Demonic Possession


Demonic possession is a staple of the horror genre for both books and movies. No one can really, truly believe that it exists and really happens, and yet even the Vatican keeps a special branch of the church active just in case a priest is needed to perform an exorcism. How does someone become possessed by a demon? What are the signs that someone you know may be possessed by a demon? Understanding the answers to both of these questions is important in determining whether or not you believe that demonic possession is real and possible.

What is Demonic Possession?

Demonic possession is best defined as the process by which a person has their body taken over by a malevolent being. Many people define these malevolent beings as demons or devils. While there are two primary forms of assault a demon may levy against a person – obsession and possession – only possession involves the taking ownership of a persons’ body and forcing them to do things they would not have normally been willing, able or capable of doing and knowing. Most of the cultures and religions of the world deal with demonic possession in some form and have their own rites and rituals for dealing with it among their people. A possession is different from channeling where the possessing spirit is present at the behest of the host and the host maintains control; with possession, while the initial possession may have been by invitation, the take-over of the body and refusal to leave is non-consensual.

How to Avoid Possession

The best way to avoid demonic possession is to avoid activities that will attract them! Steer clear of things in your life that cause a high level of negativity. Angry, malevolent and dangerous spirits are drawn to people who are already suffering. It is easier to work into their lives and take over than with someone who is happy and surrounded by light. Darkness and evil love to lurk in the shadows.

Being able to tell if someone is demon possessed is important – you don’t want to accidentally get an exorcist when what you needed was a doctor or a psychiatrist! There are definite signs and differences between a mental illness, a series brain illness like encephalitis, and demonic possession.

Bring in a Priest

The key to determining whether the challenge ahead is possession or something else is to simply bring a priest or pastor over and have them begin praying for the healing of the afflicted person. The longer the prayer the more likely that it will cause a noticeable reaction if the person is demonically possessed. While, at first, the possession spirit may try to go unnoticed, eventually it will become so angry and uncomfortable it will start to lash out. If there is no response the first time you try this but there seems to be no improvement after seeking medical or psychiatric help, have them come back. If there is a demonic spirit present, the constant assaults by a person of faith will drive them to further aggression and they will make themselves obviously known rather than just leaving you wondering whether your loved one is simply going crazy.


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