Numerology and Child birth


Numerology and Child Birth – Tips for Conception

Are you looking to know when will i get pregnant according to my birth date? Keep reading below and we will go over Numerology and child birth, and getting pregnant depending on your birth date.

Numerology and Childbirth

In today’s post, i would like to share some information about the mystery behind conception and child birth. The benefits of numerology in child birth and conception. And also the karma of the child to be born. We must realize one thing, Everything in this world is interconnected, our actions, our words, our thoughts, all these things will affect us and the others.

If we can realize this very truth, then we can rest assure that we live our life peacefully with great content and happiness. Numerology is one of the way, where we can control our destinies. Remember, everybody in this world can control their destinies to some extent, if we obey the law of nature. Most people are childless in this world, These days due to the over ambitious man, the birth of ones offspring has become a challenging one.

Many people are cursed of a childless life. But this situation can be changed if we follow some truths of numerology. There are many sciences which helps human being to produce their offspring, and numerology is one of the way. The birth of a child and its future is depend upon the father and mother. The date of birth of couple along with their marriage date determine their life and their offspring’s life. If a couple doesn’t have any children for a longtime, and whose health is also good enough to produce their offspring’s sometimes needs the blessings of planet jupiter.

Planet jupiter is responsible for blessing a person with child. If jupiter is strong in a person, then that person is very fertile and will be blessed to have many babies. Now, how to see if jupiter is strong in a person? Well, if a person has lifepath as 3, then jupiter is strong for him, the same can be seen in ones horoscope. We cannot change the lifepath of a person, but we can keep the couple’s (Both husband and Wife) name as 21 or 30. By doing this, jupiter’s presence becomes strong in their life and they will be blessed with babies. And in general, a couple who have sexual union on date’s with date and life path as 3 will have maximum chance of giving birth to a baby. Also, for couple’s going to married, choose date carefully and never choose date such as 8 or 5 in any case, even lifepath or date. Can choose 3 or 1 or 9 as lifepath for marriage, and choosing 3 as lifepath for marriage will bless them with more than one baby. Also, the date of birth of baby is depend on marriage date.

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  1. sir , it was very enlightening to read your article. i was born on 19.10.77(midnight 12.20). married since 8 years. my husband was born on 25.5.73(04.30 am ). bith were born in chennai. when will we get a baby. tried all sorts. will be extremely grateful if you can answer this question.

  2. Hi Vasantha, Just give me your full name, and your lifepath is 8 which is also one of the reason for delay in issue. We will make the name value as 3 by that way the chances are very high for issue. Also if possible visit sikkim, there's a place called Gurdongmar Lake, if you drink the water from that lake you will get a baby. Its a holy lake and many couples have got child going there.

  3. hi sir,
    good to see your message now. my full name is N. vasantha vijayaraghavan after marriage. I would love to visit that place but medically chances for us are bleak. i expect a mairacle to happen
    thanksa lot for replying my message.I shall start putting my initials as you say sir.
    good day.

    • Hi Vasantha,

      Sign your name as N Vasanthaa (note there is two a's) for 32 times everyday for 3 months, every day when you sign believe that you will get conceived at the end of 3rd month. Sometimes god performs miracle. Believe in those.

    • sir
      i have started writing as you told me.
      can i sign along with his name?
      he feels bad (though doesn t reveal it) that i still sign as vasanthaa

      • Hi Vasanthaa,

        sign as N Vasanthaa, Tht alone comes 32. If your including your hubby name, then tell me whats ur hubby name

        • hi sir,
          his name is T.S.Vijayaraghavan.iam doing as you said. i enjoy a healthy relationship with him . will we be blessed soon
          p.s.i had put my query along with the previous answer. very sorry and many thanks.

  4. HI my name is ZIEEA KHOT does it lucky for me as per my date of birth which is
    please advice what to do
    Thanks a lot
    i got nervousness , lack of concentration etc tel me how to get a freedom from these problems
    thank you

  5. Please tell me how can I get baby. My name is

    ( Name removed as per the request – author)

    and it has been more than 3 years that we got married. Actually our problems have increased so mcuh that it seems difficult to even continue marriage but we both love each other. There is some negative force that is not letting us live together happily.
    We are in apartment 8 building 27.and our marriage happened on 25th feb 2006.and my husband’s name totals to 8.
    What do you suggest. I am looking Forward for your answer.
    Warm Regards

  6. My name is Ashwani kumar. I get married 6 years . I have no child till date.

    What do you suggest. I am looking Forward for your answer.

