Saturn and Rahu in Libra – What to Expect?

Saturn and Rahu in Libra

Saturn in Libra

Tonight is a full moon day and my first post after nearly three months. Its 1 am in France and yet the moon has not blossomed. This is a  post which was supposed to reach many month ago, specially in novemeber 2012, when saturn entered libra. As i have mentioned before, the significance of saturn in libra is enormous both on personal as well as worldly aspects of life. Since, saturn will be in libra till 2014, the transformation of individual lives is noteworthy.

Why is this post?

Saturn in libra is not for everyone ! Since it is exalted, only few benevolent saturnians and venusians tend to gain from this position, however a large portion of people face radical transformations in their life. Now with the conjunct of Rahu along with Saturn, things can tend to be come rough, problematic, scandalous, destructive in some people’s lives. Even attitude and behavior of people can change in an unexpected way during this period. Like a fall of the great scepter, its a test of faith for many individuals. The path of righteousness and truth is severely tested in these times. This transformation can happen in a destructive form too, as we must embrace the fact that death is the ultimate phenomenon of transformation. The unfolding events both in microcosm and macrocosm is a testimony to this transformation. Whether its a natural disaster or a political disaster, a revamp is happening on a large scale.

As an individual, it is extremely important to be in utmost awareness to events happening around and within you. Do not let yourself be lost in the vanity of affairs. Out of the three impurities that results in endless cycle (Ego, Karma and Maya), Karma (Saturn) and Maya (Rahu) dictates affairs of daily lives. A positive influence of Jupiter transit can act as grace and dispel ones ignorance, however for those who are not in fair disposition, I suggest they make peace with their own Soul ! How to do this?

In order to get immunity from Bad Karma’s, the greatest and simplest way is to offer unconditional forgiveness and bliss to all beings. All karma are due to discriminating activities, the moment you wholeheartedly forgive all beings in existence in this birth and also from birth time immemorial, then you are relieved from your sins/karma’s of yourself and your forefathers. This cannot happen in just words, you should direct this offering to your soul, which hosts the supreme un-manifested lord (The Father of All creations). You should do it every night you go to bed, as you may curse or discriminate in daily activities without your own knowledge.

By doing this, you ¬†will be relieved of bad and evil karma’s that are the causes of your worldly suffering in this existence.