Numerology Number 4


Number 1 signifies intellect, 2 signifies mind, number 3 is for energy and number 4 is for uniting these three number and forming a society.  Numerology Number 4 signifies society and social obligations. Number 4 can be described as the base of the society, one can see the four born people in parliament, or even in street corner where they will be merrily talking to someone. Four born people loves travel like anything and they spend most iof the time travelling to one place from other, They have a keen intellect on worldly affairs and they can even be aptly called as jack of all trades.

Numerology Number 4

People born on 4,13,22 comes under this number 4 in numerology. 4 born people are generally honest in expressing their views, they always try to revolutionize something by their strong speech and writing skills. Their talks are not always melancholy, instead it only states the change that is needed for the society or their place of living. Their opinions may sound harsh to other people who receives them, but they never care about others opinion while giving their strong opinions. Number 4 born people usually don’t care about what others will think of them, but many four born people will tend to change in their later part of life realizing their nature.

If you ask a 4 born to speak about any topic, they can only speak against it. They never accept or support any views, to the contrary they always oppose and rebel and against anything which is put forward to them. Their mouth will only voice protests and agitation more than acceptance and appreciating. They also don’t trust anything blindly but rather analyze,experiment and then arrive at a result. 4 born people are gifted with soft heart and caring personality which makes them to develop friendship with anyone easily, but at the same time unless they hide their contrasting opinion within themselves, they mostly end up making adversaries where ever they go which is a trait carried from the base number 4 which we explain more about here:

As 4 born are blessed with keen intellect, they start analyzing about their life mostly in their early age. These people have a penchant for knowledge always trying to gather knowledge in something or other. Occult science such as astrology,numerology,palmistry fascinates them so much as some of the four born people i know personally have mastered at least one art among these. Unlike other numbers, 4 born people have to struggle hard to earn money, they will have to work tirelessly to earn money, but they will love to spend the money they earn in a leisure way. They spend lot of money for friends and buying beautiful things they like. They are always enjoyed when it comes to spending money. When it comes to the inner nature of 4 born, they are very sensitive and will be easily heartbroken if their friends even uttered a small word hurting them. They are very emotional people.


  1. I always just assumed I was a 7… I went to add up my birthday itself and I realized I was also a 4. Everything it says here is pretty much right on the money. I would like to see how a 7 and a 4 combined affects a person. It would be nice if someone invested time in creating some sort of generator that one could apply their sun sign, their moon sign, their rising sign, their chinese sign, combined with both numerology lifepath numbers to see how all that affects things.

    It would help for weeding out them bad apples<– Haha typical 4 eh?

    Get it on!

    • Very much true buddy,Infact there is a software which does what you mentioned,but it only gives out a general overview of that person, the most intricate things can be only found out by humans. Out of all you mentioned above, its the moon sign and their ascendant which is most significant.

  2. Hi Astronlogia my mother was born on 4-03-1956. Her name is Anandhi S. She is fat. she is always having health problems. Please suggest some name which would make her healthy and peaceful

    • If the health problems are caused by Fat, then i suggest one technique to reduce fat, use a red color zero watts bulb in her bed room where she sleeps, usually people use blue color or yellow color, the wavelength of red color rays when passed on body has the tendency to burn un wanted fats, and make a person to shed weight. You can try this one for two to three months, as for the name is concerned, tell me what does S stands for, so that we ll try to see if we can use the full name

  3. I would surely like to try that. But she always says that she has headache. I dont know why but i can understand that atleast 60% of reason for it is fat. So i would Surely try that technique and her name is – Anandhi S(Srinivasan)

    • Ask her to sign her name as Anandhi Srinivasan 50 times every day for 2 months, her health problems will get relieved slowly. Ask her not to use Anandhi S while signing or any forms

  4. Hey Friend,

    Whats the logic behind signing name 50 times daly for 2 months? why when some change name, numerologist suggest to write name daly for 2-3 months?

  5. Hey Rajendra,
    Plz answer my question i am really curious to know about this – whats the logic behind signing name 50 times daly for 2 months? when some changes name,why numerologist suggest to write name daly for 2-3 months?

    • Writing the names for 2 or 3 months is make the vibrations of the new name present in the cosmos, simply changing the new name and signin with old name doesn’t work, the meaning of numbers are the vibrations of planets in cosmos, when you write, your thoughts and actions spread all across the cosmos.