    Warm Regards,

  7. Dear sir,
    why can t i sign along with his name. what format should i sign?will I be going through rough pathces with him ?your silence makes me think so.
    please reply

  8. Dear Sir,
    can i sign as vasanthaa vijay.
    i know you should be very busy due to the launching of new feature.
    kindly reply when you find time.
    thank you

  9. My name is vijaya shweta and my husbands name is vijay ranjan .
    My birth time is 01/03/1972 at 7:55 pm Patna(Bihar),
    my husband is 17/10/1972 at 07:05pm Hydrabad(AP)
    married on 04 Dec 1999
    we are trying for baby since 1 year. kindly guide me.
    Thank you

  10. Greetings saravana ji,

    I got married on the 12th of July 2009 ( birth & life path number 3). When do you think children will be born as you mentioned birth of babies could be calculated from the marriage dates? My name was previously ahmed faizal which i then altered to ahmed faizhaal…please advise…Thank you loadz.

    • Ahmed.

      Nice to hear that your numbers are 3 and 3. Its the most beautiful and blessed combination in numerology, To determine birthdate of babies, three factors are considered, one is husbands birthdate, then wife’s birthdate, and third is marriage date. With this three, one can predict the dates. ahmed faizhaal is very good, and will make you prosperous in all aspects. With 3 and 3 in you numbers, there will not be any delay in babies.

  11. Dear Sir,

    I posted my queries earlier today in your blog about saturn and its significance. Since the topic of the blog is about childbirth, I would like to know from you when me and my wife can expect our first baby. Below given is our full name and birth dates and marriage date.

    Sumesh Madhusoodhanan/17-10-1980
    Sreelekha Sumesh/19-04-1985

    We started trying for babies only recently. But since its been 2 yrs since marriage, we would like no further delays. Your advise will help us in terms of resolving any bad effects that we do carry.


    • Sumesh,

      I am not answering in detail about offsprings, its a time consuming one and more over they are governed by divine rules. i wont predict the dates, all i can say is you will be blessed with a great child

  12. hello Sir,

    Thanks for your response. Can you atleast tell me if there is any problems that you see in terms of mine and my wife’s names or birth dates concerning having a child?


  13. Sir, from your blog I do understand that the bad effect of 8 in marriage can be resolved or reduced by having names that resolves to 3. Both me and my wife’s names resolve to 3. Does this help? My name is 84 =12 =3 and my wife’s 57=12=3. Is this correct? Also, my life path is 9 and hers is 1. All these are favourable. Is it not? Or the effect of marriage date is something which cant be resolved?

    • When both the persons names are same, its good for their marital life, name in 3 showers chances of progeny. But marriage date signifies many things like finance, offspring, ones own death too! marriage date life path as 8 is what something to be taken care of, as it can make a family rise high or fall low

  14. Sir,

    How this can be taken care of? So far, since my marriage, I only had good experience. In terms of my job, our finance etc….I only could see a steady improvement so far. Does this all indicate the life path 8 of our marriage is a positve one for us? I dont understand how it can even signify the death as well?

    Also sir, i am currently looking for a job change. As of now, it looks like it will work out fine. But can you see any difficulties ahead?

    Thanks for your response.

  15. my name is vijaya shweta born on 1/03/1972 in patna(bihar).My husband born on 17/10/1972 hydrabad.We are childless and trying since 8 years.
    Kindly advice me.

  16. Hello Sir,

    My name is Poonam Chona born on August 3, 1974 and my husband’s name is Dharmender Singh Chona born on July 29, 1967. Our wedding date is December 28, 1996 and we are a childless couple. Please advice.

    Please remove our names before posting it on your blog. Thank you.

  17. Hello Sir,

    A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU. Sorry to bother you again. My name is Poonam Chona and I have never used initial “K” as my middle name but after reading wonderful things in your blog I have decided to sign my name as Poonam K. Chona. I hope this helps me.

    My date of birth is August 3, 1974 (life path number 5) and my husband’s name is Dharmender S. Chona, DOB July 29, 1967 (life path number 5). We got married on December 28, 1996 and unfortunately we are a childless couple. Please help.

    Thank you in advance for your help. God bless you.

  18. sir, when will bless with child,my date of birth is 29 Nov 1976 and my husband date of birth is 15 dec 1968,while we married on 18 Dec 1994

  19. My name is Agnes DOB 01 Apr 1986 my husband’s name is Mervin DOB 15 July 1979. We got married on 27 Dec 2009. When will be blessed with a child.

