name is Rahul Garg.
    Father’s name: Rakesh Garg
    My DOB is 31-07-1976
    Time: 06:15 am
    Place – Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Humble request to pls suggest an appropriate change in spelling my name.

  40. Sir,

    Good day to you..The site seems to be interesting.Inspite of logging several times…feeding it again and again…it says “one moment ” please. Kindly help how to solve this problem…i am not sure the details have reached you.kindly help.



  41. My name: Pradeep Simon.M
    Father name: P.Mangalam raja kumar
    Mother name: J.Esther Rani
    Date of Birth :29/04/1982
    Time of Birth : 12.30 AM / Thursday
    My brother name:M.Naveen derick samuel
    Date of birth : morning.
    Can u brief about my life and my brother life .

    Expecting your expedations from your end .

    Thanks & Regards
    M.Pradeep Simon

  42. noted that you are using the chaldean sytem of numerology…i assume that the name chage to 5 for 8 born people is also in reference to the same query the pythagorean system..what do 8 born’s change their name to?

  43. Hello Sir,

    I had sent my daughter’s details to your regarding her name and DOB for the free reading of the report.
    Her name is Tanya Kamalakar and we call her Tanya and DOB is 15/5/2008.
    Please let us know if the name has to be changed.Since her passport is done and we might have to travel by december, please let us know if it has to be changed.
    Hoping I will get a reply this time.

    Thank you,

  44. Hi, please answer me I straggle for years financially in relationships jobs you name it I have no luck. My full name is Irena Elzbieta Lokiec which is 63 and I was born May 05 1958 I want to change my name to. ireana Moonsttein which is 60 is it a good name for me or you suggest a different one. Help me please. Irena. [email protected]

  45. my son was born on 16-08-2010. kindly suggest a name for him so that he will prosper in his life. do we take surname into account while caluculating the name

  46. Hello Sir,

    I have filled the form & sent you my details for Numerology Reading of my birth details & name. I have not got the reply till now. Anyhow, I am sending the details again:

    Name: Krishnapratap Vedula
    DOB: 15th January 1978
    Time: 07:05 AM
    Place: Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

    Kindly, send me the numerology report as soon a possible. Thanks.

  47. Hi sir,

    We very badly need to contact you.Even that Skype link is not there.Please let me know how to contact you.We can meet on gtalk or yahoo since, i am in bangalore, husband in US.
    please its urgent.


  48. hey man.. i loved your spirit… hats off.. u r doin it fo free….!! thts great…
    well my name is Fenil Sadaiya. DOB 24/09/1993.. email id: [email protected] facebook id: fenil sadaiya (facebook contact recommended)
    well man if u get tym thn pls reply me.. tell me if any changes in name r required or not…. and ya i m doin mechanical engg… so jst any possibilites or increase in them..!

  49. Read your website and like it….

    Would like to know whether my birthstone is yellow sapphire : Name should read Ranjeet J. Singh ?

    Currently single, everything I do others get the credit…and money.Cheated numerous time and lost a lot of money.

    Can I meet your guruji when I visit India.

    Help Me

  50. My name is farhan Mirza
    Father name if require : Muhammad Tariq Mirza
    date of birth : 01/07/1978
    time of bith : 12.02 or 12.10 in between
    Place of birth : Sargodha pakistan

    Just want to know when i will get married & have babies and start married life. and anything about future. on the reply i will donate.
    Email : [email protected]

  51. dear astron….
    i am very unhappy with my life…
    my younger brother also involve with me in business..
    i struggles since last 20 years … but no success in any field, and no continuity with any work….
    please guide and suggest me
    i am unable to find reason…due to me my Family also strugles ….
    my details are as below
    Legal Name – Rudra Pratap Singh, I also Aceived Doctorate Degree so now full name Doctor Rudra Pratap Singh
    Nick Name – Sanjay
    DOB – 10, May, 1972
    Time – 17:45
    Place – Pali Rajsthan
    Brother –
    Lagal Name – Bhupendra Singh
    Nick Name – Sonu
    BOB – 05, March 1076
    Time – 05:45
    Place – Sultanpur UP
    our Hobby/Passion and Interest in Construction work in Private/PSU and/or Gornment Sector, we are also involved in Real Estate & Property Area.
    Please Suggest us the best sir please


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