  6. Hello Sir,

    Thank for your response,
    Since my dob is 22 and life path number is 3, you are suggesting me P Karthi(23) or Karthi(15).
    Do you think following statement is wrong for day number 4 and life path number 3 people.
    Numerology of 4(Day number) and 3(Life path number) is eclipsed by 8 and 6. No. 8 is inimical to 4 and 3. 6 opposes 3. As such 8, 6 or any other number can afflict the merits of 4 and 3. We resolve it by a name change in 1, or by no. 5,

    As you suggested 6 won't cause any problem for me, I am planing for KaartiPrakash which comes to 33.
    Please advice

  7. Thanks, i will ask her to follow and if my mother reduces her weight i will be the happiest person in this earth..

  8. Thanks a lot, Just a question my mother was born on 4-03-1956 and her destiny number is 1 so can she keep her name in 55, JUST TO KNOW-Learnt from ur blogs "This number 55 in numerology can cure most genetic diseases."

    Thanks in advance,

    • People born on 31 belong to 4, 4,13,22 and 31 are belong to number 4. In the same way 9,18,27 are 9 born. Just add the two number and see the root number. for e.g 26 (2+6=8)

  9. My brother date of birth is 13/ oct 1980 is a 4 in his name a good number? His name is Nicholas Michael Camarados

    • Your brother has a lifepath of 5, so dont worry about him, he knows how to make himself happy. But name as 4 is not advisable, he is having such a lovely lifepath and he must not spoil it effects by having name in 4. He can have Nicholas Michael or Nicholas Camarados which will be a good name for his birth date and lifepath.

  10. My birthdate is January 22, 1957, what would be a good name number for me? My current name number is 52 chaldean and 92 pythagorean and I have a lot of bad luck.

    • Your lucky name would be 27! 27 is the ideal name for you. You can even keep names in 32,23,41 which are lucky for you. Name 52 is unlucky number, and for your birthdate is going to shower only ill luck and failure.

  11. I was born on 13th of April , 1982. They say that 13 is a bad number and hence 4. What do u have to say abt that? Nothing good has happened in my life.. When will I get a job?

    • Number 13 or 4 is not at all unlucky, Its a myth. The reason for failures and constant fighting in your life is due to your name as 22. Anitha H comes 22 which brings failures. When you change your name into numerology 1, than all will be fine

  12. birthdate:31/08/1974. I’m facing continuous failure, unstability and lots of monetory bad debts and delays. number 4 & 8 comes so freqently in my daily life. take a case. One purchase order received “20/10/2008”, Work Order Number: 13. This was a work for one month, took me about 4 months to give first deliverable. Still the work is not accepted and paid for as of today 8 Sept,2009. One other case, on match making site, 90% profile, I like/view, has their birth dates on 4/13/22/31, few less with 8/17/26. I’m surpised. Even the job applications received most has number 4 on higher side and 8 too….

    What is this…..?????

  13. But why this numbers indication everytime creates delays / failures in project or relationships? I’m not understanding this one, as some say number 4 4 is the number of reality & concretion.

  14. Sir,
    My daughter name is “Parmitkaur Panesar” DOB: 27/12/1999 at 1:00pm.
    is the name in harmony?
    any changes to make to improve her success in life?
    any predictions for her?
    Thank you
    nanak singh

  15. Hi,

    My daughter name is Yoshita.G DOB: 02/09/2006 at 9:05am.
    is the name in harmony?
    any changes to make to improve her success in life?
    any predictions for her?
    Thank you

  16. Hi Sarvana,
    Thanks for your recommendation but can you please tell me what “name number(s)” are harmonious to her birthdate
    Thank you

  17. Hi,

    It seems you have quite some knowledge there

    My original name was: Aditya Ganeriwala – Name Number 40
    DOB: 22nd May 1982 –

    Then I decided to change my Name to Adityaa Ganeriwala – 41 after reading numerology books

    Your expert suggestion would be highly appreciated

  18. Dear Astronlogia,

    I was born on the 22 of july of 1971. One relative who study numerology suggested that I should change my name to Moira Ana Villarroel.
    Is this suggestion okay? Original name is Moira Villarroel.
    May God bless you,

  19. Hi. Birth name is Margarita Graulau, most used name is Margie Graulau. Also like MG or just Margie. Business name Marge Graulau Which is the best name for me to use for success in life. DOB: 10.31.55 What can I change to bring wealth and health into my life? Thank you in advance.

    • Margarita Graulau is the best name among other choices, Your business name is also ok, But dont use Margie Graulau, this is not a good name. MG is fine, but when you use Margie it creates relationship conflicts

  20. my name is yugenderan, my date of birth is 9.2.1991, is it advisable to retain this number? and how many times for how long do i write my name>

    thanks sir~ pls need urgent reply~!!

  21. Dear Sir,
    My DoB is 9 jun 82. . and by numerology my first name and last name total comes to 40 , which is same for nicholas cage / ranbir kapoor / hashad mehta / ketan Parekh.. . etc.. can you suggest if I need a change in my name .. or is it good. because so far .. I feel I am doing quite well..

