Chaldean Numerology Origin


The science and history of Chaldean Numerology is one of the ancient in history of mankind. Numerology originated 5000 years ago, and it was the Babylonian’s who are credited for inventing this unique astral system. Chaldean Numerology is considered to be the ancient and first among the types of numerology. The Babylonian’s were so precise and accurate in forming the number system for Chaldean numerology.

They analyzed the pattern of planets in the universe, and with intuitive (Through Meditation) and supernatural powers they were able to understand the mysteries of universe. Thus they found a powerful tool called Chaldean Numerology which could help them in changing their destinies.

Although many system of numerology exists, it is the Chaldean which is the ancient and mother of all numerology systems. Pythagorean System arrived only after Alexander conquered Babylonia and the Greek’s had the access to the Chaldean Numerology Scripts and the Vedic System came to light in some 2000 BC.

Various Greek scholars who had access to Chaldean Numerology spread the ancient science in India when they entered India through Indus. Many Vedic scholars from India learn the Chaldean Numerology system through Greeks and the Greeks in turn understood the deeper meaning of Vedas. It is said that Alexander once read the Rig Veda in the banks of Indus with the help of translator and was so moved with the Vedas.

Pythagorean Numerology system was discovered by Pythagoras by making modifications on the Chaldean Numerology, but the present world acknowledges and practices that system even though the accuracy of that system is liable to be questioned. Its a sheer popularity and brand name called Pythagoras which made that system world wide famous.


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