Numerology Number 6


So far we have seen numbers of hardworkers, creative geniuses, social reformists, and also people with mass influence. Now its the time to see about people who attracts the above mentioned people and get their work right done. Yes, i’m goin to reveal the nature and traits of person born on 6,15,and 24 and life path number 6.

According to numerology these people comes under 6! ruled by venus. 6 born people according to numerology are very brave at heart and possess magnetic eyes to attract anyone, one can see the very look of their scrutinizing eyes and say there are venus ruled people. Their mind always longs for beautiful things, poem,music,dance. To live a blissful life will be their prime ambition, all worldly pleasures will attract them very much. The distance between sprituality and 6 born people is so much, they usually never accept the concept of abstinence.

Numerology 6 borns never take a decision without analyzing its pros and cons. They never get intimated by failures rather they will bounce back with great force. Their appearances will be attractive. Mostly 6 borns are very beautiful or handsome in their looks. 6 borns are one of the most luckiest people among other numbers in numerology. They will be blessed with money and fame in their life. In numerology 6 borns and 2 borns are blessed with offsprings than the other 7 numbers, it means its 0.001 % that they will be childless in their life.

Numerology 6 borns are the ones this world witness as   greatesmusicians,painters,artists,actors and singers. They draw the masses with their attractive physical form, this makes them very popular in their field. (Attracting to one person has nothing to do with external beauty, attraction and falling in love is purely based on the magnetic field of a person) Now lets see about two categories of 6 borns, In numerology when venus planet is not having any dosha in a 6 born person then that person will be a person of calm stature, peace loving and kind one.

Such person will possess christ like qualities of love and forgiveness and their physical structure will be sharp like of a warrior. But if venus in a 6 born is having any dosha or if its weak, then that person can even become a threat to a society, such person will be person of greed, enemity, exploits, lustful person, dishonest persons and cheats. Such people will attract the others and exploit them with their beauty or false projection of them. Hence for such people its must to nullify the dosha of venus to ensure that they are not in wrong path. Numerology says a woman who is 6 born with weak venus link loves to enjoy her life and live in a luxurious ways enjoying all the worldly pleasures at any cost, such woman usually gets married to wealthier men and fulfills their desire. But if they dont get the wealthy partner then they sometimes even indulge in amoral activities to fulfill their desires and wishes. Its wise to name a 6 born child according to numerology and analyzing her horoscope to see if there is any venus dosha.