  22. My dob is 19 oct 73 and my name is neera pandey. I face a lot of obstacles in all my things. Currently I am having a lot of problems in my job and am looking for a new job. Please tell me when can I get a new job and what changes should I do to reduce the amount of struggle that I face?

  23. Dear
    My date of birth is 04 Nov 1974
    My name is Kartik Kumar Rath
    Kindly suggest me my most lucky number for earning good money. Is it 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9.
    Shall I use only Kartik or Kartik Rath or Kartik Kumar Rath or any change is required.
    What should be the total of my mobile numbe should.
    Thanking you, KARTIK RATH

  24. Dear Saravana:

    I am worried about my son who is planning to start something on his own, his birthday is 31/1/1963, his name is Anil Punjabi. Please advise if he should go for a name change and if you can suggest one. Also what number name should he keep for his company if he plans to start one.

    Thank you

  25. Hello i stay in melbourne. my birth date is 14/12/1984 and my full name is Manshi Shah… well need to know are these nice number for my life…… because i don’t think so…… can u please advise me

  26. Hello,

    My birthdate is 22 sept 1981. I have had any ups and many more downs in my life so far. I have had to struggle a lot fto get to a position where I am. My current position is way below my expectations. Can I expect anything good in the near future (on the career front)?


  27. Hi,

    I am writing to you for the 3rd time now. Please reply and pacify my concerns.
    My name is neera pandey and my D.O.B is 19 oct 1973. I face a lot of problems in all my tasks. Currently I am facing huge turmoils in my job and am looking out ofr a change. Please tell me when will I get a new job and what should I do to minimize the struggle in my life?

    Best Regards

  28. hi sir
    my date of birth is 13 feb, 1977. name james peter
    what ever u description u gave about number 4 is perfectly right . its literally my nature. am too like that a non conformist. please suggest a name for me, it seems i have to change my name. please help me.
    please reply.

  29. Hello Sir,

    My Date of Birth is 28 Nov, 1981, Name is P. Saritha (calling name saritha, sari.). If i wish do something, am unable do that thing and too late to get the things.( whatever it may be). totally am not satisifing with what i have please let me know your suggestions that i want to be a happy ever and propersous in my life.

    Thank You.

      • this is someone else but you ass all the numbers in your birth date together, including the month, day and year. so mine would be like 9+1+5+1+9+9+6 if the end result is a double digit, add those numbers together until you get a single digit. so i got 40. then you add those together and you get your birth number! mine if 4 obviously. now try yours.

  30. Kartik Rath, An Internet Marketing Expert and Online Brand Manager in Bhubaneswar with Life path number 9. ( kartik DOT rath AT yahoo DOT in )

  31. Hi, im born on 4th june 1979 and the name i use is Sheela Bajaj.
    recently i was told to change to Sheila Bajaj.
    what name should i use. iv been using sheila bajaj for sometime to test its effects. but im totally confused.
    please advice.thanks

  32. Hello sir my D.O.B is 27/9/1975 my name is Navin i will decide to change name is number 41. Date number is 9 fate number 4 till now i am in poor situation, i am completed BE but till now i don’t get job. i searching for a job for last 3 years so please help me sir. which number is helping me number 41 or number 46 or number 19

  33. Hello Sir. I know the number 4 is not good for the home you live in. My building number is 13970 but my apartment number is 112 which totals to 4. Are these numbers very bad and if so, is there anything that can be done to help make it better. Thank you very much for your time and help.

  34. pls advice on the name. I just need another opinion. with my analysis on the name i felt both are okay. pls advice

  35. Hello sir, My name is S.Arulmozhi. And my date of birth is
    10/July/1988. Kindly suggest me my name number suits my birth date
    and life path number. Or i want to do any corrections in my name.
    Can you tell me which name number suits for my date of birth.
    Because till now i didnt get job so please help me sir

  36. Hi sir My date of birth is 13/07/1981. My birth number is 4 and my
    life number is 3. But my name number falls on 8 so i am struggling
    lot in my life. So kindly tell me a good number for my name. Please
    help me sir, because i am in the situation to lose my present job
    itself. So help me by giving suitable number for my name.

  37. Hello sir, Please sir give your valuable suggestion for me. My
    birth number is 4 and my life number is 3. Which name number suits
    me. I am suffering with my present name number. Please help me.