  20. Thought this might help….there is a temple after Chennapatna near Bangalore – Ambegalu Krishna temple. Many couples have been blessed with issues after praying here, or you can write to me at I will be glad to give you more details. You can find the details if you google also.

    Good luck to all childless couple….may you be blessed with progeny.


  21. May I also add to the above idea that I am a feng shui master and can offer some easy suggestions and tips to help childless couples conceive. Kindly note that this is not for self-promotion nor for money, but I’d be very happy to help. I know of a good doctor too (in Bangalore)… in case anyone thinks I can help this way, kindly email me.

    Thank you, Saravana – your site helps me reach out to others in a small way….good karma, isn’t it?


  22. Hello sir,

    Nice to read your posts. My birth date is 11.09.1980 (7.20 a.m.) and my husband’s is 04.01.1980 (11.25 a.m.) We got married on 30.04.2009. According to my recent horoscope, it is said that i’ll have problem in conceiving since my saturn is very strong. Please tell me when would be the appropriate time for us to try for a baby ? Please keep this query confidential. Thank you.

  23. dear sir,
    my date of birth is 30-09-1984 and my husbandz is 17-03-1981.our marriage date was on 23-04-2009.we are trying for a baby from jan 2010.i know itz not a long period.but the problem is last month my scaning results shows that i hav polycystic ovary disease which cause a difficulty to very tensed..when i can feel the beauty of motherhood..plz gve me an answer.

  24. Sir,


  25. sir,
    my name is chitra , date of birth is 2-5-1980, time9.42 am .and my husbands name is rajesh selvaraj, date of birth is 9-3-1976. we got married on 22-6-2008.
    we are trying for baby from 2years.when will we get a baby. we will be extremely grateful if you can answer this question.thanks

  26. Hello Sir,

    My name is Ashwini YL born on 02nd April 1983 at 09:30 PM. My husband M B Dayananda was born on 10th Feb 1978 at 08:30 PM. Our wedding date is 08th June 2009. Kindly let me know when would I conceive?

    Thank you,

  27. Do to an unforeseen miscarriage and i was looking for the comfort of when will we be having a second child my name is yadira born april 13 1983 n my husband uriel november 13 1982 married september 17 2001. i hope you can put my pain in ease with some comfort. thank you so much.

    • Yadira, There will be a delay in child birth due to marriage date as 17th, but there is no denial. Child birth is there. So dont worry, saturn delays but never denies

  28. My name is Sushma
    i got married in 2006,i am trying to conceive…but i am not getting pregnent
    my date of bith is 8th Feb 1980.
    is my name is suitable for me… plzzz tell when i will get baby…

  29. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Myself K.V.Meenakshi my Date of Birth is 23.11.1981 and my husband name K.Narayan date of birth is 21.09.1976, I was married on 12.04.2007 .still we have no child kindly tell us what to do to be blessed with child vwey soon

  30. Hello!

    My Name Prince DOB- 21.7.75, Place- Ambala(Haryana), Time- 3:15 p.m.

    Wife Samiksha DOB- 4.4.78, Place- Delhi, Time- 1:40 p.m.

    We r Childless married on 19.11.2000.

    Any suggesstions for us?? How & when she’ll concieve??


    New Delhi.

  31. My name is prabha DOB 18.10.1977, Husband’s name balagangadharan DOB 21.12.1970. Marriage date 24.04.2002. I have one child 6 3/4 yrs old DOB 16.06.04. i would like to have another child.
    kindly let us know when i can have another one.

  32. hi 
    my name is saranyaraja d.o.b 12.3.1986 
    husband name karthik d.o.b 28.10.1979
    our marriage date is 24.8.2009
    how many children will we have 

  33. i am sangita basu d.o.b. 02.10.1978,my husband’s d.o.b is 10.02.1974. our marriage date is 26.11.2007. i want to know whether it is possible for me to concieve

  34. My name is Nisha 17.09.1988, husband name is Ruben 08.4.1988, marriage date 15.5.2010 When we have a baby in our life pls reply me

  35. My name is Aparna and my DOB May 17,1981 and my husband’s name is Muthukumaran and his DOB Nov 05,1977.
    Our marriage date is Sep 13,2007
    I had 3 miscarriages.Pls let me know when can we have a baby?

  36. Hello Sir,
    my name is Namita DOB: 09/01/1983, husband’s DOB: 21/08/1980. Date of Marriage: 21/11/2009. we are trying hard but still not blessed with child. please help. awaiting revert.

