Astrology Villains Explained


We can’t forget that villains are people just like us. They each have their own astrological signs and symptoms just like everyday folks, but villains are masters at taking the good and turning it into evil. Here are some of the top television villains, the signs they are most like, and the traits they best embody.  Read your favorite TV show villains astrology report right here!

Villains Astrology – Character Analysis

Benjamin Linus
Show: Lost
Sign: Aquarius
Benjamin Linus never did seem to follow the rules on the island. He was always doing his best to manipulate and achieve things for himself, never seeming to care about others. He fits Aquarius. The more you try to force an Aquarius into a box, the more they will stump you. These people create their own freedoms and they don’t notice who they hurt on their way.

Marlo Stanfield
Show: The Wire
Sign: Cancer
Marlo’s greatest concern was being disrespected and he would hold onto a grudge until it was time to teach you a lesson for that disrespect. Look out, here’s a true Cancer that’s lost its way in the world. These people hate to be criticized and will never forgive you for perceived slights. You have to walk on eggshells around them because if you get on the wrong side of a Cancer like Marlo, chances are you won’t be living long enough to tell anyone you’re sorry.

Joffrey Baratheon
Show: Game of Thrones
Sign: Aries
Joffrey Baratheon quickly rose to become one of the most vile and hated television villains of all time. Despite his young age his acts of violence, often for no other motivation than his own personal amusement, provided Game of Thrones with multiple stomach-twisting moments and his death was one of the most enjoyed in the series. But as an Aries, his actions aren’t that surprising. This sign is the youngest of the signs, the baby, it’s very self-centered and thinks little about anyone but itself. Prone to tantrums, just like a child, an Aries will lash out and harm anyone they can just to feel better about themselves.

Gus Fring
Show: Breaking Bad
Sign: Virgo
Gus Fring is known for always keeping his cool, right down to straightening his tie as he died with half his face blown off. No other sign encapsulates that need to be composed better than Virgo. Virgo’s are perfectionists, need to control everything and Gus Fring could be nothing but one.

Rowan Pope
Show: Scandal
Sign: Scorpio
Scorpio’s most positive qualities are also some of their most negative and Eli ‘Rowan’ Pope is the embodiment of a Scorpio. Possessive, jealous and competitive, he lets nothing come between him and what he considers his or what he decides he wants. Scorpio’s are blunt, know how to hold a grudge, and never let people get close to them.

Boyd Crowder
Show: Justified
Sign: Leo
Boyd Crowder went from noting more than a redneck to the Messiah of rednecks using the charm and influence that comes so naturally to Leo’s to build his flock of miscreants. He is full of arrogance that he hides beautifully behind his messianic facade, shows the typical generosity of a Leo even if it is a bit twisted, and happily sits back planning and plotting while sending others out to do the hard work.

Hannibal Lecter
Show: Hannibal
Sign: Libra
Libra love the best of everything, are terribly vain and may struggle with feelings of superiority. Sound familiar? All of these are traits shared by the terrifying television psychopath Hannibal Lector. He considers himself a connoisseur of the finer things in life, spares no expense in ensuring that he acquires them, and considers most everyone he meets to be well beneath him… so far beneath him, in fact, that he is content to serve them up as food to the few people in the world that he sees as almost being his equals.

Duck Phillips
Show: Mad Men
Sign: Pisces
Duck Phillips suffers from all the symptoms of being a Pisces. Unable to cope with the real world and failures, he even falls into the trap of hiding away from reality; his distraction of choice being alcohol. It leads him to make selfish, painful decisions that harm not just him but those around him. Pisces have terrible judgement and simply struggle to grow up.

Wilson Fisk
Show: Daredevil
Sign: Capricorn
Capricorn’s do what it takes to get thing done. These are serious people who don’t appreciate people messing around when there is work to be done. They are always looking ahead, seeking to secure power, wealth and responsibility for themselves. These are folks who want to be in charge. Kingpin is a master of his empire! He is definitely a Capricorn.


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