Numerology Number 4


Number 1 signifies intellect, 2 signifies mind, number 3 is for energy and number 4 is for uniting these three number and forming a society. Number 4 signifies society and social obligations. Number 4 can be described as the base of the society, one can see the four born people in parliament, or even in street corner where they will be merrily talking to someone. Four born people loves travel like anything and they spend most iof the time travelling to one place from other, They have a keen intellect on worldly affairs and they can even be aptly called as jack of all trades.

People born on 4,13,22 comes under this number 4 in numerology. 4 born people are generally honest in expressing their views, they always try to revolutionize something by their strong speech and writing skills. Their talks are not always melancholy, instead it only states the change that is needed for the society or their place of living. Their opinions may sound harsh to other people who recieves them, but they never care about others opinion while giving their strong opinions. Number 4 born people usually dont care about what others will think of them, but many four born people will tend to change in their later part of life realising their nature.

If you ask a 4 born to speak about any topic, they can only speak against it. They never accept or support any views, to the contrary they always oppose and rebel and against anything which is put forward to them. Their mouth will only voice protests and agitation more than acceptance and appreciating. They also dont trust anything blindly but rather analyze,experiment and then arrive at a result. 4 born people are gifted with soft heart and caring personality which makes them to develop friendship with anyone easily, but at the same time unless they hide their contrasting opinion within themselves, they mostly end up making adversaries where ever they go.

As 4 born are blessed with keen intellect, they start analyzing about their life mostly in their early age. These people have a penchant for knowledge always trying to gather knowledge in something or other. Occult science such as astrology,numerology,palmistry fascinates them so much as some of the four born people i know personally have mastered atleast one art among these. Unlike other numbers, 4 born people have to struggle hard to earn money, they will have to work tirelessly to earn money, but they will love to spend the money they earn in a leisure way. They spend lot of money for friends and buying beautiful things they like. They are always enjoyed when it comes to spending money. When it comes to the inner nature of 4 born, they are very sensitive and will be easily heartbroken if their friends even uttered a small word hurting them. They are very emotional person.

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