  37. My name is Megha Shanbhag born 29 october 1979 and my husband Vijay shanbhag norn 18 april 1973.we r blessed with a boy Yash shanbhag on 17 Feb 2008.We want to know if we have a chance of Second child.

  38. Hi my name is sowjanya dob-24/10/1986 husband’s name Rajendra Prasad dob- 3/11/1981 and we are married on 3/12/2008

    please tell me when we will be blessed with a child?

  39. My Name is Shikha Srivastava, my DOB 5 DEC 1980 and my hubby is 26 JAN -1982 , Our Marriage date is 18-NOV-2010. Please let me know when I can conceive?

    Many Thanks




  42. I need some advice,my daughter is pregnant and due the end of June. No one she knows thinks she will deliver then (including me). We don’t live in the same city,she wants us with her a couple wks. Before the birth & then a few after.I usually am very psychic but can’t seem to pick up on a date to be there by.So if I were to calculate it out numerologicaly would I use her and her husbands numbers or my husbands and my numbers with hers for varried dates in June.I’m so confused ! If anyone can advise me or give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it……Thanks, Terry

  43. My name is krishanveni 02.12.1984, husband name is yatheendra 30.06.1985, marriage date 12.01.2012 When we have a baby in our life pls reply me

  44. Hello my name is archana, even I want to know when will I conceive… Trying since a year and it’s very saddening that u can’t conceive easily.. tried all medications and still trying but want to know when will it happen…
    My birth details-
    Place – Nagpur, Maharashtra
    Time – 05:05am
    Husband’s birth details-
    Place- jalgaon, Maharashtra
    Time- 08:05am

    Eagerly waiting for reply

  45. Hello sir,
    My DOB:4/4/1982, simha rashi, Magha Nakshtra. Husband DOB:1/9/1976, Scorpio rashi, jeshta nakshtra. Marriage Date:1/2/2004.wr already have daughter, when I conceive the second Baby

  46. Hello sir, my birth date is 06 Jan 1987, we hav been married for las 4yrs n plannin fo baby by no results cn u tel me wen vl I get it wich month n date marriage date on 27th June 2012.

  47. Hello sir,
    My name – Himani Pant
    DOB – 27-02-1989
    Husband name – Prabodh Pant
    DOB – 28-05-1984
    Marriage Date – 21-04-2015
    We r trying for bady since 9 months but failed. Kindly tell me when I will be able to conceive…. Eagerly waiting for your reply.


  48. I am arpita.
    Dob-16th apr’88 time 4.05am place kolkata
    Husband dob 3rd aug’83 place kolkata but dont know his birth time
    Marriage 18th nov’12
    When i will conceive???

  49. Hello sir, i eagerly wanted to know that when i will conceive. My dob is 21 agust 1990 time 3.25 am and my husbands dob is 15 april 1990 time 4.10 am. Marriage date is 28 may 2015 time 12.35pm – 4.00pm. Please give me reply.

  50. Hello sir,
    Good to see an active site where people are really answered for their queries.
    I am Deepika Jennifer David
    D.O.B 29.09.83

    My husband’s name is Rahul Singh Bhardwaj
    D.O.B 26.08.81

    We got married on 01.12.16

    I would like to conceive as soon as possible…
    Pls guide me whether our stars are favourable for this or are we going to expect delays in life.


  51. Hi my name is Ekta Modi
    Birth time 10.46 pm -Mumbai
    Husbands Name-Jigish Modi
    Birth time-20.43
    Marriage date-24/05/2011
    Still no kid please revert urgently when will I Concieve.

  52. Hello sir..
    Am Anusha Dob : 06-06-1991

    My husband name is Rajesh .
    His DOB 24-03-1984

    Marriage date : 02-02-2014

    We r trying for baby since 1yr… but till now I didn’t conceived.. when I will be able to conceive… please let Me know…

  53. Hello sir,my name is monika agnihotri and my date of birth is 2.09.1988. my husband name is lava agnihotri his d.o.b is 20.11.1983. we got married on 6th feb 2016. When we will have baby?

  54. Sir,
    My name is :shilpi Agarwal
    Date of birth: 12th june 1982
    place: kanpur
    time:4.20 P.M.

    I have been trying for a child for a long time. when will i have a child?

