Numerology of UN Security Council Members (Permanent)


Good Day!  Five major countries constitutes United Nations Security council. The major political decisions, security related issuses, sanctions, economic embargos are decided by these five countries. Now, what makes these five countries more powerful? will their power play remain forever or will it change?  Here’s a complete analysis of the Numerology of United Nations


USA has been the watchdog of the world till date, no doubt that USA controls political arena of the earth.  What makes USA so powerful among other countries? Before the origin of name USA, US was divided into many states, it was an under developed, mostly colonized by the europeans.  It was in the recent 100 years, USA has surged into super power state. The name USA comes 10, which has ten times the vibration of planet SUN. The next powerful name other than USA can be of value 100, but no country has this numerological value. Sun represents the leader of planetary system, All 9 planets revolve around it. Astrologically, Sun is the  planet which signifies government, and Saturn denotes politicians.

United States of America comes 77, which is yet again a powerful number, which shows the universal presence of the country in all matters. More than the full name, its the name USA which is used commonly, and everyone knows it by the name USA than the abbreviation.

With this kind of numerological constitution, USA will continue to be the super power for a quite some time. The fall of USA will happen when Sun loses its core energy or its vibrations intensifies and multiplies into abnormal levels. The latter is happening slowly these days as a result of global warming. Minor symptoms have been shown in form of recession and natural disasters.


China is the next emerging power of the world, China’s power is largely hidden and under estimated but chinese strategies and their smart brains are far superior than anybody. If we see the super power nations in UNSC, out of five countries, three countries have strong Venus presence. China comes 15, which is a powerful number, specially known for the defence strength of a country. The defence strength of china is very huge, it will be greater than what USA had estimated. But out of these five countries, China, France, and United Kingdom all share strong venus presence in their names (primary), article such as “THE” is not calculated for countries. But the political situation of these countries can greatly change in next two years. Currently the age of Venus is running (every planet rules certain amount of years ), thats the reason we find so much of passion and obsession for beauty, luxury, sex, love, and also power (Venus is also known for rulership). But age of venus is ending in another one and half year, and age of Mars will follow.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is another country which has enjoyed its Venusian powers, United Kingdom comes 51 which is a stellar number in numerology. As the names of the country changes, their destiny too changes. From British Empire to United Kingdom, UK has seen a revolution of sorts. Problems for UK seems to crop up during the end of Venus age. UK (8) in numerology is the name which is popularly know for United Kingdom. As long as the name UK exists, Constitutional Monarchy will be there, as United Kingdom is geographically located in a place where there is a great influence of Sun’s vibrations, and name numerology of England comes to 26, which is ruled by saturn. Hence, UK will be under a constitutional monarchy where politics is signified by saturn and govt is signified by Sun. Many of England’s queen’s, Kings, or Princes will be 8 born. This will show ample examples for their govt constitution. With the mars age in progress, there can be a war in question for UK. With Saturn, Mars and Sun, there is a great danger of full fledged war. Mars is a war planet, every time the age of mars comes, a major war has happened in worlds history.


France too shares same sort of history like United Kingdom, and it will also be facing same sort of problems. France in numerology comes 24, there is no doubt that france is the leader in fashion industry. This is very evident from the name of capital city Paris which comes 15 in numerology. A strong venus presence is felt in paris. But again, there is a huge danger ahead for france when the mars age progresses. Mars is anti to Venus, and the same will be felt by the people of country. Beauty and love will be replaced by violence and protest in the minds of people. The concept of peace will not work during the age of mars. Terrorist strikes will bring regional uproar and people will start protesting in streets. This has already started in thailand (24), and its a matter of time when it spreads to other countries. every country will face this kind of problem, only the magnitude will differ.

Russian Federation

Russian Federation (63) will be the country to watch out for in another two decades. From Russia, it has now changed to Russian Federation. Russia comes 16 which symbolizes downfall, country name in number 7 will always face great downfalls. With the new Russian Federation, there will a enormous growth in economic, military as well as govt sectors. Russia will improve its economy through uranium based energy developments. The demand for Uranium will be sky high during Mars age, many foreign countries will try to venture into Uranium based energy operations. Russian Fed’s political problems will ease off and terrorist insurgencies will be completely wiped out during mars age.


    • Bharat or Bharata was superior than INDIA, 12 is a weak number in 3 series. When it was Bharat(a), definitely the standard and individual happiness was better than what it is experienced now

    • Finland is an awesome country, comes 27 in numerology, which is a divine number. The strength of finland is its literacy rate, world class education system, and highly educated citizens of finland

  1. As per official records, our nation is still known as ‘BHARAT GANRAJYA’, REPUBLIC OF INDIA. What does that tell you?


    P.S- A very nice blog!

    • The name thats being used actively and which is perceived by the public is what counts, one can have any name officially, but the name he uses in his public life to expose himself is the factor that determines his nature. In all legal documents, passport, and govt office, it is addressed as India, the world sees as India, the name bharat is no more used in public forums after 1950.


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