US Government’s Astrology/Numerology Beliefs


Astrology at the White House

Astrology is not only practiced and used by common people but also by various corporations and in fact astrology in government too! Though most governments don’t accept it openly, but it is a truth that for most important projects and decision making, astrology is widely used by govt agencies. The US government sectors consult  auspicious time and star position for  some of major acquisitions and launching’s.

US Government’s Astrology/Numerology Beliefs

In India, Chennai, astrologers were consulted by tamilnadu government for opening the new secretariat building! Not only that, every flyover in chennai is inaugurated on auspicious days given by reputed astrologers.

The ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) does special poojas and consult their court astrologer to fix the best times to lauch satellites and space shuttles. Not only ISRO but even NASA has a reputed Indian astrologer who sanctions  the date of launch of space shuttles. This may sound crazy, but behind every successful space launch by NASA, an Indian astrologer is present.

Significance of Astrology was very high in ancient kingdoms of Greek, Persia, India. War was declared during the time which was considered to be auspicious for victory. The same is been followed even today by the United States. United States of America is an ardent follower of astrology, yoga and tantra. America has finest doctors, scientist as well as astrologers from India. American President Obama formed his cabinet on Jan 20th 2009, which was the date finalized by an indian astrologer. Not only that, each and every member of his team are selected considering the compatibility areas between obama and them. Though Obama is a born muslim, he is a believer of astrology and indian vedic sciences. He also celebrated indian festivals with traditional pooja by the chief priest.


Not only america, but even the Chinese are notorious for following the astral science in taking crucial decisions.


  1. This is really an eye opener to know that US is also so deeply involved in Astrology. In India, it has been an accepted truth. In China, despite their communist regime, it can be said that religion has its say there. However, in US Govt., that was simply unbelievable. Thanks for enlightening me on this.

  2. This is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.

  3. Information related to astrology in this article is more informaticas becouse it has the information of astrology not only in real life but also for organisation and government too.

  4. Born a Muslim? Please explain, I thought this issue has been vetted over and over again, no? I’m neither christian nor muslim, but the comment does need an explanation, since the president himself says he is a christian and I believe him!!!

  5. Well, I dont appreciate India making money to tell lies and inaccurate information causing terrorism and attempted murder on my life. These tricks, lies, and selfish interest is not holy or by design for America’s greater good. I do believe someone from India needs to be punished according to law in America and UN laws. You have completed destroyed america, and a ruined Americas political power and system. As well as killing those people in the plane crashes. All terrorist acts acts of terrorism. Is unlawful, unethical, and evil.


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