How to become Rich and famous ? (Using an ancient esoteric technique)


The secret technique that showers abundance wealth

Money, Wealth, or Currency is the mantra word which everyone chants in this world, Money is essential and infact a prime requisite for anyone to lead a happy and satisfying life. Everything in this material world is finally converted into money in one way or the other. People in this world loses 90% of their life time in preparing, training, educating, and applying themselves in their pursuit to pursue this money.

Without a doubt, money is a must need for everyone, But inspite of all the hardwork, there is still poverty, ill-literacy, crimes, and diseases, all these are byproducts of a state called “poor”.  There is a quote in the olden days (even now) which says “No hard work ,No money”.  But does hardwork really pays money? Not quite so !

There are farmers, workers who risks their life and work in mines, forests, under oceans and many more, are they all getting money equivalent to their work?. hard work may be synonym for money in some motivation books, but definitely not in our material world.

Money, Wealth, Rich, Dollars or name it whatever

Money or Wealth is a different entity altogether. The society and government that ruled the countries have created a mankind which has lost its divine qualities in them. The trade for money has been wrongly defined in the constitution of every country. All war is for money and wealth of a nation. Work cannot be trade for money, unfortunately our society is being run using this principle, thats the reason we find inequalities everywhere. Suddenly a person becomes sky rich, and we also witness the opposite of it too ! hardwork or perseverance is a wrong word to define when it comes to the pre-requisite in making money. Because, illegal businessmen,corrupt politicians, Mafias, Terrorist Organisations are the ones who owns major sum of money in the world. Hence, the term morality or honesty, or righteous living also cannot be applied to any technique for making money.

To whom, the goddess of wealth knocks the door?

In esoteric concept, there are seven chakra’s  (energy vortices) in our physical body, each chakra is responsible for certain actions.  We are not going to discuss more about chakra’s as its a detailed subject, You can refer wikipedia and know briefly about chakra’s . But now, we are going to read something which is not present anywhere in the internet. A secret technique that showers abundance wealth.

The seven chakra’s are (in order) mooladhar (root chakra), swadhishtana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi, ajna, sahasrara (Crown Chakra).


I will post about the unknown facts about chakras in my next post, but as of now, we will know a secret about the seventh chakra, ie crown chakra aka sahasrara. All know that the crown chakra is located at the top of the head and its responsible for the final liberation (enlightenment ) of a person.  When kundalini shakti is awakened from root chakra and when it reaches the crown chakra then the person becomes one with the cosmic consciousness, this state is called “samadhi”. This is what Jesus Christ called ” I and My Father are One “. Individual Consciousness is one with Cosmic Consciousness. But, all these are known fact about crown chakra. There is a truth which many people dont know about this crown chakra.

Crown Chakra is the one which is responsible for showering abundance wealth. Many people believe that Sahasrara is responsible only for spiritual enlightenment, But it has other purpose too. Very few spiritual masters know this truth. Crown chakra or Sahasrara is the one which can make saints as well as millionaires. But all these years, the material benefits of this chakra has been clearly hidden by sects.

When a particular chakra is active (In normal condition, a chakra is inactive, it takes a spiritual exercise to activate it) the person is showered with the unique functions of that chakra. For e.g., when throat chakra (vishuddi) is active, then a person can be an excellent speaker, a singer, a speaker of truth. Likewise, when crown chakra is active, abundance flow of divine energy flows into a person (not pranic energy), the person gets closer to the doors of divinity, and most importantly, the person is blessed with showers of wealth, fame, and prosperity.

Many doesnt know the material aspect of crown chakra, many spiritual teachers cleverly forbids the activation of crown chakra citing wrong reasons such as one should be celibate to activate it. But such reasons are completely wrong, When a celibate (for spiritual pursuit like Enlightenment), a yogi like person activates this chakra, he experiences samadhi state, which is a state of pure bliss. But if a common man, who lives in this material world activates this chakra, then he is showered with the utmost material bliss which is wealth and fame.