  55. Hello my name is chelsey Brooke daughtrey And my husbands is hunter Andrew daughtrey his birthday is Oct 22,1996 mine is April 13,1996 our marriage date and is Oct 22 2016 I was wondering if we are going to have a baby soon ..

  56. My name is Shilpa. My DOB is 7/7/1985.
    My husband name is Pradeep. His DOB is 20/12/1977
    Our Marriage date is 11/9/2016.
    Kindly let me know when I will conceive.
    Since I am the elder daughter in law, everyone are worried.
    Please let me know.

  57. Sir my name is nikita yadav dob is 17/11/1982 delhi and husband name is prabhat dob is 28/11/1978 at basti uttar Pradesh married since 7 yrs
    Want to know when i can conceive without any problem as j already face a miscarriage at first trimester last month ( Feb) , please help and guide .

  58. Dear sir , my name is Logeswary Chandrasekaran .. i also having this same trouble in having baby .., i already cross 8 months after marriage but still dont have any good news .. hope yue wil help me?

  59. Hello Sir,

    My Name is Shilpa Arora (05.02.1977) and my Husband name is Sumit arora (18.10.1974) we are married 30.09.2006 past 10 years but still are waiting for our Child, not yet blessed.

    Once in 2010 had conceived naturally, but had a miscarriage.

    can you help us and tell that what are the chances of a baby in our life..and what should we do.

  60. Sir Pl tell me when I will become mother my name mamatha dob 22.01.1988 time 3.45 pm place manglalore.
    My husband name vinoj prabhu dob 25.12.1985 time 10.45 pm place chennai.
    Marriage dob 03.01.2016

  61. Hello sir
    My name is jyoti sirohi, dob 26 Oct 1990 time 2:10 am place hapur,up
    My husband name is Tarun Rana, dob 10 Aug 1989 time 10:30 am place mawana, up
    Our marriage date is 23 april 2016 place meerut, up
    I get miscarriaged my first child in April 2017. I want to know when I will get conceived
    Please help me

  62. Hi my name is pavithra.shetty date of birth is 5th November husband’s name is pradeep.k.shetty his date of birth is 23rd August 1983 married on 2nd May 2013 trying for a child
    I had stillbirth baby boy on 15th January 2014 it stopped breading in my uteruse in 8th month of pregnancy. Then I conceived 4times but no result place help

  63. sir,

    I would like to keep my name secret.

    My date of birth is 30/11/1981 & husband birth date is 28/08/1978.

    When will I have my second baby. My first daughter is 10+

  64. Sir,
    My name is : Kanika Goel
    Date of birth: 15-02-1989
    My Husband Name is Ankush Gupta
    Date of Birth: 19-01-1986
    Date of Marriage: 18-01-2015

    I have been trying for a child for a long time. when will i have a child?

  65. Hi,

    This is Simpi Poddar.I really need your help. I have been married for 3 yrs now but there no luck in pregnancy.
    My DOB name – 16sep 1983 (04:05am)
    Spouse DOB (Sachin kunal)- 1sep 1980 (10:00am)
    Marriage date- 19feb 2014
    Please let me know when will I get pregnant.
    Your suggestion will be very helpful for me.

  66. Dear Sir,
    My name – Beni Anna John
    DOB – 03/12/1987
    Husband name – Nikhil Thachilott
    DOB – 24/12/1984
    Marriage Date – 09/06/2017
    We r trying for bady since almost 3 years but failed. Kindly tell me when I will be able to conceive…. Eagerly waiting for your reply. Can i have any email id for your contact, Please help.

    Thank you

  67. Hello sir I Am priyanka Dob : 06-01-1991
    My husband name is kalpesh
    His DOB 12-11-1984
    Marriage date : 23-01-2014
    We r trying for baby since 1yr… but till now I didn’t conceived my treatment is going on when I will be able to conceive… please let Me know.

  68. Comment: Hello sir,

    My name : Rakhi khound sarma
    Date of birth : 22/8/1983
    place : Jorhat, Assam

    My hubby’s name : Bhaskar sarmah
    Date of birth : 28/9/1983
    our marriage date : 9/3/2012

    we have been trying for a child for a long time. when will we have a child??I am eagerly waiting for your reply. thank you

  69. Comment: My name is B. J Sharma i get married 3 years . My wife conceived on 6/1/2017 but miscarriage on 12 May. Sir please tell me when will have our baby again without any bad effects and our marriage life is also not good why this things happened in our life we are so much tension.
    My birthday is 9/2/1983 time 4:30 am place Assam. & My wife birth is 11/8/1988 time 11:15 am place Assam

    • If we look at the planetary transit we see that at present you have Ketu in the 5th house of your wife horoscope and Rahu is in the house of gains. Jupiter the karka for children is in the 12th house. Rahu and Ketu along with Jupiter will move in September 2017. Therefore the period after September 2017 is much more favorable for having healthy a child. As Saturn rules the 5th house,doing astrological remedies of Saturn and Jupiter are strongly recommended.



