• Emine

    Does this apply if one is born on the 27th of a month or if the destiny number is 27?

    • http://astronlogia.com/ Saravana Rajendra

      This is for name number 27

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Prakash-Duraisamy/1772277672 Prakash Duraisamy

    my name number is 27, PRAKAASH.D DOB-12/07/1982

    (THIS NUMBER IS has a power to break ones wheel of life and death itself)
    this line is confusing me brother. recently i have changed my name PRAKASH.D TO PRAKAASH.D. now i m littlebid afraid, pls explain me.

  • Donnathapa27

    My birthday is 27.10.1986. I have experienced the influenced of number 9 in my life first hand. It is indeed a special number.

  • http://astronlogia.com/ Saravana Rajendra

    tell me what should i do, can i email your employer citing that you have no part in it. also i ll remove your name as you wish

  • Muneswaran

    my birthday is 27101961 and i have experienced visions like yellow light like a ball coming toward me and colorful rainbow attacking me and when i was 12 years old and i saw divine mother not in my dream but real in human flesh smilingly at me. 

  • anita

    If a person has these two numbers 23+27 becomes 50.( first name 23+ last name 27)
    what will be the effect? what will be the effect for 8 born with 7 lp?
    is 27 compatible for 7 lifepath? what if mars not benefic in chart ?
    I asked previously also but dint receive reply.
    I will pay by credit card if you can give suitable names with 23 first name, total name 50
    can you send a quick reply to my email privately, instead of publishing here?

  • shilpa shah

    My actual birthdate is on 27th feb 1974,early morning.but in all my certificates n documents,it is 26th.should i change it.?

  • tech n9ne

    ive been seeing the number 27 since i was 14 and religiously saw it for a decade. in the past year its faded a bit, but its to the point where i was paranoid and scared as to why i would see this number 7 times a day. so weird

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