Some spiritual masters can be both in material and spiritual planes, they wish to present themselves in material world to impart their wisdom to people, hence samadhi, wealth, fame, and popularity are possible for them. This is one of the stellar reasons, why we find some spiritual gurus to be super wealthy. As people all over the world pour their wealth to them. Because, they have attained samadhi and have also chose to be in material world for helping people.

As i said, just mere activation of crown chakra doesnt result in enlightenment, but a common man who wants to lead a better life can make use of this crown chakra for material pursuits. Among all chakra’s , sahasrara is the difficult one to make it active. For some people, by birth, some chakra’s are active (due to their heavy good karma in past lives) and some may be born with sahasrara active, such people when chose to lead a spiritual life may attain samadhi easily, or if they chose a material life, then they turn to live king like life. Gautama Buddha is one example,  He was a born prince, and later chose to forgo the kingdom and search for eternal truth.

How to stimulate and activate the Crown/Sahasrara  Chakra

Now, lets come to the highlight of this post ! The question you’ll be asking is ” How to do it?

This can be done in three ways, Pranayama, Meditation and through a human quality.

Through pranayama is the quickest way to activate a crown chakra, but its a secret technique which is not given to everybody, it is given along with spiritual techniques, and a person should have completed certain spiritual levels before taking this pranayama technique to activate crown chakra. Very Very few in this world knows this one, and they are not supposed to reveal without the consent of their masters.

The second is meditation. There are many types of meditation technique to activate this chakra, Meditation is slightly quick method, but it takes constant practice, regular practice is the key. The practitioner must also do pranayama, as pranayama is the one which can accelerate the meditative state. Without pranayama, its difficult to attain meditative state as mind is always filled with thoughts. Some of the meditation techniques are Sahasrara Meditation, Aura Meditation, Sahasrara Pooranam. But most spiritual schools dont teach these as they afraid that the student may overtake the institution.One of the common technique which is widely popular is ” AUM ” chanting, When the word ” AUM” is chanted, it stimulates the crown chakra and gradually it gets activated. But people do this technique wrongly, i have seen the videos in youtube, all those are completely thrash and wrong way to do that meditation. I will post a video blog about this meditation technique in a week on how to practice it in a proper way and effective way  (As Taught by an unknown Saint, my Spiritual Guruji) so that you can make use of it.

The other way is through a human quality. Its the slowest way, but also one of the easiest way to activate crown chakra. God is a fair person, he hides beautiful things in simple shells. God knows that know many people can access spiritual techniques, hence he has also devised a way to activate this crown chakra through a very simple and natural human quality.

Power of Gratitude

Its the quality of gratitude is the one that can stimulate and activate the crown chakra or sahasrara, In terms of universal equivalents, money is directly proportional to Gratitude. The higher the gratitude of a person, the higher he becomes rich and popular. These days. gratitude is the forgotten human quality, humans have forgotten this word gratitude so much, as they take things for granted. Its the human ego that prevents a person from expressing the quality of gratitude. People have forgotten a truth that this universe is interconnected and interdependent, the life of a being is dependent on all the life of beings in this universe. Every moment experienced by a person is a reflection of gratitude of a being in this universe, it may be a normal being or the supreme being.

The word “Thank You” symbolizes gratitude, and its a paramount word in dictionary. Most people dont even have the heart to render thanks these days. Every human should use this word as much as possible, Thank You should not be mere wordy, rather it should come from deep down the heart. Thats the quality of gratitude that stimulates the crown chakra, a  divine feeling will arise, which will create a vibration in crown of the head. We have already experienced it in our life many times, only thing is we are not aware of it.  When we cry from the bottom of our heart expressing our heartfelt gratitude, we can experience certain vibrations in top of our head, thats the stimulation of sahasrara. This is what Krishna revealed, Buddha followed, and Jesus Christ spread to the world.  Many christians follow this habit, though unknowingly, but there is a proper way to render gratitude. A mere thanks to Jesus christ or Krishna will not do, there is a unique and structured way to do it.

When expression of gratitude is made a habit, then gradually sahasrara tends to activate and doors to limitless wealth, fame and prosperity is opened. Next post, i will give a prayer of gratitude, a powerful one given to me by my guruji. Say that prayer in morning, and night before going to bed. You can witness the financial changes in your life thats gonna happen.