The Third Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra


The third chakra, also known as Manipura or the Solar Plexus chakra is the located between the navel and the solar plexus. Manipura is a Sanskrit words that means, ‘Jeweled City’, which is appropriate for this central chakra. It is believed to house our personality and identity – the parts that make us who we are. It is also the center of our willpower, confidence and our sense of responsibility. The color of this chakra is yellow and when it is full of energy it can be a golden yellow.

The Third Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra

The Third Chakra – On the Move

A person with an open solar plexus chakra is likely to be on the go all the time. This is a high-energy chakra, a center of movement. If your chakra is blocked you may struggle to find motivation or desire to get things done and instead of being on the go will find yourself unable to even get out the door. A balanced chakra will give you the ability to be assertive but not controlling, to lead and often achieve positive yet unexpected results, and to have a harmonious relationship with those around you. When blocked you may feel helpless and therefore become more controlling, lack clear direction, and make lots of plans only find that you suddenly lack the energy or ability to make them happen. You may also find that a blocked 3rd chakra affects your gastric system, in particular your metabolism and your pancreas. This chakra should be viewed as a power station of sorts – fuel comes in and energy goes back out. It is this chakra that handles turning all your fuel into energy for your body and soul.

The third chakra is depicted as a circle surrounded by ten lotus petals. Inside the circle is a triangle pointed upside down. The upside down or inverted triangle is meant to represent the transformative power of the element of fire – fire is the element most closely associated with Manipura.

Balance Your Chakra

To balance your third chakra, you will want to meditate while thinking on the color yellow. Wearing yellow clothing and spending time in the sun will also help to energize this chakra if it is feeling depleted. Gems such as citrine, topaz and yellow citrine help to balance and harmonize. If you like essential oils you will want to use citronella and lemon on your pulse points. If you prefer incense you will want to use saffron, musk or sandalwood. If you like to do yoga, you’ll want to work on poses like camel, cobra and cow as these are best for opening and balancing the chakra. You can also add spices such as tumeric to your food, as well as increase your intake of yellow foods such as corn, butternut squash and a splash of lemon. When meditating, choose a mantra that reaffirms your control over life such as ‘I direct my own life’, or ‘I will make my own choice in any situation’. These help to reaffirm for yourself that you have control over your destiny and this helps to keep the chakra in balance.


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