• Krishnaprakashbcr

    very good article sir………………..

  • Danny

    Hi, can you please tell me what if you cant find milk without sugar, its very tough to find,
    What about almond milk or Soy milk? That has no sugar added. Can you also drink it with water? and can you take it several times during the day to enhance the effect of it?

    Thanks Danny

    • Kerry Fitzpatrick

      Wouldnt milk without sugar just be raw milk ?

  • Stephluvsteph@yahoo.com

    Hi mss i been felling terrible and i know a woman who is crazy and obssed with me is doing some black magic against me because im getting married and she is trying evrything evil to stop it i feel so bad day and night sick headeach dizzy horrible.im going crazy i know she ractice santeria and black magic do you think is any way to stop this thanks for your help

  • mahadik

    Thanks ,for your valuble advice.God bless you.

  • meenakshi sinha

    Hi, I need your help. My brother is gravely sick. His name is Neeraj kumar sinha. Due to some reason water comes in his stomach. After so many surgeries still his condition is worsening. Please help, if you can.

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