Numerology Number 41 – The Darling of Masses

numerology number 41

Numerology Number 41 – The People’s Champion

Back to blogging after nearly a week!

I have successfully changed the name of 8 born for many of them, and almost for 90% of them the number i have chosen is either 41 or 32.

There is a greatness in these numbers. These two numbers can be used by all yet it offers a divine splendor for person born on 8,17,26 or lifepath 8.  But we are going to see the invincibility these numbers possess in general for all people who uses them. One can ask, what is the specialty of these numbers?

Both numbers are notorious for their public fame, power of speech, leadership, driving legions of masses, world leaders, revolutionists, fame beyond ones death, sea  of knowledge and wisdom. If you calculate the name of world leaders, famous politician, great leaders, revolutionists, world leaders , popular business man/woman, most famous actors/actress , any highly famous personalities you can see their name comes in these two numbers.

The unique gift of these numbers is that they can control the masses (people) to their will. They can influence the masses ( a nation or even the world) at their will. When they speak, the whole world listens. They have a great magnetism where they can awestruck the audiences or people by their speech and act. I can give many examples of number 41 named people, but i will give one example which is my personal favorite. The rest you can research and see and comment me when you find interesting ones.

Fidel Castro is the example i have taken for 41 in this post.

He needs no introduction, a cult leader and a nightmare for the US. His revolutionary ideas have spread to all known lands in earth. I am not here advocating communism as i myself oppose communism personally, but the power of one man who influenced millions in creating a cult following for him till this moment. This one example will do to understand the invincibility of 41.

Not only politician, but even in the field of arts we can find famous ones with 41. Angelina Jolie is a famous 41. and Nicole Kidman too !

Number 41 in alphabets comes to MA (40+1) letter M has wavelength of 40 and A has wavelength of 1. As you can see, The number 41 equates to letter MA. The word has profound significance in Universe. Its meaning can only be realized by the yogis or maharishis.

The primordial vibrations of this Universe AUM is the Cosmic Consciousness or Supreme Being. Its syllable goes as Ah (A)  Whooo (U) Ma (M) which sums up as AUM. The third letter M denotes the crown chakra – the last chakra (7th chakra) in ones body. One who activates the crown chakra gets the direct energy from Cosmic Consciousness, he who has realized God.

Let us not go deep into spirituality, but the point here to observe is that number 41 with MA as its representation represents the highest authority or the Supreme one in his/her field or profession. He is also a person who is loved dearly by many as he is seen as the motherly (One who cares for his people) figure. This is evident from letter MA which means mother universally. Such person will be a great philanthropist, altruist, a charitable icon, a tremendous social up lifter. But there are some minuses in this number too! Which i will reveal in next post along with the explanation of number 32.

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