Numerology Meaning of Number 66

Number 66 in Numerology

Another under rated and not so common name number is number 66. Number 66 is one of the special numbers in numerology. The number is materialistically best number in numerology 3 series. Though it belongs to the Jupiter’s number in numerology, it is a double Venus which makes this number a fortunate one for material pleasures and success.  This number is similar to number 33, In number 6 series, number 33 is extremely auspicious and fortunate as its a number of double jupiter, i.e. 30+3=33 which is a number of venus.

In the same way, a double Venus number 60+6 = 66 forms a number of Jupiter. The same auspiciousness and fortunate factor is applicable to this number too. This number is extremely favorable for venetian activities such as fine arts, success in relationships, power, high ranks in defense, wealthy and rich lifestyle all are highlighted by number 66. Number 33 is known for the divine relationship it carries, as its the number of Goddess of Earth and signifies Kriya Shakti.  Whereas number 66 denotes Icha Shakti and manifestation of Goddess Kali or Goddess of destruction.