  70. Hi Sir ,

    My name is Santhosh Naik & my wife name is Swetha. She conceived twice.. Both were aborted due to nt grown and dint get heart beat.. As we love each other bt due to small fights in families v r aparted bt meet everyday because v can’t live withou each other .. I am very depressed because v lost twice wen conceived. So pls help me is their any problem in our kundli regarding child.. my DOB is 15-07-1988 and my wife is 16-05-1989

    • Your relationship is not an easy one, because you do life each other and have the attraction that takes a relationship forward. You both can also take hasty decisions when provoked. One day you can be the best friends and partners and very next day you both can be bitter enemies. The need of the hour for both of you is to develop trust and confidence for each other, which has disappeared. More then husband and wife you need to be friends. Regarding children , yes children delay are very much in your charts, however there is a delay but not a denial. Keep fast on Mondays and also offer jal to Lord Shiva, both of you and you will see good results in your relationship and also find happiness in your life.


  71. i am born on 9th April 1981 at 9pm an my husband born on 4th september 1977….is dosh in our rashi .when we’ll have our child..any prediction

    • As per your numerology you will have children after after delays and there are chances that you may have to seek a medical help in this regard. Keeping fast on Thursday which is the day of Jupiter will be very helpful.

  72. Good afternoon Sir,
    My name is shalini jaiswal born in allahabad U.P. on 21.11.1985 at 1:10 p.m.and my husband name is Amit ballabh born on 10.11.1983 in allahabad at 2:10 p.m. We got married on 6.12.2012
    After 2 years of marriage i concieved and delivered a still born baby boy at 8 and half month of pregnancy on 10.09.2015. My baby boy died inside the womb just few hours before my delivery. This happened because of doctors’ fault.
    Since then i could not conceive. All medical test is done for me n mine husband and everything is okay. Still i m not conceiving. I wanted to know when i will have my second child ad per my n my husband’s kundali and how many children i will have.
    Is there any way pooja/path that we can do at home for having health baby soon?

    • Really sad to hear about your delivery. However as I can see from your horoscope there is delay but not denial. You are presently running the mahadasha of Mercury and antardasha of Venus. 5th lord Mercury is conjoined with Saturn which is the lord of 12th house and planet of delays. Jupiter the karka for children is debilitated in your natal chart. The possibility of children are strong after October 2017. Keep trying and surely you will get your results. Keep fast on Thursdays for improving your Jupiter.

  73. Hi Sir/Mam

    I am reading your article, could you please tell me what do you mean by “sign your name” such a way so that it shows 3 as a number. Also please send me your email ID, I would like to talk more.

  74. Sir,
    My name is Maheshwari
    Maheshwari jayakumar Iyer before marriage
    And maheshwari chandramoulish after marriage.
    My DOB is : 30/12/1990

    My husband name is : Chandramoulish Balasubramanian
    His DOB is : 4/08/1987
    Our marriage date is : 6/11/2016.

    Please I want to know when will I get conceive ??

    • Thanks for posting your question on, the possibility of conceiving is very strong in the second half of 2017. It is very important for you to take healthy diet and keep mentally and physically fit during your pregnancy. Unnecessary stress and tensions should be avoided. Keeping fast on Thursdays will help you getting the desired results.

  75. Hi,my name numerology number is 28 and husband is 31,
    My DOB-29/06/1990
    Husband DOB-16/03/1983
    Marriage date-14/08/2014
    I am trying to conceive last 5 months but not get pregnant.when I am get pregnant.told me.


    • The period to conceive is going on and going forward you should see good results. You need to be careful of your health. Tie a Mauli (Sacred Thread) around your waist after you conceive to protect your pregnancy.


  77. Hi sir.
    My name is vidya s r

    Husband name is: Pramod v
    DOB :21-11-1981

    Marriage :25-5-2011

    Please let me know when can we expect a child

    • Your date of birth and that of your husband has number 3. Which is ruled by Jupiter the planet which bestows happiness from children. There is a strong indication that you will have child despite delays. Some medical help may be required.




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