  38. thanks a lot ( deep 4m my HEART) actually i should thank u at the last of my msg to u but the containt,easy understandable language,topics ( difference between numerology & astrology, the types of chakras ) MAINLY the replay to the view’rs ?. GOD bless u & ur family with all + full of the worldly happiness and blessing.
    know i have to belive that god is there,
    almost everybody belives god is there, but there is know pratical or oral way to make feel others about the power of god.
    sir do we have praticale way to see the power of god and prove others and show them.
    my personal ? my NAME: g venkat mohan ( G. stands for guram is always write my name as g venkat mohan. 95% people call as only mohan my user name )DOB: 31/01/1981, time 9.45pm. place in MILITARY HOSPITAL secuendrabad. ANDHRA PRADESH. pls change my luck if required name. if name let me know how & were all to change my name ****( IF REQUIRED CHANGE MY COMPLETE NAME AND ALSO GIVE MY USER NAME ) ill b great’full and thank’full to you through out my life.
    *********** sir i want meet u personally to thank u and to take your blessings, sorry to mention this i take care of my travelling and living expenses************ ( because of such a good and great service if possible give me a call or else your contact no.)
    GURU’JI i never went across with person’s like u, i request you go bless me with your darshan please.
    thank you GURU’JI

    • Venkat,

      Thank You for your generous praises, I am just one among you. Use Venkat than mohan every where. Ask your friends and relatives to call you as Venkat, While signing sign as Venkat or Venkat Mohan. But G Venkat Mohan is not lucky for you.

  39. good day!i was born on the name number is 4 and life path is 8.i’d like to change my name to name number it the combination ok?thank u in advance

  40. My daughter was born 2/4/2010 her life path is 9 name number comes to 64 what should her name number be for her to have a sucessful healthy life Thank you for any advice you can give.

  41. Hi Saravana,

    For a girl baby born on 13.09.2010, please tell me wat name number should be good ??? I am afraid her birth date is 13 and life path is 7.. ?Usually raghu n kethu will not go well together as far as iam concerned… so name should be selected very carefully.. so please suggest a good name and name number..

  42. Hello sir,
    my name is siddharth gautam
    my birth date is 22/04/1991
    i have faced many problems in my life from my childhood uptill now and as a result i’m very tired now, wherever i go in any field or anywhere i face much failure than anybody else.I know that i’m no. 4 govern that is why i failed every time. I have struggled much since childhood in my studies or in any other field and i know that i will face many problems in my future too due to my unlucky and evil no. 4(Rahu). Is there any real solution for me in this world or i have to struggle in the same way as i’m struggling today.if there is any solution that please send me through an email.

  43. my name is amit dixit d.o.b 22/10/1972 , my prob is i m working very hard but not getting the success i deserve, i m very qualified but has to work at very grass root level , and earn my leaving through caring very pitty jobs, switching from jobs to business n no utilisation of my qualification pl guide what to do …

  44. my daughter born on 4-01-2010 her name is k.akshaya kriishnna name number is 41 and her life path is 8 is this good name for her to have happy life like other children please advise me ,she is left alone by his father.

  45. Hi Sir,

    my daughter date of birth is 4th jan 2010 early morning 2:50 am viewing your posts i decided her name as k.akshaya kriishnna total name number 41 is it good for her future she does not enjoyed her father’s love untill now please advice me if any chances i have to do.

    Thank You.

  46. Hi.I too am a very superstitous person who enjoys reading about luck and fate.I have always thought that the number 4 was a lucky or atleast a great number,but as I have read above….its is so terribly true and I am really so unlucky with many things that has happened to my life.This is just unbelievable and unexplainable about my birthday 04-24-1974…!!!

  47. hello sir, my name is shaalini. I am from Malaysia. My dob 25-12-1987. I have no personal complaints, but i would like to inquire on my marriage life. It states in all numerolgy that numb 2 and 7 are compatible but yet i broke up with a man (11-11-1987) after 2 months. We were not compatible. For the number 7, is it advisable only to marry a 2. sorry for the trouble sir, only reply if you are able to.
    Thank you and have a nice day.

  48. Hello sir / madam

    I am Mahaletchumi ,my date of birth is 4 Nov 1991.I realy dont know what guin on in my couple life, family ,education and i used to be know it .

  49. most number 4 people struggle early in life, they are advised to get married after the age of 27 and avoid all marrying number 8 people.

  50. hi sir
    myself praveen mamadapur my dob 13/9/88 this is unluky number so need ur help struggling in career so plz plz suggest me

  51. Hi sir pls help me. My birthdate is 9/14/1980.
    My full name is Charles Alozie Mesaraonye.
    My surname is d Mesaraonye.
    Most people call me Charles and some of my friends call me Prince charles…
    Please suggest a perfect name for.??.coz i have delays & disappointment..
    Thanks in advance!

        • Ruled by number 4 and Uranus. You are energetic, methodical, friendly, systematic and possess a strong memory. You are highly religious and philosophical, but you need to check your tendency to behave jealous, stubborn and self-centered at times. You need to plan out things well in advance to reap benefits. Increase in your expenses will make it difficult for you to save, therefore stick to your budget to avoid getting into a financial crunch.



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