Numerology Meaning of Number 30

Numerology Name Number 30

This is one of the most underrated numbers in numerology, many people dont know the greatness of number 30. Since we are living in predominantly a materialistic world, most people will not have the desire to have name number 30. A truly altruistic in nature is what one can describe about name number 30.  A fabulous number for selfless service and devotion to humanity. But the same number should not be used by number 8 born person or number 6 born.

Number 30 has a strong Jupiter trait sans the usual diplomacy and cunning aspect of Jupiter. This is the hallmark of this number compared to other numbers in 3 series. People with name number 30 seldom have material pursuits, and they usually lead a thoughtful life. A Socrates like trait can be found in such persons who possess great wisdom of mind. They are best suited to be public speakers for a religious or NGO like organization.  They will also be talented in writing and poetry. Many well known authors, story tellers and poets have name number 30, but its only second to name number 33 where most number of authors, poets, creative geniuses belong.

People with name number 30 should be cautious of diseases related to bones and nervous system.