Cancer the Crab & All About Cancerians


Cancer the crab is the fourth sign of the zodiac and Cancerians are those people with birthdays between June 22nd and July 22nd. This is a water sign along with Pisces and Scorpio and is considered a negative sign because it is ruled by the moon. Being a Cancerian can certainly be challenging, but without these folks the world would be a much crueler and difficult place to live in. Cancer is the sign of the nurturer, the home builder. These people help the rest of the signs create deep home roots and build for their loved ones a safe and secure home space. In return, all they ask is that they are loved and protected from the cruelty of the world – something that can all too easily crush and destroy them.  Read more zodiac signs here:

Personality Traits for Cancerians

When a Cancerian is having a good day they are helpful and compassionate, very patient and nurturing, wanting to help those they love rest and recover. They also tend to be very romantic and tend to be quite creative. They love building their home and family; many Cancerians love children and can’t wait to have their own. On a bad day, however, a person born under Cancer may isolate themselves and refuse to communicate. They may be hyper-sensitive or overly competitive. While on first look the crab has a hard shell and dangerous claws, all you have to do is flip it over and unsettle it to get at the soft, fleshy underside. Cancerians are much the same; unsettle them and they struggle to protect themselves.

Cancers as Introverts?

While many Cancerians are able to have jobs, they want nothing more than to be in their own home and to ‘nest’. Creating a home and family gives them a sense of security. These folks are known for being open and welcoming, inviting people into their space for fun and fellowship. They are never happier than when they are cooking for a crowd of people that they love. They always have an ear for listening and a shoulder to cry on. They make excellent parents, excellent pet owners and wonderful friends. However, if those around the Cancer don’t take care to establish boundaries, a Cancer can become exhausted and drained. This leads to them becoming very pessimistic and distant. They will start to cut people out – hurting themselves in the process.

Sensitive and Easily Hurt

Ruled by the moon, these folks tend to be very sensitive and are easily hurt. They need people around them who let them have a moment of self-pity but then push them to get over it and move on. If allowed to brood on their fears, they will slip quickly into depression. They will need partners that not only appreciate their care taking abilities, but also want a large family full of people for whom the Cancerian can work on nurturing and caring for. If fertility issues arise, their partner must be prepared to seek alternatives so that this foundational need of the Cancerian is met and they are able to build their home.


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