Sanskrit Letter and Its Numerical Equivalents for Chakra’s


Sanskrit words and its equivalent digital numbers for the Chakra’s of our Human body.

Sanskrit is one of the world’s ancient language and considered to be God’s own language in India. The World’s most ancient classics such as Vedas are in Sanskrit language. Along with Greek, Latin, Sanskrit forms one of the oldest language of mankind, and structure of Sanskrit has not changed ever till now which is the beauty of the language.

Many hidden gems of Yoga, Tantra, Mantra are in Sanskrit, if one knows the meaning of Sanskrit letters with the corresponding numerical and alphabet, one can gain oceanic knowledge of the spiritual and universal truths we uncover at our page:

The numbers 0 to 9 have their corresponding Sanskrit letters, and each Sanskrit letters belong to the petals of the Chakra’s (wheel like vortices) in our body. There are seven chakra’s in our body, with every chakra having petals. The last chakra is calles Sahsrar, one who opens the sahsrar chakra is said to have attained enlightenment or Salvation.

Chakra is a concept referring to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, are believed to exist in the surface of the etheric double of man. The Chakras are said to be “force centers” or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body, the layers of the subtle bodies in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation (the fans make the shape of a love heart). Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.

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The Sanskrit source for the Enochian code appearing in the Calls is known as the Vedic Number Code or Ka-Ta-Pa-Ya-Dhi, (Ka, Ta, Pa, and Ya all being valued at one in this code). It is this code which serves as a key to unlocking the allocation of the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet to the 50 petals of the chakra system. The rules for the Katapayadhi Number Code are as follows:

  1. The 34 consonants of the Sanskrit Alphabet represent the numbers 0 through 9 as digits within a number.
  2. The 16 vowels receive no number value or place value.
  3. Each consonant of a word is a place value (digit) of the resultant number.
  4. When two consonants are conjoined in a word the last consonant receives the
    number value.
  5. The number of consonants (or conjoined consonants) in a word determines the number of digits which compose the number value of that word. Thus all one consonant words will be valued between 0 and 9; all two consonant words will be valued between 10 and 99: all three consonant words will be valued between 100 and 999, etc. The number values for the 34 consonants and the 16 vowels are as follows:

Number Value Sanskrit Letter Petal of Chakra
1 Ka 1st petal – Anahata
1 Ta 11th petal – Anahata
1 Pa 9th petal – Manipuraka
1 Ya 4th petal – Svadisthana
2 Kah 2nd petal – Anahata
2 Tha 12th petal – Anahata
2 Pha 10th petal – Manipuraka
2 Ra 5th petal – Svadisthana
3 Ga 3rd petal – Anahata
3 Da 1st petal – Manipuraka
3 Ba 1st petal – Svadisthana
3 La 6th petal – Svadisthana
4 Gha 4th petal – Anahata
4 Dha 2nd petal – Manipuraka
4 Bha 2nd petal – Svadisthana
4 Va 5th petal – Anahata
5 Na 1st petal – Muladhara
5 Na 3rd petal – Manipuraka
5 Ma 3rd petal – Svadhisthana

5 Sa 2nd petal – Muladhara
6 Ca 6th petal – Anahata
6 Ta 4th petal – Manipuraka
6 Sa 3rd petal – Muladhara
7 Cha 7th petal – Anahata
7 Tha 5th petal – Manipuraka
7 Sa 4th petal – Muladhara
8 Ja 8th petal – Anahata
8 Da 6th petal – Manipuraka
8 Ha 1st petal – Ajna
9 Jha 9th petal – Anahata
9 Dha 7th petal – Manipuraka
0 (as a place value) Na 10th petal – Anahata
0 (as a place value) Na 8th petal – Manipuraka
0 (as a place value) Ksa 2nd petal – Ajna

These are the  values of Sanskrit letters and corresponding numbers in numerical. These meanings are profound and have a great numerological importance.


  1. my name is N.T.Hariswasthika janani , I ‘m a share trader
    my DOB 23.06.1986 .
    Is my name numerologically correct,if so what it’s effect ?

  2. saya sedang mencari nama untuk label usaha. saya tertarik sekali dengan nama2 dari bahasa sansekerta (saya orang bali lho :p). baiknya pakai nama apa ya?

  3. Very Interesting. But how does this impact today’s name numerology? Could you please write an article explaining that? My name has the vowels ya-sha-dha-ra … 18. My birth name is Jashodhara and is a 30. The Sanskritised pronunciation is Yashodhara … what happens in all these cases?


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